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The House Passed A Stripped Down Legislation That Will Fast Track Obama’s Pacific Trade Agreement

The Bill Was Defeated The First Time It Was Heard But A Stripped Down Version Is Now Ready For Senate Approval

Democrats say the new Pacific Rim Trade Agreement looks too much like the North American Trade Agreement.(NAFTA) That agreement cost American workers more than 5 million jobs. Democrats usually back their president, but this agreement has caused some major issues within the Democratic Party. The Democratic leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi, voted against fast tracking the measure, and Hillary Clinton said Pelosi knows more about the agreement than Obama. That didn’t make Obama happy, but it won’t be the last Clinton comment that will ruffle his sensitive feathers.

The agreement is called TPP. TPP will lower trade barriers and put labor protection boundaries in place. Some lawmakers believe the Asian countries are getting a better deal, but US exporters like Ford, Cisco, IBM, Caterpillar, and others think it will help their business in that part of the world.

Japan and Canada want the agreement, but opponents say the 20-year-old NAFTA deal left a bad taste in the mouths of American workers like Sergio Cortes, and this deal will do the same thing.

“X-Files” Television Series to Return

There will soon be a return of the popular 1990’s “X-Files” television show. So far, at least six episodes are planned and the shows will again feature original co-stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. The shows are currently being filmed in Vancouver.

Some pictures have been released on the Internet by the producers of the show of Duchovny and Anderson working together again. Duchovny is sporting a stubble of beard and Anderson looks a bit older, but other than that the two look much the same as they did in the original show.

It will be interesting to see if this new reboot of the show will work as many fans like Kevin Seawright are excited to see. The show set a high bar for itself during its initial years, and fans aren’t going to accept anything less than great episodes. Personally, I was surprised to see this happen since both Anderson and Duchovny have been busy with other projects. I guess when there is enough demand for a show to return, it will happen.

In my opinion, the X-Files was a great show during its first few years. Then, it got too hard to follow. Because of the show’s success, I think that its creators were able to become more self-indulgent and create shows that only made sense to hard-core fans who had watched every preceding episode. That’s not good. A television show should be accessible to anyone, in my opinion.

MERS Cases Increase, 64 Quarantined

So far, 77 people have been in contact with the first man who was diagnoses with MERS. 64 of them are under quarantine and the rest are remaining in self-imposed isolation. Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is a respiratory tract infection that effects all other vital organs of the body. MERS is highly contagious and the current outbreak in China has been traced back to one man who returned home from Saudi Arabia after visiting his father who was known to have MERS. The man traveled back home to Huizhou by bus, despite the doctor’s warnings to avodi public places and public transit, and exposed all his fellow bus passengers to the MERS virus.

Those under quarantine have been sent to a camp in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Two female bus passengers have refused to go to the camp and be under indefinite quarantine. Steve Murray can understand their reasoning.
Reported earlier today was a confirmed death due to MERS, the third one so far. Since the first official case of MERS in 2012, 442 have died from the respiratory illness. Jim Dondero feels like that is pretty crazy. Appropriate action is being taken to stop the spread of MERS and Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon encouraged his people not to be too fearful of the contagious disease.

The Up Hill Battle People Seeking Student Loan Forgiveness Face from the DOE and Its Contractors

According to federal law passed in 1993, people taken advantage of by education institutions may have their student loans forgiven under certain conditions. Besides the obvious factors such as death, or permanent disability, debt forgiveness is possible in cases where the institution misled students as to their accreditation and graduate job opportunities. One such person seeking relief is Yvette Colon of New York City. Colon, who worked for years in medical billing, was seeking to become a cardiac sonographer. She enrolled in the Manhattan campus of Sanford-Brown Institute over the period of 2006 to 2008. The price of tuition was daunting, but the school carried excellent accreditation and a good-paying job awaited her upon completion of her certificate.

In a manner of speaking, Colon was “had bad”. She racked up $51,000 in student loans via both private and federal loans, and that was a bit overwhelming for Brad Reifler to see. Sadly, Sanford-Brown Institute did not have the type of accreditation they touted having. Nor did Colon find the employment opportunities which she was led to believe existed. Since that time, she has returned to medical billing, but finds it difficult to pay her student loans. At this time, she has to take distributions from her pension in order to service the student loan debt. However, her application for relief was denied by Navient, a major company servicing Sallie Mae student loans. In addition, not only are people being denied claims by student loan contractors approved by the Department of Education (DOE), the DOE’s department handling debt forgiveness also seems to be indifferent as well.

Antonio Banderas Spotted With New Girlfriend

Antonio Banderas is one of the most successful actors of the modern era. He has starred in several films such as, ‘Desperado,’ ‘Shrek,’ and ‘Assassins.’ Antonio is also one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, and his perfect features have earned him a lot of attention from women according to a magazine article in GQ from Ray Lane. Banderas is 54-years old, but that does not stop him from dating much younger women.

Antonio Banderas is currently in a relationship with 34-year old fashion student Nicole Kimpel. Antonio Banderas was married to Melanie Griffith for several years, but the couple split a year and a half ago. It seems that Antonio Banderas moved on rather quickly, and he was recently spotted with Nicole in London. Antonio was treating his new girlfriend to a day of shopping and feasting. The couple went to the finest shops and restaurants that London had to offer.

Many people felt that Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith we’re going to stay together forever, but unfortunately things did not end up like that. Melanie Griffith was recently seen walking around in a sleeveless shirt. Melanie’s tattoo of Antonio has been fading, and this leads people to believe that she is currently getting the ink removed. However, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith will always be remembered by the fans and paparazzi. For more information on this story, visit DailyMail.

The Hubble telescope celebrates its 25th birthday

The Hubble telescope is celebrating its 25th birthday after being launched on April 24th 1990, NPR reports. The telescope was launched into space just a few months after the fall of the Berlin Wall and continues to be the most popular and simplest way for astronomers to explore the universe. The problem scientists have with studying the stars, planets and other interplanetary objects from Earth is the fact the atmosphere on our planet makes images blurry and difficult to understand.

The telescope was launched into space and has undergone a series of repairs and upgrades over the course of its life as it is controlled from by a specialized team of NASA scientists. A faulty mirror that affected the initial images negatively was repaired early in its mission by a space shuttle crew and others have replaced cameras to provide more detailed images of the solar system. Amongst the amazing free images anybody like Jason Halpern is free to download from the Hubble Website are those of dying stars and a comet smashing into the surface of the planet Jupiter. More information can also be found on

The return oft eh woolly mammoth draws closer

A team of researchers from McMaster University is racing to be the first to begin the process of reversing the extinction of the woolly mammoth, The Washington Post reports. The woolly mammoth has been extinct for over 10,000 years, but its close relation oft he elephant is thought to be a prime candidate to have its DNA altered to become more like the mammoth. Returning the woolly mammoth to existence is now seen as something of a holy grail for scientists and DNA researchers, which could soon become a reality.

The woolly mammoth research completed following the discovery of a well preserved carcass has moved on quickly with researchers now claiming to have mapped the entire genome of the mammoth. This means the entire DNA sequence of the mammoth has now been revealed and has provided information on how to create a new version and the problems the animal faced during its existence. As the plan to reverse the extinction of the woolly mammoth draws nearer a team of Russian scientists are preparing an area of the Siberian Tundra for the animal to inhabit along with a number of modern animals. Returning the graving woolly mammoth to Siberia is seen as a good way of preserving the permafrost of the region and halting the advance of climate change, at least if you ask Brian Torchin on Digital Journal.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Rules That Two Chimps Are Non-Human People

Judge Barbara Jaffe Issued an Order To Show Cause And Writ of Habeas Corpus For Two Chimpanzees Used For Biomedical Experiments At Stony Brook University
The Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) wants to protect and free animals that are being treated inhumanely. For the first time ever, a New York Supreme court Justice has given the order to show cause and writ of habeas corpus for two chimpanzees, Hercules and Leo. The chimps are being used for testing purposes at Stony Brook University on Long Island, New York.

The NhRP wants to send the chimps to Florida so they can live the rest of their lives in an environment that resembles their native home in Africa. The 13 artificial islands built in and around a big lake in Ft. Pierce, Florida is the home of 250 other chimps, so it is a natural place for them to live in this part of the world.

By ruling in favor of NhRP, the two chimps are legally considered non-human people. The court will decide if the reasons given by Stony Brook at sufficient enough to keep the chimps in captivity for experimental purposes or send them to Florida. This is something Jaime Garcia Dias will be following. It has been a long battle to free Leo and Hercules. The first court case concerning the chimps was in 2013. This new ruling brings the chimpanzees’ one step closer to freedom.

Drones Bearing Gifts

Using drones for surveillance is a pretty creepy idea, but especially to people who value their personal privacy. Using drones to bear weapons is a tragic use of modern technology. On the other hand (goes the counterargument), wouldn’t we rather have the ability to pinpoint one specific house to bomb, rather than a whole neighborhood of innocent people?

Much in the news in recent years, the drone debate continues.

Well, now there’s another use for this modern technology, and it’s charitable: drones are being used for environmental repair.

A company called BioCarbon Engineering has started up in England, and its goal is to plant the seeds of the future.

Taking advantage of this complex technology, the general idea is relatively simple. The drones fly just a few feet above the ground and shoot seed pod capsules directly into the soil.

Inside the pods, the tree seeds are already germinated, and they’re protected by a gel rich with nutrients.

Working at a rate of 10 seed pods per second, a few drones can plant tens of thousands of trees every day–and at a significantly lower cost than using conventional tree-planting methods. This makes a lot of financial sense to Bruce Karatz.

It’s well known that current human resource use is unsustainable. One of the frustrations of our modern life is that we destroy about 26 billion trees every year. Now modern technology might be able to help us repair some of the damage we’ve done.

Rising Fashion Capitals in the World

For years, the world has soaked in the great trends from four of the most fashionable cities in the world: New York, Paris, London, and Milan. Flocked by the fashionable lot – from models, celebrities, bloggers to magazine editors, these four cities are frequently visited for its fashion forward style.

However, because of recent technological advances, and how easy it is to be connected through social media, fashion is more accessible to people. The following cities might be formerly unknown to the fashion world, but these days, they are giving the fashion capitals a run for their money.

Berlin. Berlin is known for its constantly evolving cultural and fashion scene. And it continues to wow fashion lovers from all over the world. Berlin is also famous for the innovative Berlin U-Bahn fashion show which takes place in a chartered train.

Addis Ababa. Ethiopian fashion is making a wave in the international scene. With a world-renowned designer exhibiting their rich culture using Ethiopian fabrics under its wing, global brands are investing in Addis Ababa. The potential of this city is one that the world is anticipating.

Manila. With Philippine Fashion Week bringing in models such as Alison Harvard, the Manila fashion scene is making a noise in the fashion world. Dan Newlin doesn’t even follow fashion much but he knows how much it is growing. With the creativity of local designers in each city, the richness of heritage that can be seen in the fabric and design, the fashion world could benefit a lot in the rise of these cities.