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Betsy DeVos and Educational Discussions

With Betsy DeVos as the new 11th US Education Secretary, students and parents have been relieved. They are now able to get educational choice options, which include magnet programs, virtual courses, homeschooling, and private school options. Of course, students have to be accepted into these programs for it to work. Still, she has received backlash for wanting educational choice in all states. It’s a program that can do a lot of good, according to the new Secretary of Education, but there are doubts within the educator community.


It’s been difficult for Betsy DeVos who wants to help students first. Most parents and students are relieved that they have more choices for schooling now, but it’s still a matter of where will funding go. DeVos says that educators shouldn’t worry about public funding being used for private education. That isn’t how it works, she said in an interview with “60 Minutes.” Lesley Stahl talked about it with her, wanting to find out more information on the success of the current educational choice programs.


In terms of success, DeVos says that Florida has been the most successful when it comes to implementing educational choice programs. Louisiana also has a number of educational choice options. Still, Devos believes that Florida is the program that helps students the most. In the Sunshine State, a student can attend a magnet program if they don’t like their current school choice where they live. Magnet programs offer students the ability to transfer to another school if the program accepts them. These programs are typically specialized and include different courses of study than the main curriculum. For instance, there are magnet programs for performing arts, business, law, agriculture, and so forth.


Students can also choose to go into a private school or charter school. While there has been debate on how that’s possible, there are ways to get around the tuition problem without using public funding, according to DeVos. In fact, philanthropy has been a big supporter of these programs. The tuition-based scholarship program in Florida is a testament to how it works. Students must still apply for the vouchers and scholarships in order to get into the school.


In addition, there are options for virtual school courses and private homeschooling. These are available to students who want to replace certain courses or stay at home to and go to school completely. It’s been difficult for students in the past to have these options, especially if states don’t approve alternative schooling.


Betsy DeVos also continues to champion school safety. She believes that schools need more protections against guns, and is weary about any policies that would bring more guns on campus, such as teachers having guns. New policies went into effect in the summer of 2018 after a string of school shootings in early 2018.


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Philanthropist and Cosmetic Surgeon- Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dallas Plastic Institute is one of the largest plastic groups in the world, and Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is one of the partners in the medical facility, and also he is a Board-certified plastic surgeon who is situated in Dallas. Dr. Sam is a specialist in the body and facial cosmetic surgery. The cosmetic doctor is well recognised and respected by his colleagues for his expertise in the industry, and whenever he attends meetings he is given special treatment. One of the places he is recognized is the plastic surgery meeting which is considered to be one of the largest plastic surgery meetings in the world.

After his high school graduation, Dr. Jejurikar attended the University of Michigan for his undergraduate studies. Afterwards, Sameer continued studying at the University of Michigan Medical School, and his hard work and determination led to his appointment at the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society which is considered to be prestigious. Sameer wanted to be a plastic surgeon, and he went back to the same educational institution where he studied plastic surgery and preliminary surgery for eight years. After his plastic surgeon studies, Dr. Jejurikar did his fellowship in Aesthetic surgery in New York City. The doctor was committed to getting all the required skills, and he was awarded certification from the New York University and the Manhattan, Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. After his studies, he joined one of the multi-specialty groups in Central Texas where he worked for three years before establishing his business and also joining Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

Dr. Sameer has a vast experience in the medical industry, he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, as well as a member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Sameer is also active in the society, and he participates in various humanitarian activities including cleft lip and palate surgery for the less disadvantaged in the community. The plastic surgeon is committed to his patients both in Dallas and outside his home country.


A Brief History of Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on April 29, 1978. During his childhood and parts of his adolescence, he lived in Ocala, Florida where he attended Blessed Trinity Catholic School and Forest High School. It wasn’t until he was 18 that he would return to his home country to matriculate at the University of Puerto Rico. While living on their Rio Pedras campus, Dr. Francisco Domenech served as the student body president of the university’s school of social sciences during his junior year of college. He would later go on to serve as an academic senator and the president of the General Student Body Council during his senior year. After graduating with a BA, he went to study for a time at University College London.

However, he eventually returned to UPR to enroll in their law school where he would eventually graduate and earn his JD. Upon graduation, he went on to serve as a member of the Democratic National Committee in 2007. Although, he was forced to resign that seat in 2012 amid allegations of domestic violence. He was subsequently arrested but was later released due to lack of evidence. In 2008, he served as the deputy campaign manager for Hillary Clinton during her unsuccessful run for the white house, although she did poll much higher in Puerto Rico than her Democratic opponent, Barack Obama. He then served as her primary campaign manager in 2016. Read this Article at

Once again, she polled higher than her Democratic opponent but, unfortunately, came up short in the general election. He has, however, found some political success when he served as the campaign manager for Jennifer Gonzalez’s successful bid to become Puerto Rico’s youngest and first female resident commissioner. This enabled her to represent the nation’s population before the United States Congress. He also served as the Director of the Office of Legislative services from 2005 to 2008. While serving in this position, he managed to turn a profit for all three fiscal years and managed a staff of 130 employees. He also oversaw 800 different pieces of legislation so it’s clear he’s successful. View:


Adam Milstein- Growing ccncern about anti-semitism

Anti-Semitism is a growing concern for the Jewish community all over the world. Agents of hate are targeting the community for discrimination that is unwarranted. According to JNS author Adam Milstein, there is growing concern about the spirited fight that radical groups have engaged in is aimed at smearing the Jews as the cause of all the problems facing the Middle East. The radicals Islamists view Israel as a colonizer who deserves to be evicted out of the region. In their warped thinking, the Jews are the cause of the problems they face. The growing hate against Jews has reached parts of Europe and North America. Going by the recent trends, more radical rights and lefts are joining the anti-Semitism smear campaigns.

Adam Milstein is concerned that the hate against Jews is being allowed to go on with other nations not thinking about the dangers it will pose in future. All the groups which support anti-Semitism have one thing in common; they are all proponents of anti-westernization propaganda. The radical lefts and rights are being used by the radical Islamists to fight their own countries unknowingly. By pushing the agenda of the radical Islamist, they are slowly entrenching anti-westernization beliefs in their regions. Anti-Semitism hate therefore deserve to be done away with as it has a bigger agenda than just to oppose the Jews. The Jews and the Americans share a lot in common. Any attempt to hit on the Jews is a threat to the Americans. As the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel is seen by other countries in the region as an outcast and a sympathizer of the Americans.

Adam Milstein is the chairman of the Israeli-American Council. This is an organization that aims at strengthening the Jewish community. The group has been supporting and mentoring young Jews. The aim is to make them grow up knowing that they deserve to protect their identity since it’s already under attack from the radicals. Adam Milstein wants those a stronger Israel, and most importantly the defeat of anti-Semitism hate being sponsored by the radical Islamists. He is also a philanthropist and is the founder of the Adam Milstein Family Foundation.

Ryan Seacrest’s Life

Ryan Seacrest, an American television and radio personality, kicked off his career in the field after gaining national – if not worldwide – exposure following his role as host on American Idol.

Though Mr. Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) still hosts the popular Fox series today, his resume has certainly gained significant length since he started on the show nearly two decades ago. Let’s take a peek at his career throughout the years and dissect what aspects of it has made him so successful.

Ryan Seacrest’s most recent endeavors

Mr. Ryan Seacrest recently started hosting On Air with Ryan Seacrest from a studio in Manhattan, New York and is hosted on KIIS-FM from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. In the past, Ryan started hosting On Air with Ryan Seacrest in 2004 – then it was broadcast over television airways, not radio – which was moved to radio in 2008. Since then, the show has been hosted without stop on some 130-plus radio stations across Canada and the United States.

Further, Ryan Seacrest began working on Live with Kelly Ripa after leaving American Idol a few years ago. The show changed its name to Live with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest and still airs today – May 2018.

Seacrest is great with fashion, as well

In 2014, Mr. Ryan Seacrest ventured into men’s fashion for the first time by founding Distinction, a lifestyle brand for men that specializes in business casual and formal wear. Mr. Seacrest had plenty of experience judging the hottest styles and trends in all of men’s clothing as he’s hosted big-name awards shows like the Golden Globes, the Oscars, and the Grammys, interviewing some of the world’s hottest celebrities about what styles they wear and why.

Even though Seacrest looks objectively great today, he grew up as an overweight, nerdy, shy boy who enjoyed listening to various talk radio stations. At the young age of 10, he saved up money for months to purchase an audio mixing and recording tool – and so his career was born.

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Anthony Petrello And His Greatest Philanthropic Passion

Tony Petrello is a familiar name in Texas, and he was a beacon of light when Hurricane Harvey hit. Petrello, the CEO of Nabors Industries, was one of the first on board to help after the disaster struck. What Petrello chose to do to help out was charitable, admirable, and above all it was worth sharing as a model for other businesses that were not involved in Texas.

The first order of business for Anthony Petrello was to let employees know that they were needed for relief efforts, and he also wanted to ensure that his employees went where help was needed most. In addition to Petrello’s call for his employees to help those in need, he offered them paid time off to go and be a part of this endeavor. It is no secret that Petrello is passionate about philanthropy, but this was a cause for an urgent need in his home state.

Read more: How Tony Petrello Helped Houston With Hurricane Harvey Relief

At the heart of his efforts, CEO Petrello wanted to send a message that he cares about the community as a whole. The goal for him was not just about making a profit, but rather to make it clear that he not only lives and works here, he is interested in building up a community and putting families first. When the people can take a look at the companies that are willing to jump in, it says a lot about the company and who is at the head of the company. In this case, Petrello was still around, making sure that his true passion for helping others created a culture at Nabors Industries that says, “It’s all about helping others”.

Participating in the community is not something new for Tony Petrello. Tony and his wife Cynthia have long been contributors to the Texas Children’s Hospital since the birth of their daughter Carena. When Carena was born prematurely, she was suffering from a condition known as preventricular leukomalacia. When the diagnosis was given, it was a very frustrating time for the Petrello’s as the doctors didn’t have a lot of research at this time for this condition. Tony Petrello is passionate about helping others, and there seems to be no limit to who he would help.

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Patty Rocklage Guarantees Total Healing To Any Troubled Heart with Her Many Years’ Expertise

Patty Rocklage has practiced counseling therapy for more than two decades, which explains her top-notch level of competence in handling her clients. She has mastered a warm and inviting way that welcomes and relaxes her patients to open up about their issues and be receptive to her recommendations. She also understands the depth of her client’s struggles and maintains a high level of confidentiality. Many couples and individuals have passed through her hands and always comes out differently. In the course of her work, the Massachusetts license holder has learned some other skills like public speaking, team building, teaching, and coaching where she is invited to share her knowledge in many forums. Her counterparts in the field marvel at her work to even regarding her as the best in that line. Her psychology degree earned from USC gave a good grounding for this life achievement.

On Marriage

Patty Rocklage has a working therapy for troubled couples. She offers the much-needed support when the couples are not able to handle problems on their own. Patty teaches better communication skills and also suggests activities that can enhance their bond. She recommends books that talk about marriage and also uses her life as an example to the couples. Unlike other therapists that offer many responses that couples end up confused, Patty comes up with solutions that are tailor-made to fit specific situations. Any couple that engages her services is guaranteed a total turnaround.

Giving Back

Patty Rocklage loves her community; she understands how important it is to have an empowered community. It is in this regard that she invests a lot of her time and resources in outreach projects. Southern Sudanese living in Massachusetts have largely benefited from her good work as she helps them secure stability in jobs, finances, and education. Last year, she and her husband joined hands to support MIT in renovating a nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab. This earned them recognition from the higher learning institution as a plaque bearing their names was erected in their honor. Patty is also very cautious in conserving the environment as her home’s landscape is done using environment-friendly methods. Patty Rocklage on Linkedin.