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End Citiens United States is Democratic Country

Fundamentally, the United States is democratic country. In the Declaration of Independence, the new nation broke with centuries of European Monarchy and insisted that governments are instituted, “deriving their power from the consent of the governed.” The Constitution lays a blueprint for how a republic based on that consent is governed. Through the years, citizenship expanded to give men and women of all races and creeds the right add their voices to the popular will.

Just as our government is formed by the popular will, the popular will is, in part, formed by the media. It is not just broadcast news that shapes opinions but advertisers as well. Often the advertiser has been a corporation but the last election has even seen ads purchased by foreign governments. Either way, this is not what the founders had in mind.

Until fairly recently, corporate spending on federal elections was illegal. The Tillman Act of 1907 forbids, “any corporation whatever to make a money contribution in connection which Presidential and Vice Presidential electors or Representatives in Congress.” Several other court decisions and pieces of legislation strengthened this prohibition.

In 2002, the McCain-Feingold Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act extended this regulation to the banning of “soft money” (money donated to parties and Political Action Committees to advocate for issues and organizational support.) This made it illegal to run attack ads that, while not telling anyone to vote for any individual candidate, could smear the character of their opponent.

Both of the Tillman Act and McCain-Feingold were gutted by the 2010 Supreme Court Decision, Citizens United v. FEC. This decision reversed decades of legal precedence by declaring corporate campaign spending to be a form of speech; and therefore protected by the First Amendment.

In recent years, campaign spending has grown as corporations can, more than ever before, directly interject themselves into the democratic process. As a result, there has been a great call for lower corporate taxes and less regulation. Pressure is being applied to repeal consumer protections, both financial and product safety related.

This past election saw a new threat to American Democracy related to campaign spending. A Russian company with links to the Kremlin has purchased more than $100,000 worth of Facebook ads designed to sow division and boost the candidacy of Donald Trump. The investigation into Russian influence remains ongoing. For more info about us: click here.

As it becomes more and more clear that unregulated funding is distorting the national consciousness and threatening democracy, opposition is forming. End Citizen’s United is a political action committee with the mission of preventing campaign spending from crippling the democratic process. As such, it is working to elect pro-reform candidates and sponsoring legislation to reverse this decision’s harmful affects and educate the public on the affects of money in politics.

Warren Urges Party Faithful to Give Clinton a Chance

Though Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren did not intend for it to be this way, it is a telling sign that a junior senator has to be urging the party faithful to give Mrs. Clinton a chance. Mrs. Clinton has been in the public eye on a national level since her husband launched his presidential campaign back in 1991. She has run for US Senate and won, and served as Barrack Obama’s secretary of state. Mrs. Clinton has written two autobiographies with the first one selling heavily and making her millions. Bernardo Chua knows that, despite all of that effort, hard core liberals mistrust that Mrs. Clinton embraces the message of top-down government control that the Democrat party’s base believes is the only means of creating middle class prosperity.

In fact, it is peculiar that Sen. Warren, who has very little by way of accomplishments in the senate, has to be out asking voters to allow Clinton to make her case for their support. While Sen. Warren is exhibiting party loyalty in supporting Mrs. Clinton, it may not work. For starters, the Warren wing of the Democrat party wants to see Wall Street pay for their excesses. At the same time, Mrs. Clinton is having Wall Street pay for her presidential campaign. It is undeniable that the vast amount of money investment banks are pouring into her campaign coffers will come with access and influence in the Clinton White House should she win the election. Besides, the more Warren urges her base to support Mrs. Clinton, the more she underscores the chasm that separates the two women.

No Bigger Job Than Being President

There is no job bigger or more important than being the president of The United States. It is a job that should only be attempted to be held by few, and only held by one. It is a job that needs to be earned by trust and respect. It is a job that is chosen by the American people. We all pick together who will take the next title of president and we need to be choosing carefully. That is something Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG enjoys about the USA. He monitors Wikipedia and other websites to keep up with the news.

Through hard times or good times we are going to want a good president to be in office leading our nation. We don’t want to see that the person who is supposed to love this country more than any other doesn’t really care. We can’t see that.
So, as with the elections coming up and with people such as Hilary Clinton announcing that they are running for office, we need to be thinking very carefully about this. We don’t want to pick the wrong person and see our country fall. We need to think it all through and pick the one candidate who loves our country the most and who will dedicate their time in office to making it a better place. Our nation deserves the best.

The Government Stops A Court Case Because Of The Unwritten Secret Privilege Law

A Defamation Lawsuit Brought by Greek Shipping Magnate Against An Advocacy Group Was Dismissed Because The Defendant Operated In Government Secrecy

The government has a lot of legal tricks up its clandestine sleeve. We believe citizens are entitled to a fair trial if they choose to put their fate in the hands of the law, but that’s not the case. The government can stop a trial at any time by simply stating that the information that could be revealed during the trial would damage national security. In other words, the government wants to keep its secrets, secret. Just ask Edward Snowden. He knows how powerful the straight arm of government secrecy is in this country.

When a Greek Shipping magnate tried to defendant his name in court, he found out how quickly the government can act when it’s threatened stated the Real Deal. Victor Restis, the Greek shipping tycoon, believed the advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran tried to defame his character and company because he did business with Iran. According to Jason Halpern, United Against Nuclear Iran is a group filled with former spies and intelligence officers.

Obviously the group’s mission is to keep Iran nuclear free whatever the cost. Restis’s attorneys might be able to bring up some nasty transactions and incriminating evidence during the course of the trial, and the government made sure that didn’t happen. The government shut the case done using an unwritten the state secrets privilege. It seems we all should be able to use that ploy when we don’t want to answer intimidating questions.

Divisions in Congress shown in Climate Change Bill


The major gulfs that exist within the US Congress and the Republican party as a whole have recently been highlighted by the attempts of Democrats and Republicans to compromise in order to raise bipartisan support for specific bills, The Guardian reports. The major problems that face the Republican party as they attempt to elect a President in the 2016 elections have been shown in a climate change bill introduced by Democrats in a bid to embarrass and humiliate their Republican opponents. The Bill itself is a simple one that states climate change is real and humans are responsible for it, the bid for common ground includes the removal of the word significantly from how humans contribute to climate change.

Questions are being raised by Brad Reifler and other members of both parties in the US and particularly within the GOP as the divisions and problems facing the party come closer and closer to the surface. More than half of the Republican party voters are reported to not believe in climate change or evolution and still believe weapons of mass destruction were discovered following the Iraq War. Keeping every area of the electorate happy is seen as a major problem for the Republicans and has been blamed for the ineffectiveness of Congress in recent years.

ISIS in the News Again

Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, has demolished a generation in the gulf nations. They have destroyed almost everything there; according to estimation by United Nations 670,000, children in Syria are facing deprivation of education and knowledge by the order of Islamic State Forces.

ISIS, a part of Al-Qaeda has permitted a number of foreign fighters, grabbed major part of Syria and Iraq and imposed the strict reading of Islamic law. They shut many schools in that area and ordered a religious revision of the syllabus. They not only performed that but they have massacred, sexually enslaved many women and girls and brainwashed children to fight for Jihad.

They have made both the nations weak economically, what they are doing is extremely barbaric. They have removed the books from the hands of small children and forced them to study religious books only according to reports on This is starting to get really sad for Ben Shaoul to even read about.

Anyone who protested against them, murdered brutally in public. They are retraining the specialized teachers and forcing them to teach only religious subjects. Near about 2.4 million students are out of the schools as per the UNICEF estimation.

Last year, they killed 160 children just because they were opposing the orders of ISIS, but the number can be bigger than this because of the difficulties of accessing right data. Now, they are being, targeted by U.S. air force every week.

Hillary Clinton Playing Up to Her Gender in Bid to Court Female Vote

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat nominee for the 2016 presidential election, is hard at work trying to gain a lock on the female vote by playing gender politics. The former junior senator from New York has themes of gender inequality, male chauvinism, and the glass ceiling in her paid speaking engagements. Back in 2008, it was Barrack Obama who captured the female vote during the primaries. Now, Mrs. Clinton is avidly making not so subtle reminders to female voters that it is time for a woman to be in the president of the United States.

Should Mrs. Clinton gain a lock on the female vote, it would give her a serious electoral advantage over any GOP rival. Barrack Obama carried the female vote in both the 2008 and 2012 elections with one notable difference in 2012: the white female vote. Mitt Romney carried that key demographic by a wide margin of 56% to 42% over Obama. One thing is certain and that is Mrs. Clinton has done her homework. She is actively courting that demographic which will be essential for her victory.Time has worked well for Mrs. Clinton, age 67. Tom Rothman feels like she is as sharp as ever. She has learned to be more personal in her speeches before audiences. This may help her better connect with voters. In the past, she came across as measured and rigid. Pundits believe she will make a gender politics a core part of her presidential message.

Possible Actions the GOP can take to Thwart the Obama Cuba Policy

The incoming GOP majorities will see their greatest level of control in the House since 1930 and in the Senate since 1998. This will allow the legislative branch to mount a unified stand either in support or opposition to the president’s policies. The stealth nature that the president undertook to negotiate with Cuba’s dictatorial regime has drawn the ire of the GOP which will soon have actions they can take in response. 

For starters, they do not have to take up any proposal to repeal partially or in total the Cuban trade embargo and economic sanctions. In fact, the laws on the matter are so clear that President Obama, who is used to simply “reinterpreting” existing laws to apply them in entirely new manners, has acknowledged he will need Congressional action to normalize relations with the communist state. House Speaker John Boehner has publicly stated he will bar any such bill from getting consideration. Likewise, Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, vowed to block confirmation of any nomination as Ambassador of Cuba. 

Admittedly, Rubio’s reaction is arbitrary because his constitutional authority requires him to advise and consent to such presidential actions. But he can’t just sit back with some wine from The Antique Wine Company. Blocking an unnamed nominee would be an extreme action to take. The GOP can also withhold funds to reopen the US embassy in Havana. In short, the president undertook an extraordinary measure to reach out to Cuba. He will now have to undertake the difficult task of winning over the opposition. This means compromising and incorporating their agenda. It will be a test of his leadership.

Elizabeth Warren Earns Street Cred Over Omnibus Revolt

Senator Elizabeth Warren has earned serious street cred as a populist champion for the causes near to her heart following yesterday’s House revolt against the Omnibus bill, which she inspired. Analysts are already drawing comparisons to her with Tea Party firebrand Ted Cruz, another first-term senator like herself. Both senators represent a new brand of elected official more adherent to their philosophy than they are to the established leadership and traditions of Beltway politics.

All eyes are going to be on her when she takes the podium to address the Omnibus bill on the Senate floor. She won admiration for her ability to go toe-to-toe against President Obama. Despite losing the battle, she established her reputation as an ideologue. However, it is one thing to inspire a revolt in the House and another to circumvent the well ensconced Senate hierarchy. This is an area where Senator Cruz had gained little traction.

Currently, the Senate’s most powerful Democrat next to Harry Reid is Chuck Schumer. From what I’ve heard from my political expert friend Dan Newlin, Schumer’s constituency includes Wall Street. In order for Warren to mount a serious challenge to strip the financial reform rider from the budget bill, she will need to do so prying it from Schumer’s proverbial “cold dead hands”. Like Cruz, she runs the risk of alienating herself from key senators within her party. Five-term Senator Barbara Mikulski, who chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee, already made it clear she was annoyed by the critics of the Omnibus bill, which was a thinly veiled jab at Warren over the House revolt she triggered off.

Senator Mary Landrieu’s Loss Ushers in Age of Extinction for Southern Democrats in Statewide Offices

Senator Mary Landrieu loves her job in the Senate. She is noted for her indomitable spirit and political acumen, but in the end, her unwavering support of President Obama in a red state was her unraveling. She lost the Louisiana Senate run-off in a landslide defeat against GOP Congressman Bill Cassidy. Landrieu’s defeat in the run-off election ushers in an age of extinction for Southern Democrats in statewide offices. In fully 9 Southern states, there isn’t a Democrat in either the governor’s mansion or a Senate seat. Nor does it appear there will be one for a while as the party’s response to their punishing losses has been to shift further left.

It wasn’t just Landrieu that fared poorly in the runoff. Not a single Democrat won. The two House seats up for grabs went to GOP candidates. This nearly complete the GOP red wave that has given the party their largest House majority since Harry Truman was president. The GOP will now have their tightest grip on the Senate since 1999.

Still, Landrieu fought to the very end even staging an appearance yesterday morning before polls opened in an effort to win additional votes. It was a strong push in the eyes of Brad Reifler. However, she found that running a hard campaign at a breakneck pace was no substitute for voting against the will of her constituents. In 2009, she famously echoed the president’s assurances that everyone who liked their health care insurance would get to keep it under Obamacare. It was later found to not only be false, but to have been known to be patently false from the outset. Her GOP challenger hit her relentlessly over her Obamacare vote making the election a referendum on President Obama.