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Francisco Domenech’s political career and success

Francisco Domenech’s political career and success

The name Francisco Domenech is a big name in the political field in the United States and Puerto Rico. Francisco graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a degree in political science. He later enrolled in the same University again and got his JD.

Francisco’s political career journey

While a student at the University of Puerto Rico, Francisco dabbled in politics. He was the student body president as well as a member of the University’s Academic Senate. This marked the beginning of what he terms as a political adventure. Francisco Domenech became more acquainted with politics after graduating. He partook in a number of political ventures including fundraising, policy development, voter registration activities, canvassing, and a number of campaigns.

He was a former director of the Office of Legislative Services in Puerto Rico for three years beginning 2005. During this time, his job description included the provision of legal services, overseeing in-house work and management of the council, supervision as well as representation of the Senate’s interests. In 2007, Domenech became a member of the Democratic National Committee. His role was representing the young Democrats in America. He stayed with the committee for five years two of which he was the Vice President for Development after spending three years as the National Committeeman. Read this article at Caribbean Business to know more.

Francisco Domenech’s role in US politics

During the 2008 and 2016 election period, Francisco represented Hillary Clinton in his campaign in Puerto Rico. He coordinated fundraisers to raise money for the campaigns nationwide and made a name for himself in the process. He was appointed the chair of the Hillblazers movement, a movement that sought to provide a platform for activists, young voters, professionals, and students, during the Hillary campaigns. He played a major role in Hillary’s win in the primary polls in Puerto Rico both in 2008 and 2016.

He has also served in the previous four National Democratic Conventions as a delegate.

Francisco Domenech and the Politank Firm

Politank is a law firm that deals with government affairs. The firm specializes in mapping out strategies that are meant to represent private interests in the government. Francisco Domenech serves in the firm currently as a Managing Partner.

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End Citizens United Hopeful about Cruz Challenger’s Poll Numbers

End Citizens United is a national organization whose mission is to get money out of politics. Founded in 2015 as a response to the controversial Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court, the group believes that the lack of campaign finance regulations in the United States is a threat to democratic government in the nation. In the 2018 midterms, End Citizen United’s mission is to raise $35 million for candidates who support campaign finance reform.

Citizens United is encouraged by the success of the Democratic Party so far in this election cycle. A recent poll conducted by the group shows that Beto O’Rourke, who is challenging incumbent and former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in this year’s Texas Senate race, is closing in on his opponent. O’Rourke is one of 140 House and Senate candidates who have pledged to reject corporate contributions this year. Read more about End Citizen United at Wikipedia.

Ironically, Beto O’Rourke’s rejection of corporate PAC contributions has enabled the newcomer to raise huge amounts of individual donations. In fact, O’Rourke managed to raise $2.4 million for his campaign during the last quarter of 2017, beating Cruz. However, despite this impressive showing, Cruz has been able to raise more money overall due to his acceptance of PAC funds. End Citizens United wants to reduce this disparity by harnessing the power of small individual donations.

Although Texas is well-known to be a “Red State,” Democratic candidates have been gaining more traction in recent years. The University of Texas conducted a poll in June, which showed Cruz with just a five point lead. Although pundits are still predicting a Cruz win, End Citizens United is optimistic. The group is hopeful that as voters get to know O’Rourke better, he will have a chance to narrow the gap even more. It is the hope of End Citizens United that success this cycle will lead to even greater victories in the future.



Francisco Domenech: Law& Politics

Managing Partner for the government affairs law firm POLITANK, Francisco Domenech, ESQ. is a former youth activist for the Democratic party and currently seeks to find new and innovative strategies to help represent individual interests to the government.

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1978, Domenech graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus in 1999 with a B.A. in political science and a second time in 2003 with his Juris Doctor.

As an attorney he argued before the Puerto Rican Senate at the age of 27. In 2005 he was appointed the Director of the Office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico by the President of the Senate and Speaker for the Puerto Rican House of Representatives. He had a staff of 120 and a budget of $10 million, and is well known for streamlining the office and running a budget surplus four years on a row. He also ran a massive, 100-intern summer program for three years and expanded on the office’s Tomas Bonilla Legislative Library and expanded access to said Library for the handicapped. Visit Reporter Expert to know more about Domenech.

Domenech is a supporter of admitting Puerto Rico as the 51st state. He has worked with many Democratic politicians in various campaign roles who support this issue. He has also managed two successful campaigns for physician Dr. Victor Ramos to the Presidency of the Puerto Rico Physicians Association.

As a former President of the Puerto Rico Young Democrats he led a group of young professionals in campaigning for the Kerry/Edwards ticket in central Florida. He has campaigned for other politicians as well, notably for Pedro Rosello’s 2004 gubernatorial campaign for Puerto Rico and extensively for Hillary Clinton in 2008, serving as her Deputy State Coordinator during the 2008 primaries, helping her take Puerto Rico by a 68-32 margin over Barrack Obama. Francisco  Domenech was also a national finance co-chair for Clinton.

He recently, in 2016, campaign manager for Jennifer Gonzalez as she became both the first female and the youngest Representative to win the position of Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, representing Puerto Rico in the Senate in Washington, D.C.

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Francisco Domenech Career in Politics

Domenech man was born at San Juan in the year 1978 29th of April. He received his education at the Catholic school of the Blessed Trinity and the Forest high school. Francisco Domenech is a graduate of the University of Puerto with a degree in Political Science and also a degree in law from the same university school of Law. In the previous years, he has been a Director in the office of Legislative Operations.

  • Professional Background

At the age of 27 while practicing law he represented the Senate of Puerto Rico in a case between Igarta De La Rosa and the United States of America. He has also been in the Court of Appeal at some petitions where he won. In 2013 the Puerto Supreme Court ruled in his favor in a case of a dispute between a shareholder and a firm he had previously served. Learn more about Francisco Domenech at Caribbean Business.

  • Politics

In 2004 he joined being a delegate of the Democratic National Convention where he was a member until the year 2016. During these years he has represented the young America Democrats as their committeeman. Francisco Domenech has been the president of Puerto Rico Young Democrats, and during this time he led 14 young professionals to campaign for Kerry Edward Tickets in Central Florida. He volunteered between the years 2003 and 2004 in the government, and in 21st July 2007 he joined DNC and became a member when the YDA elected him as their representatives in the National Committee.

Francisco Domenech left a legacy in the young Democratic Association being the first member to serve seven years consecutively as a National officer. For two years he was a vice president and a Democratic Committeeman for five years.

Currently Francisco maintains a Bipartisan type of government, and has managed two presidential campaigns in Puerto Rico Physician Association. Francisco Domenech is a commentator, and he has frequently been in the media such as Puerto Rico television where he has been heard asking for equality in all levels of the government proper allocation and use of government funds and the importance of democracy in a nation making him someone great.

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End Citizens United May End Rick Scott’s Senate Bid

End Citizens United is a grassroots organization that focuses on backing Democrat candidates. Their primary goal is to have the 2010 Citizens United v FEC Supreme Court Decision overturned. They are accomplishing this by endorsing Democrats who do not accept corporate campaign donations.

In May of 2018, End Citizens United took extra steps to make sure that politics wasn’t ran by corporate money. Rick Scott, the Governor of Florida, who is currently running for Congress, had a complaint filed against him by one of End Citizen United’s members. The complaint claims that Rick Scott is directly working with New Republican, a PAC. Politicians that are in direct communication with a PAC that supports them are breaking the law.

As a matter of fact, Rick Scott formally worked for New Republican. In 2017, Rick Scott served as chair for New Republican. It is known that Rick Scott still has close friends that work for New Republican, but that in itself is not evidence.

This isn’t the first time New Republican has been accused of breaking the law. Reports from earlier in 2018 claim that New Republican accepted money from firms that benefited from decisions concerning state pension fund investments. Laws are on the books stating that it is illegal for a financial institution to donate money to politicians that an influence state pension investments.

Rick Scott is known for his previous run in with the law as well. When Rick Scott worked at Columbia/HCA, serving as its CEO, Scott and his company were accused of Medicare fraud. This was in 1997. Rick Scott eventually resigned from his position after the company was fined $1.7 billion. Rick Scott simply blamed the Medicare fraud on lower level employees.

The complaint against Rick Scott marks a more pro-active approach for End Citizens United. Normally the organization simply backs candidates that they believe have the best interest for the country. Some of the people endorsed by End Citizen United are Jon Tester, Jacky Rosen, Beto O’Rourke, and Randy Bryce.

End Citizens United has seen many positive results during special elections in 2018, and going into November, they have a long list of candidates ready to take over important political positions.

End Citizens United’s Social Media:

A Brief History of Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on April 29, 1978. During his childhood and parts of his adolescence, he lived in Ocala, Florida where he attended Blessed Trinity Catholic School and Forest High School. It wasn’t until he was 18 that he would return to his home country to matriculate at the University of Puerto Rico. While living on their Rio Pedras campus, Dr. Francisco Domenech served as the student body president of the university’s school of social sciences during his junior year of college. He would later go on to serve as an academic senator and the president of the General Student Body Council during his senior year. After graduating with a BA, he went to study for a time at University College London.

However, he eventually returned to UPR to enroll in their law school where he would eventually graduate and earn his JD. Upon graduation, he went on to serve as a member of the Democratic National Committee in 2007. Although, he was forced to resign that seat in 2012 amid allegations of domestic violence. He was subsequently arrested but was later released due to lack of evidence. In 2008, he served as the deputy campaign manager for Hillary Clinton during her unsuccessful run for the white house, although she did poll much higher in Puerto Rico than her Democratic opponent, Barack Obama. He then served as her primary campaign manager in 2016. Read this Article at

Once again, she polled higher than her Democratic opponent but, unfortunately, came up short in the general election. He has, however, found some political success when he served as the campaign manager for Jennifer Gonzalez’s successful bid to become Puerto Rico’s youngest and first female resident commissioner. This enabled her to represent the nation’s population before the United States Congress. He also served as the Director of the Office of Legislative services from 2005 to 2008. While serving in this position, he managed to turn a profit for all three fiscal years and managed a staff of 130 employees. He also oversaw 800 different pieces of legislation so it’s clear he’s successful. View:


The academic life and contributions of Francisco Domenech

Mr. Francisco Domenech was born on April 29th, 1978 in San Juan in Puerto Rico. Mr. Domenech spent most of his childhood years in Ocala, Florida where he attended the Blessed Trinity School which was a Catholic school. Later on, he went to Forest High School. After completing his high school studies, he joined the University of Puerto Rico where he graduated twice with a Juris Doctor and a B.A in Political Science degree.

During his campus years, he managed to serve under different positions. He served as the Student Body President from 1998 to 1999 of the UPR College of Social Sciences. As from 1999 to 2000, he served as the president of the Student Body Council, and at the same time, he served as the Academic Senator prior to serving in the Academic Senate of the UPR Rio Piedras Campus. In 2002 and 2003, Domenech participated twice in the International Law Moot Court competition on behalf of the School of Law at UPR where he managed to complete as one of the top 15 of the finalists. Visit to learn more.

In the years 2006, 2008, 2012 and 2016, Domenech has attended the Democratic National Convention as a delegate. Mr. Domenech held the position as a committee member of the Democratic National Committee for more than half a decade, representing YDA, Young Democratic National Committee as their committeeman; in the 2008 and 20012 Conventions, Mr. Domenech represented YDA as a superdelegate.

Mr. Domenech served as a whip for the delegation of Puerto Rico. In the 2016 primary campaign that occurred in Puerto Rico, Domenech served as the top fundraiser of Hillary Clinton in the U.S where he attended the Democratic Convention for the fourth time, after his election as a Delegate to represent the Senatorial District of Bayamon.

As Mr.FranciscoDomenech served as a managing partner at POLITANK, he has also contributed actively to different philanthropy endeavors like the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, the Clinton Foundation, the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, the Washington Center for Internships & Academic Seminars, Museo de Arte de Ponce, the Scholarship Fund of TASIS Dorado, and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

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Rick Scott Accusations By End Citizen United

There was a care that End Citizen United had filed to the Federal Election Commission. It was about Rick Scott after he illegally used Super PAC during his senatorial seat campaigns. End Citizens United.

Is also a PAC but the organization had already said that so that to perform a political action using super PAC all you will require is the limited allowance from the federal and they will be directly placed as contributions to the candidate’s campaigns. Rick Scott was able to have raised $178 million that was planned to be used during his campaign coffers.

In accordance to the super PAC, as a candidate one is allowed to raise more money to his reach and can also spend that money but it should not be for the working process of the campaign. This is where End Citizens United accused the senatorial aspiring candidate Scott because he had made violation of anti-coordination law which was with the New Republican PAC. Rick Scott was also the acting chairman of the group in early days before he had announced his ambitions of running the United States senatorial seat. PAC had pledged to offer some help to be able to win the seat.

The End Citizens United Adam Bozzi who was the Communication Director had talked of Rick Scott interest in politics rather than the law. He said that Rick Scott all he wanted was to bypass the laws which govern elections when he puts money to super PAC but the organization was meant for president. He also said that the existence of super PAC was to be able to help Rick Scott so that he could sidestep laws guiding campaign finances so that after he paid for campaign laws and he will end up evading the disclosed laws.

Scott denied those allegations by producing documents which were supporting that charge and evidence showed that in the recent months he was still an employee of PAC. The PAC website was still listing him as the group’s chairman. He proved that End Citizens United allegations were wrong.

End Citizens had already been frustrated in 2010 because of the ruling from the supreme court. The arrival of PAC in 2015 was there to be able to guide and finance reform from the campaigns. It had a mission of getting a lot of money from the political system, that was after they had given the candidate full support. It was an agreement from their agenda and was to be addressed on their topic of concern.

End Citizens United Continues To Work Towards Its Goal

The overriding aim of the End Citizens United PAC is exactly as one would expect it to be, to bring an end to the controversial ruling of 2010 known as Citizens United. By entering the political landscape in 2015, End Citizens United set forth with what seemed to be a simple aim, work with enough Democratic candidates to ensure the Citizens United decision could be reversed at some time in the future and build a grassroots campaign designed to aid in reaching this aim.

Aiming to build a positive future for the people of the U.S. is the aim of End Citizens United which sees the company dedicated to aiding the election of as many left-leaning politicians as possible. If a majority of Democrats can be elected a Constitutional Amendment will be sought to remove the Citizens United decision from the law books; in the meantime, ECU will continue to fight to elect candidates who are friendly to the cause of campaign finance reform and protect the regulations remaining in place.

For example, the Johnson Amendment has been in place and offered little controversy since then-Senator Lyndon B. Johnson wrote the law barring not-for-profit tax-exempt groups from providing financial support for candidates during election campaigns. The punishment for those groups who were found to have broken the rules laid out in the Amendment was a loss of their tax-exempt status with the IRS. Recent attempts by Republicans to remove this Amendment from the law have been thwarted by Democrats and the high-profile media work of End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller who has raised awareness of the possibility of donors gaining tax breaks by funding a church before a second tax break is obtained by the non-profit group donating to a political campaign.

Tiffany Muller has developed a two-stage plan for reversing the Citizens United decision which starts with aiding the election of as many election finance reform candidates as possible. Once the Democrats and progressive independents are in place in Washington D.c. and across the country, the process of reversing the Citizens United decision can begin and hopefully be completed in as fast a period of time as possible for the good of the democratic process in the U.S.

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NGP VAN Offers Advice For Building an Effective Rally

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was, without argument, the expert on creating a grassroots movement for social change. About his movement, he said, “We know from painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed.” This need to demand change caused him to, among other things, organize highly effective rallies across the country. This heritage of using rallies for social change continues to this day. The experienced people at NGP VAN have been helping Democratic campaigns and nonprofits make a difference for well over ten years. They recently offered advice on their blog for forming the best rally for your organization.


Getting The Timing Right

According to Gabby at NGP VAN, rallies are a powerful way to mobilize grassroots support, but timing is of the essence since the fires they ignite in voters tend to cool with time. Other than announcement rallies, NGP VAN suggests limiting your rallies to the days before an important election or policy vote.


Managing the Details

The people at NGP VAN are activists themselves, and they understand all of the frustrating details that go into planning a successful rally. In their blog post, they mention some often-overlooked elements in planning a rally that will make a difference:


  • Location- The size and type of location in which you hold your rally can make a huge difference in your turnout. Also, the shape of the venue, whether it’s outdoor or indoor, and other factors will affect whether you can draw in all of your supporters, as well as passers-by.


  • Sound System- NGP VAN mentions that it is common for rally organizers to forget to consider the impact of surrounding noise when sizing the sound systems they buy or rent.


  • Visuals- Be sure to have signs ready to go, and to arrange supporters with signs behind the speaker. This layout ensures that photographs taken of the speaker show a strong, active group behind them.


  • Speaking Program- Pay attention while writing your speeches to avoid data and analysis that may bog down listeners. Keep comments short, sweet, and easy to understand.


  • Advertising- Take advantage of various advertising methods in the days and weeks leading up to your rally. Include press releases for major and minor newspapers, and integrate social media into your plan.


Dr. King pointed out that the greatness of America came from our right to protest. By continuing in this heritage of social change, we make our future bright. Careful planning can keep your message from getting bogged down in the details. To see more of this important article by NGP VAN, click here.