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Antonio Banderas Spotted With New Girlfriend

Antonio Banderas is one of the most successful actors of the modern era. He has starred in several films such as, ‘Desperado,’ ‘Shrek,’ and ‘Assassins.’ Antonio is also one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, and his perfect features have earned him a lot of attention from women according to a magazine article in GQ from Ray Lane. Banderas is 54-years old, but that does not stop him from dating much younger women.

Antonio Banderas is currently in a relationship with 34-year old fashion student Nicole Kimpel. Antonio Banderas was married to Melanie Griffith for several years, but the couple split a year and a half ago. It seems that Antonio Banderas moved on rather quickly, and he was recently spotted with Nicole in London. Antonio was treating his new girlfriend to a day of shopping and feasting. The couple went to the finest shops and restaurants that London had to offer.

Many people felt that Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith we’re going to stay together forever, but unfortunately things did not end up like that. Melanie Griffith was recently seen walking around in a sleeveless shirt. Melanie’s tattoo of Antonio has been fading, and this leads people to believe that she is currently getting the ink removed. However, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith will always be remembered by the fans and paparazzi. For more information on this story, visit DailyMail.

The Hubble telescope celebrates its 25th birthday

The Hubble telescope is celebrating its 25th birthday after being launched on April 24th 1990, NPR reports. The telescope was launched into space just a few months after the fall of the Berlin Wall and continues to be the most popular and simplest way for astronomers to explore the universe. The problem scientists have with studying the stars, planets and other interplanetary objects from Earth is the fact the atmosphere on our planet makes images blurry and difficult to understand.

The telescope was launched into space and has undergone a series of repairs and upgrades over the course of its life as it is controlled from by a specialized team of NASA scientists. A faulty mirror that affected the initial images negatively was repaired early in its mission by a space shuttle crew and others have replaced cameras to provide more detailed images of the solar system. Amongst the amazing free images anybody like Jason Halpern is free to download from the Hubble Website are those of dying stars and a comet smashing into the surface of the planet Jupiter. More information can also be found on

The return oft eh woolly mammoth draws closer

A team of researchers from McMaster University is racing to be the first to begin the process of reversing the extinction of the woolly mammoth, The Washington Post reports. The woolly mammoth has been extinct for over 10,000 years, but its close relation oft he elephant is thought to be a prime candidate to have its DNA altered to become more like the mammoth. Returning the woolly mammoth to existence is now seen as something of a holy grail for scientists and DNA researchers, which could soon become a reality.

The woolly mammoth research completed following the discovery of a well preserved carcass has moved on quickly with researchers now claiming to have mapped the entire genome of the mammoth. This means the entire DNA sequence of the mammoth has now been revealed and has provided information on how to create a new version and the problems the animal faced during its existence. As the plan to reverse the extinction of the woolly mammoth draws nearer a team of Russian scientists are preparing an area of the Siberian Tundra for the animal to inhabit along with a number of modern animals. Returning the graving woolly mammoth to Siberia is seen as a good way of preserving the permafrost of the region and halting the advance of climate change, at least if you ask Brian Torchin on Digital Journal.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Rules That Two Chimps Are Non-Human People

Judge Barbara Jaffe Issued an Order To Show Cause And Writ of Habeas Corpus For Two Chimpanzees Used For Biomedical Experiments At Stony Brook University
The Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) wants to protect and free animals that are being treated inhumanely. For the first time ever, a New York Supreme court Justice has given the order to show cause and writ of habeas corpus for two chimpanzees, Hercules and Leo. The chimps are being used for testing purposes at Stony Brook University on Long Island, New York.

The NhRP wants to send the chimps to Florida so they can live the rest of their lives in an environment that resembles their native home in Africa. The 13 artificial islands built in and around a big lake in Ft. Pierce, Florida is the home of 250 other chimps, so it is a natural place for them to live in this part of the world.

By ruling in favor of NhRP, the two chimps are legally considered non-human people. The court will decide if the reasons given by Stony Brook at sufficient enough to keep the chimps in captivity for experimental purposes or send them to Florida. This is something Jaime Garcia Dias will be following. It has been a long battle to free Leo and Hercules. The first court case concerning the chimps was in 2013. This new ruling brings the chimpanzees’ one step closer to freedom.

Drones Bearing Gifts

Using drones for surveillance is a pretty creepy idea, but especially to people who value their personal privacy. Using drones to bear weapons is a tragic use of modern technology. On the other hand (goes the counterargument), wouldn’t we rather have the ability to pinpoint one specific house to bomb, rather than a whole neighborhood of innocent people?

Much in the news in recent years, the drone debate continues.

Well, now there’s another use for this modern technology, and it’s charitable: drones are being used for environmental repair.

A company called BioCarbon Engineering has started up in England, and its goal is to plant the seeds of the future.

Taking advantage of this complex technology, the general idea is relatively simple. The drones fly just a few feet above the ground and shoot seed pod capsules directly into the soil.

Inside the pods, the tree seeds are already germinated, and they’re protected by a gel rich with nutrients.

Working at a rate of 10 seed pods per second, a few drones can plant tens of thousands of trees every day–and at a significantly lower cost than using conventional tree-planting methods. This makes a lot of financial sense to Bruce Karatz.

It’s well known that current human resource use is unsustainable. One of the frustrations of our modern life is that we destroy about 26 billion trees every year. Now modern technology might be able to help us repair some of the damage we’ve done.

Rising Fashion Capitals in the World

For years, the world has soaked in the great trends from four of the most fashionable cities in the world: New York, Paris, London, and Milan. Flocked by the fashionable lot – from models, celebrities, bloggers to magazine editors, these four cities are frequently visited for its fashion forward style.

However, because of recent technological advances, and how easy it is to be connected through social media, fashion is more accessible to people. The following cities might be formerly unknown to the fashion world, but these days, they are giving the fashion capitals a run for their money.

Berlin. Berlin is known for its constantly evolving cultural and fashion scene. And it continues to wow fashion lovers from all over the world. Berlin is also famous for the innovative Berlin U-Bahn fashion show which takes place in a chartered train.

Addis Ababa. Ethiopian fashion is making a wave in the international scene. With a world-renowned designer exhibiting their rich culture using Ethiopian fabrics under its wing, global brands are investing in Addis Ababa. The potential of this city is one that the world is anticipating.

Manila. With Philippine Fashion Week bringing in models such as Alison Harvard, the Manila fashion scene is making a noise in the fashion world. Dan Newlin doesn’t even follow fashion much but he knows how much it is growing. With the creativity of local designers in each city, the richness of heritage that can be seen in the fabric and design, the fashion world could benefit a lot in the rise of these cities.

My Experience in Beverly Hills with The Dorchester Collection

Nestled right at the center of Beverly Hills, I found a hotel that completely obliterated my ideals of what a hotel stay is supposed to look like last summer. The Beverly Hills Hotel, which is part of The Dorchester Collection, is much more like a resort than some of the more expensive places that actually are labeled as such. The hotel itself sits situated on 12 acres of lush landscaping and as a gardener myself, I could not help but to notice the time and attention that had been given to the exotic plants and flowers.

I had booked a three night stay at what the locals like to refer to as The Pink Palace, but ended up extending my stay for an entire week. I stayed in the superior guestroom, which included a balcony that overlooked the peaceful garden scenery. Each day I had my morning coffee on the balcony and it was an incredibly refreshing start to the day. The guestroom itself was not overly massive, but was plenty spacious for the price I paid and definitely all of the room I wanted as I was traveling alone. I was really impressed with the clean artistic design that boasted pastel colors paired with bold color patterns and lush fabrics. A person can get a sneak peak of everything on YouTube if they want.

One of my favorite things about staying at The Beverly Hills was the fact that everything I wanted was within reach without me having to veer to far away from my room. One of my main reasons for visiting the area was to take advantage of the world-renowned spa, The Beverly Hills Spa by La Prairie. It is actually located in the promenade of the hotel and open all week, which was incredibly convenient. I also too advantage of the fact that the Polo Lounge serves food indoors or out and has an amazing menu selection. Plus, if you are lounging at the pool, you can have food or drinks delivered by the Cabana Cafe.

Although I only chose a basic guestroom on this trip, I am planning to go back and check out one of the 23 unique bungalows that the hotel has to offer. This would be an incredible place to take along several friends for a short stay, which is what I plan to do. I found this place to be incredibly warm and inviting, which is not always easy in an upscale environment such as a five-star hotel.

Entire Community Comes Together to Support One Man

What is life like for individuals with hearing impairments? How much different is life for those who can not hear the conversations that are going on around them? Those who can hear don’t always think about just how much they take for granted, while those who can’t hear don’t realize how much they are missing out on. One community decided to come together to support a hearing impaired individual, giving him a great surprise and gift.

For a hearing impaired man in Instanbal, life will never be the same again. After missing out on so much of life due to his hearing trouble, this man now knows just what an amazing community he is living in. This man was surprised by his community when they all worked together to learn sign language in secrete. That’s right, they all learned sign language so that they could communicate with him, giving him the biggest surprise of his lifetime. Jason Halpern ( knows that, even when we don’t necessarily understand what others face each day, it is important for us to draw together and work hard to make their lives easier.

E-cigarettes not a health risk compared to conventional cigarettes

A study published in the journal of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology has shown that harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPCPs) are 1500 times lower in e-cigarettes than in conventional cigarettes. Little research has been done on e-cigarettes until now. The people scrunching up their faces and looking worried that a puff near them is going to kill them and the e-cig puffer can stop now. A biased and poorly done study done in 2010, published in an issue of Tobacco Control (of course) is discussed at It’s now been proven that there is absolutely no detectable carbon monoxide inhaled from an e-cigarette. Regular cigarettes are 65% combustion byproducts, whereas there are no combustion byproducts during e-cigarette use. According to Dan Newlin, the nicotine yield in an e-cig is approximately 2%, much less than a regular cigarette. The main ingredients of an e-cigarette are consistent with the disclosed ingredients: glycerin and/or propylene glycol, water and nicotine. The control used in the study was ambient air, meaning the air in the room. This testing of various brands of e-cigarettes proves there is little or no detectable amounts of HPCPs. The levels of HPCPs were very much like the air blanks used as controls. It seems likely to me that the levels of HPCPs in the air are due to pollution. Pollution from cars, buses spewing black smoke everywhere and industrial waste should be the concern. These are the activities that impact health, not an e-cigarette.

Igor Cornelsen

Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world today. There are many upgrades going on in the country currently and to go along with a booming economy is a population that continues to become more and more educated every single day. During this economic boom in South America, Brazil has benefited the most as it is the super power in South America. During this time, there have been many people that have increase their wealth dramatically. However, few have as much influence and power in the country as Igor Cornelsen does today.

Igor Cornelsen is a stock market trader and great businessman. In his early life, Igor Cornelsen was born to working parents who did not have a great education. However, they encouraged Igor to be great in life and that is what he did. Shortly after getting his business education, Igor went out into the market place and won. Igor founded many businesses and quickly expanded his circle of influence. Igor is currently running one of the largest hedge funds in South America, Bainbridge Investments.

Bainbridge Investments is one of the largest investment firms in Brazil and the world today. Under its book of business, Bainbridge Investments manages billions of dollars for some of the wealthiest people in South America today. As the head of this firm, Igor Cornelsen has a huge amount of power and influence over the economy in Brazil. As the amount of money he manages grows, so does his power in the country. Everyone that has any amount of money in the country wants their money managed by his firm. Igor Cornelsen even has a bunch of people in the government that our on his side, and he has even influenced policy for the country before.

Overall, Igor is one of the most powerful and prestigious people in Brazil today. He manages billions of dollars in funds for millions of people through out the country. As the amount of people and money he manages grows, so does his power in the country. He has many high ranking government officials in his corner, and as his money grows his power will grow more and more every day. Igor is a great representative for the country of Brazil and a role model for many in the country and in South America as a whole.