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Occupy Madison Providing Tiny Homes for the Poor

Volunteer members of the protest group Occupy Madison are giving homeless citizens a chance to escape the street by helping to build tiny homes for them. The effort to end homelessness is gaining traction across the country, and other states are either building or considering similar projects.


When the Occupy Madison demonstrations against income inequality ended two years ago, protesters were faced with one of two options: either pack up and go home or roll up their sleeves and get busy.


With support from the National Alliance to End Homelessness, Occupy Madison began producing tiny houses to shelter some of the city’s most vulnerable residents. The $5000 homes use propane and solar energy for heat, and each house is equipped with a sink and a composting toilet. A full size bed, a microwave, and a table are the only furnishings in the homes.


In addition to providing shelter and security, the little homes offer a sense of dignity to their residents. The village in Madison will eventually be surrounded by a fence, and it might even include a discount store in the future.


The tiny communities are meeting with approval from most of the public. Jared Haftel tell us that most residents are still somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of homelessness, but they also feel a sense of charity and sympathy toward those who are less fortunate.

Strive To Impeach

Since the Republicans are in control of Congress, they might have a little plan in mind. This plan is called impeachment.

Whether they will go through with the process is unclear, but there could be talks when Congress convenes in January. Some might think that Obama should be impeached for some of the decisions that he has made and for not really communicating with other politicians.

Obama is the President of the United States. He is the leader of the country. He can listen to the advice of Congress and needs to go along with some of the decisions that have been made, but if you’re the President of a country, then you should be able to do some of the things that you think are best without needing to listen to everyone else. No one seems to think this way just because they aren’t getting what they want at the time. Just look at Steve Jobs, he and Laurene Powell Jobs had to go through a lot when they first got Apple up and running. It’s something we should all think about before jumping to conclusions.

Third Video of Obamacare’s Architect Mocking Stupidity of Voters

This past weekend, video surfaced of MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare, boasting that passage of the Affordable Care Act relied upon a lack of transparency. He added that voter stupidity was essential to the bill’s passage. Gruber explained that the bill would not have passed had voters been told the truth that healthy people would pay into the health care plan, but the sick people would get money out of it. He also added that hiding the true nature of the plan from voters was critical to the bill’s passage.

Naturally, President Obama, who ran on a platform of transparency, has refused to comment on the revelation. Prof. Gruber later appeared on MSNBC, a network quite favorable to the Obama administration, and stated that he was merely speaking off the top of his head and uttered comments that were inappropriate.

Now, a third video has emerged of Prof. Gruber again affirming that voter stupidity was essential to the law’s passage. Thanks to my friend Sam Tabar for sharing this video with me. Speaking to an audience at Washington University in St. Louis, he explained that the Affordable Care Act passed because voters lacked the intelligence to understand what the bill was actually about.

So who is the political sleuth responsible for blowing the lid on Obamacare’s passage? It is a little known investment advisor by the name of Rich Weinstein. Weinstein was disappointed when the president’s pledge that insurance premiums would decrease by $2,500 a year did not materialize. Instead, his premiums rose by 100%.

Our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms Makes Americans Feel Safer

Since 2000, the number of Americans who feel safer having a gun in their home has nearly doubled. Sixty three percent felt safer possessing a firearm, while only three in ten felt it dangerous. This rising trend has considerably increased from poll statistics taken between 2000 and 2006 when less than half of Americans felt it was a safe choice.
Democrats and Republicans are deeply divided on their opinions, with 81 percent of Republicans believing that owning a gun enhances safety, and only 41 percent of Democrats agreeing. Despite the party affiliation gap, Americans, regardless of gender, race or what region they are from, mostly seem to agree that having a gun in their homes makes them safer.
The rising trend in our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is evident in the fact that today, 42 percent of Americans report having a gun in their homes as opposed to only 34 percent in 1999. Of these figures, 30 percent of those surveyed report that they personally owned the gun, while 14 percent say the gun belonged to another household member.
Florida made a huge statement in 2005 by being the first state in our nation to pass the “Stand Your Ground” law. The idea of law abiding citizens owning and having guns in their homes for self-protection has grown. According to lawyer Sam Tabar, this rise in ownership has lead to a significant fall in violent crimes.

Mary Landrieu Loses Support of Possible 60th Vote to End Keystone Pipeline XL Filibuster

It’s coming down the wire for Sen. Mary Landrieu. The tenacious senator, who once threatened to punch President George W. Bush in the face over an insensitive remark he never made about her home state during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, is facing a landslide defeat in the December 6 runoff against GOP Congressman Bill Cassidy. She trails Cassidy by 16 points in the polls and needs to bring about a Seismic shift in voter support in order to get reelected. Already five of her Senate colleagues have been tossed out of office this election cycle.

Landrieu views securing passage of the Keystone Pipeline XL project in the Senate as her Hail Mary bid to sway voters back. It would be a major accomplishment if she were to single-handedly end the longstanding Senate filibuster on the pipeline. Thus far, she has secured 59 of the 60 votes needed to end cloture and force a floor debate on the bill. Last night she claimed she had the 60 votes. However, Senator Angus King, largely believed to be one of the possible 60th votes, declared that he will vote against ending cloture. He said that the Senate should not force President Obama to authorize the pipeline until the State Department is done with their research. He would favor legislation putting a timeline on the president, but that would not happen in time to help Landrieu. Her other possible 60th vote was Senator Jay Rockefeller who announced he too will vote against ending cloture.

Because this story affects many of my readers and the future of their homes and properties, I’ve reached out Jason Halpern from “The Real Deal” to give us anymore information.

President Takes Responsibility for Losses

President Barack Obama took full responsibility for the Democratic losses last Tuesday. In an interview on Face the Nation, the president commented “the buck stops right here at my desk.”

Last Tuesday’s election was a sweeping victory for Republicans, gaining a majority in both the House and Senate. In the run-up to voting the president was not campaigning for any Democrats, because he was seen as a liability, with dismal approval ratings. Many Republicans campaign strategies involved linking their opponents to the White House, which is highly unfavorable.

Voters are frustrated with Washington gridlock, and voted to change the status quo. The President now faces a greater challenge, working with a majority conservative legislature.

But before we place the election defeats entirely the President, supporters around the internet like Jared Haftel have been commenting about how half the gridlock in Washington can be considered the control by Republicans. But as the party leader and face of this government, he is the one that voters blame for their frustration with the federal government.

Since the election, Obama has invited top Republican leaders to the White House in an effort to create a more productive government. In fact this Congress has been the least productive and most unfavorable in decades. If Washington gridlock continues, the presidency will be up for grabs in just two years. Voters will expect to see quality candidates from both parties.

President Obama’s Important Pick for Attorney General

In the coming months, President Barack Obama will appoint a new Attorney General for the Department of Justice. The person he picks will play an important role in how the last two years of the Obama Presidency will remembered. Will it be a pick of reconciliation or division?

The President’s first pick for this role, Eric Holder, was one of division. He fanned the flames of racism after the Trevon Martin trial in his speech to the NAACP when he compared the shooting of Mr. Martin to Jim Crow Era practices. More recently, he vindicated minority citizen perceptions of police mistrust with his comments during the Ferguson, Missouri riots. He actively defied Congressional inquiries into the Fast and Furious scandal, and he drove a wedge of separation between States and the Federal Government with his legal action against States trying to find ways to deal with the wave of illegal immigration. Vijay Eswaran really just wants to see both sides get along after this announcement.

What America needs from Obama’s next Department of Justice head is someone who is fair and is faithful to the laws of the United States. If Obama picks such a person, it could start to build a bridge across the troubled waters of Washington D.C. This may be an ideal dream but it is one in which we need today.