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Woman Misdiagnosed for 30 Years

A woman named Jean Sharon Abbot spent about 30 years of her life under the wrong diagnosis of cerebral palsy. She was unable to control her muscles and she suffered with muscle spasms and weakness. She remained positive though and despite her health condition, this inspirational woman never stopped living her life. She achieved a college diploma, got married and even had three children.

Something happened when she recently went to a new doctor who saw that her symptoms were not in alignment with cerebral palsy as the previous doctors had said, but instead a different disease that could be treated very easily with medication. Instead of being bitter about the years that she lost due to a misdiagnosis, she lives each day with joy and happiness. Jean’s brother Ricardo Tosto says she is filled with gratitude, thankful for all the little things she can do now that she couldn’t do before.

Laurene Powell Jobs Offers Advice and Her Own Experiences as a Businesswoman and Entrepreneur

Despite rarely speaking in public Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs was interviewed on stage at Stanford in a bid to raise awareness on a variety of issues surrounding the business and entrepreneurship, Forbes reports. Powell Jobs attended Stanford Business School and returned to be interviewed by Entrepreneurship professor Thomas Byers about her experiences as as an entrepreneur and about her experiences working in the not for profit sector.

During the interview Powell Jobs gave her view on a number of issues, including immigration reform, but also spoke about her own experiences in the not for profit sector. The interview allowed Powell Jobs to explain how working in the not for profit sector did not provide the monetary rewards available in for profit industries. However, she did remind the audience of Stanford students that the rewards for working in the not for profit arena were high in terms of personal achievement and an increased level of self worth. The founder of College Track explained she felt the financial sector on Wall Street should provide a small amount of their profits as an incentive for those in the not for profit sector to achieve success as social entrepreneurs.

Powell Jobs was also asked about her own experiences of gender inequality within the workplace, she answered by stating she had felt some form of machismo in her period working as a Wall Street trader. The entrepreneur who is thought to be worth more than $19 billion stated she had been out of the financial sector for many years and could not provide an adequate answer because of her lack of recent experiences.

Entire Community Comes Together to Support One Man

What is life like for individuals with hearing impairments? How much different is life for those who can not hear the conversations that are going on around them? Those who can hear don’t always think about just how much they take for granted, while those who can’t hear don’t realize how much they are missing out on. One community decided to come together to support a hearing impaired individual, giving him a great surprise and gift.

For a hearing impaired man in Instanbal, life will never be the same again. After missing out on so much of life due to his hearing trouble, this man now knows just what an amazing community he is living in. This man was surprised by his community when they all worked together to learn sign language in secrete. That’s right, they all learned sign language so that they could communicate with him, giving him the biggest surprise of his lifetime. Jason Halpern ( knows that, even when we don’t necessarily understand what others face each day, it is important for us to draw together and work hard to make their lives easier.