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Twitter Testing Autoplay Video Ads

Twitter is following in Instagram’s footsteps, and exploring the possibility of having video ads autoplay in users’s streams while they’re scrolling their News Feed on the service. Starting this week, users may notice videos are playing within the News feed, even if they haven’t pressed a play button formally inviting them to do so. For now the test is limited to just Twitter’s iOS apps, so the videos will only play when accessing Twitter via the company’s iPhone or iPad app.

With the test, Twitter is hoping to determine if people are more likely to watch a video ad in its entirety if it starts playing their stream. The test will only apply to Promoted Video ads that are uploaded through Twitter’s mobile app. While for some people the videos will play automatically, others will see a Vine-like stream letting them know a video is available to be watched. If you opt to click on either type of video, the video will expand and take up the full screen for you to view it.

Imaging Advantage employees have learned that, while we can definitely see an advantage in having video ads play, a full-screen ad seems like a bit much to us. Here’s hoping that they company decided to only run this as a test and not roll it out to everyone.

I Can’t Say Enough Good Things About FreedomPop

I’m a fun loving person, and I love to get on the internet, and share a lot of things that I do, while I’m on the road. I used to take pictures or record video, and then I would go to a restaurant with Wi-Fi, and use my laptop to upload the photos or video, onto my social media site. This was a bit of a hassle, and I was looking for a way to get around having to jump on someone else’s Wi-Fi network. I continued doing this for a year, and I actually was making money from what I was doing.

In one month, I easily saw myself making over $1000 from the videos, and pictures that I was posting, and I decided to make it into a business. I knew I needed a way to be able to upload my pictures and videos anywhere I was, but I didn’t want to have to stop at a restaurant every time. I was looking to make the most money, while spending the least. I looked on the internet, and I came across a company called FreedomPop on Facebook. The company seemed unreal, because the prices were incredibly low for their services.

Many of the services that FreedomPop offers are completely free, and I can add onto the services as I feel. I was very interested at first, but skeptical. My interest lay in the internet services, and also in the fact that they had several ways to access the internet on the go. I took a shine to their Wi-Fi hotspot, especially for the fact that it fits right in my pocket. I decided to try FreedomPop, and I’m amazed with the fact that I can get the internet anywhere I go on the road when . I no longer have to stop at a random restaurant to get Wi-Fi because I take the internet with me when I carry the Photon hotspot.

I’m not only thankful that I found FreedomPop, I’m literally overjoyed. I’m able to make more money than I ever have, and my business has doubled, since I started using the FreedomPop services.

Skout Is The New Wave For Social Connections…and Boys!

It seems that everywhere you turn someone is trying to find a meaningful relationship with Mr. or Mrs. right. With those expectations come friends trying to help out by setting them up with nightmarish blind dates. When that doesn’t work it is off to the bar scene which is probably worse, especially since more often than not there are no friends to provide you with moral support. The dating scene got a lot easier thanks to Skout and their plans to bring people together. There are many advantages to using this form of socializing (including its round the clock support), here are just a few of them.


One of the greatest things about the Internet is the fact that you can increase your knowledge, and Skout does their part to help you improve your search for a companion. The first thing you need to do is to download the free app from the Apple Store and get the show started. This Skout feature places the power of social media, the Internet and the many other lonely people around the world right in the palm of your hands. How much easier than that can it get?


Once you have downloaded the application you will be able to compare some of the more interesting profiles that meet your expectations. Most individuals will agree that this feature is a lot safer than personal encounters on the bar scene which are anything but forthcoming. With this easily accessible information just a swipe away it won’t be long before you find a few profiles for contacts with interests that are similar to your own. Keep in mind that others will also be comparing your profile to their expectations which will increase your chances.


There is nothing worse than finding someone on a social media site and realizing that a logistical love connection will be a challenge. When you use Skout to find the perfect match, you will appreciate the fact that meeting people in your own neighborhood will be much simpler. If you have ever had an attraction for that male or female who lives down the street and were too afraid to approach them, Skout could help with that. Members can be placed together through GPS, so they could very well be the perfect match for you.


Successful encounters on Skout will agree that it is a great place to socialize with others who share the same interest as they do. Unlike other social media sites, Skout wants to encourage safe encounters that last a lifetime. There is no reason why you shouldn’t make a few friends along the way as you search for that love connection and the Skout app has you covered in that area too. Whether your social preferences are selfies, emojis or chatting, Skout is the Android or iPhone app to do it with.


If you are single or just want to enjoy a platonic relationship without any strings attached, and you are tired of sharing meaningless pokes to others, it is probably time to get serious and change the way you socialize. Head to the Play Store or follow them on Twitter, and bring the world to your door where you can make it easier to Skout for that special someone. The other option is to continue a life of being alone and afraid to commit to a process that has proven to be successful. Skout awaits, are you ready?