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Joseph Bismarck Shaping Organizations in a Unique Way

I was searching online for extraordinary businessmen in the corporate world to get a source of inspiration, and I randomly (haha!) found this article about Joseph Bismark on the blog, Bring on the Random. I was totally amazed at how he was able to combine business and spirituality, and use it to bring success in his organization. My view on business administration was changed when I discovered how this extraordinary businessman saw a new direction for business leadership.

He started his journey at the age of nine when he became a monk. With so much passion and devotion, he trained in an ashram in the Philippines. From having no satisfaction in life, he acquired principles and spiritual guidance that made him prized in the business world.These teachings allowed him to be versatile and to excel in leadership. He uses a style of leadership that puts employees in a more relaxed environment.

He never let go of his beliefs and the principles that he has learned over the years. In the year 2008, he became the Managing Director for the QI Group. As a valuable member of the board of directors of the QI Group, he helped the company attain heights of profitability across the globe. It is a dream come true for him to give back to the community by reflecting his core values.

As an individual with profound and strong beliefs in the truth, he prioritizes integrity in running a business. He also emphasizes the connection between business colleagues and their spiritual wholeness in creating a strong sense of harmony and increased productivity. He believes that an atmosphere of brotherhood will lead to teamwork in solving problems, creating innovative ideas, and targeting vision-oriented objectives within the workplace. 

His personal philosophy has proven to be an instrument for the success of the QI group. He has been a big help in shaping the company into an entirely different institution through implementing strategies for resolving performance problems in the workplace. Aside from being an intellectual and a businessman, has also worked as a yoga instructor, martial artist, and a philosopher who inspires others in motivational conferences, books, and blogs. You can also find him on Facebook.