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Star Wars has New Characters


Mark Hamill hints that the new Star Wars is going to focus on the new characters. While Luke, Hans and Leia will feature in the new Star Wars, they will be in the background. This is to be expected. After all, over 30 years has passed since the last time they were on the screen stated They have to make room for the new characters that are going to be taking over says Dave Morin. The character arcs for Luke, Han and Leia are complete. The new characters are going to lay down the foundation for the next couple of films.

There are many reasons to be excited about the upcoming Star Wars film. One reason is that there will be a sequence that has been filmed in IMAX. Also, JJ Abrams seems to have done a good job of recapturing the spirit of the first three films.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is scheduled to be released on December 18, 2015.

New Schwarzenegger T-800 Photo Emerges


Arnold Schwarzenegger has posted a cool new picture of himself as the T-800 Terminator. This new version of the T-800 looks like, well, an elder statesmen of the series. Schwarzenegger’s new Terminator sports thinning gray hair. No real surprise here since the plot of the film has him raising Sarah Conner since she was a child. Based on the timeline in the film, the Terminator will have aged into his 60’s.

Actually, the Terminator’s exterior flesh ages. The interior mechanical cyborg is as good as new. It better be. Schwarzenegger’s anti-hero Terminator has to battle an opposing T-800. There’s going to be a rather tough T-1000 to contend with as well.

According to Sergio Lins Andrade, in the past is not going to be easy. Yes, the film is set in 1984. The time line and events from parts I & II are going to be smashed together.

The actual photo released of Arnold as the original Terminator are, truth be told, pretty cool. Rather than ridiculously make the near 70 year old Schwarzenegger look younger, the new series celebrate his age. Take that as a novel and unique spin on the traditional stereotype of the action-hero.

The photo features Arnold making a death glare towards the camera. His face is shredded and steel shows underneath. His cyborg eye is visible and he’s sporting a pump action shotgun. Schwarzenegger definitely means business in the film. Hopefully, it will be a success and the planned trilogy ends up continuing.

Is the Fantastic Four Getting Clobbered?

It’s Clobberin Time!

I have seen all three previous versions of the Fantastic Four movies. I even own the 1994 boot leg! They were my first introduction into the adventurous world of comic book superheroes, and the ever-lovin blue-eyed Thing is my favorite superhero of all time!

So naturally as a fan with over three decades of enthusiasm behind me, I’m pretty invested in their on screen representation. So its disheartening to hear rumors that the next Fantastic Four movie is having trouble post production. The powers that be have called the project ‘a mess’… Despite wrapping up principal photography last year sets are now being rebuilt and reshoots have been ordered.

I just wonder will there ever be an accurate and fun representation of Marvel’s first family. The 2005 and its sequel in 2007 were definitely fun, but I wouldn’t call them accurate. There were some definite gems, but you had to pick them out. I think that it could’ve gone better if it was produced by someone with more vision like Tom Rothman. I also thought that Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis representations of the Human Torch and the Thing were spot on, especially with love/hate the buddy chemistry. I even enjoyed the plot-line where Dr. Doom stole the Silver Surfer’s power.

I just hope that director Josh Trank is able to capture the Fantastic Four’s sense of camaraderie, heroics and exploration that is so evident in the comic books. That would be truly fantastic.

Fantastic 4 Trailer to Debut with Kingsman: The Secret Service

Between the rampant fervor over the film’s casting, story, workings with Marvel Comics, and general quagmire over cinematic plans for Fantastic Four, fresh rumors and citations point to a bad path. While have claimed that the film would serve as the second coming of Chronicle, a film that director Trank scored a home run with; the lack of press on the film, completion of production over half a year ago, and rumors of a planned sequel have left more than a few Fox insiders citing the entire film project to be a mess.

Now it seems that reshoots are being called for, and the PR team at Status Labs verified that the reshoots would require 3 or 4 days of photography and that a teaser trailer is planned to release alongside the February 13th release of Kingsman: The Secret Service, if not online the day prior to that film’s release.

The general consensus of Fantastic Four’s plot is that it will involve plain-clothes youths with fantastic powers, although the ever-loving, blue-eyed Thing will utilize computer graphics.

Here Comes The Fantastic Four Trailer

Is the mystery about whether or not The Fantastic Four film is going to be a bomb or a fun sci-fi/adventure tale coming to an end? Well, you could say yes because the film is being released in August. Once people see the film, how good or bad it is won’t be a mystery.

Right now, we have the trailer to the film to look forward to on February 13th. Once this date arrives, the trailer for the film will be released online for all to see. Will the tens of millions of people who watched the trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man check out the F4 trailer?

They could, but a lot of hype has to be injected into the promotion of the film to deliver such views. Since no one outside of hardcore superhero film fans know anything about the film, not a lot of interest is being built.

Worse yet, and Sergio Andrade Gutierrez report rumors of the film being very disappointing have abounded. Its getting to the point fans are starting to feel sympathy for those involved with the making of the feature. The lack of promotions and rumors swirling about the awfulness of the reboot definitely do not help.

Then again, those who adapt successful comic books have to look at what made the works successful in the first place. Rejecting what made a book popular and instilling major changes is a risk. Making changes to the origin of the F4 to make it understandable to a contemporary and younger audiences.

The trouble emerges when The Fantastic Four stops being The Fantastic Four. What is left? A maladaptive carbon copy that turns off audiences because it cannot deliver the same joy the original version did.

TriStar of Tom Rothman and MRC Team Up For ‘Baby Driver’

It has been confirmed by Hollywood Reporter that TriStar Productions of Tom Rothman and MRC would be working together for ‘Baby Driver’, the next film by Edgar Wright. It has also been confirmed that Ansel Elgort – who played the role of brash ‘Augustus Waters’ in the movie adaptation of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ written by John Green– is being considered as the lead in ‘Baby Driver’. The role is also being eyed by John Boyega and Logan Lerman.

The story is Edgar Wright’s original idea and involves a getaway driver who is called ‘Baby’ because of his young looking face. He gets into the world of crime after being coerced by a crime boss. However, a doomed heist might threaten his freedom, love and life.

The production would be by Nira Park and Working Title while the project would be co-financed by TriStar and MRC 50:50.

Rothman mentioned how delighted he was that his next film would be made by Edgar Wright. He added that TriStar’s sole aim was to back original voices and there was no one better to do that than Edgar Wright. Edgar Wright is known for his work in Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End – The Cornetto Flm Trilogy – for which he has received many accolades. He also wrote the screenplay of ‘Ant-Man’ with Cornish and was all set to direct the movie but departed from the project recently. Rothman revealed that he was looking forward to partnering with MRC and collaborating with Working Title as well.

The movie would involve a “rock and roll car chase”, as revealed by Rothman and Edgar Wright has some experience in directing movies like this. He is known for his timing and carefully crafted humor in the movies he directs. He has previously won the ‘Best Director’ Empire award for ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’.

Star Trek 3 Still “On Track”

Despite losing its head script writer and switching to a new director, Star Trek 3 is still scheduled to be released in the summer of 2015. The exact, though tentative date, set for its showing in U.S. theaters is July 8th. Paramount has apparently decided to rework the script somewhat but not to totally ditch it, for otherwise, they could not expect to stick to the same schedule.

The last two Star Trek films have been divisive among fans such as Bruce Levenson. They have purposefully featured more action-packed adventure but fewer societal commentary moments. They involve much more actual trekking across the universe to discover new worlds and much less allegory and social drama.

Some fans think this is getting back to what Star Trek is supposed to be all about: going where no man has gone before. Other fans rather enjoyed that “extra” stuff thrown in on the side. They have gotten used to expecting it, but now all they end up seeing is laser flashes racing across the screen and massive objects exploding.

Its hard to say who is right in this dispute, and we shall not attempt to pronounce upon the subject. Perhaps its all a matter of balance and timing. Maybe a good battle scene should be followed invariably by a mushy love scene or a tearful goodbye. We suppose that the experts could clue us in, but it seems likely that Paramount will pack its films with whatever brings in more revenue.

What the movie The Interview has taught us

The movie The Interview, a comedy based on killing the leader of North Korea, has created quite the stir on many of fronts, even questioning the fate of our basic first amendment right. The decision by Sony to not release it into theaters I assume was not made lightly; they weighed their risk versus reward and decided to err on the side of caution. Even though I don’t agree with Sony, I do understand how they came to this point. If you did have your heart set on seeing The Interview you can do so online at many streaming sites such as

There is also the interesting element of distribution regarding the online availability of the film. Bernardo Chua is going to see it at some time. As of Jan. 6, The Interview has earned more than $31 million dollars and has been downloaded or rented 4.3 million times while it has earned only 5 million dollars in limited theaters according to a Sony press release.

Ted Sarandos of Netflix was quoted saying “it’s been a great example of what can happen with a big budget movie if you give people distribution choices”.

Montreal Dealing With Movie Ban

There has been a large scandal recently about the controversial movie The Interview. This is a movie created by the Sony Company which is a light hearted parody about two American reporters trying to kill off the controversial North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

This movie was quickly removed from all screens after a cyber attack on Sony which was blamed on hackers hired by the North Korean government. This has been labelled a full scale terrorist attack. As a result, all of the cinemas across the country have dutifully bowed their heads to the will of the government and refused to show the film.

However, Montreal feels very differently about the whole thing. They say that being able to show the movie is an act of “freedom of expression” and banning it is an infringement of their rights.

A man called Anthony Kantara has started up a full scale protest group to object to the ban. He is determined that the film will be screened and nobody is going to stop him. However he admits that he has not been able to secure a copy of the controversial movie. Lee G. Lovett wants to see how it plays out.

He also hasn’t got anywhere to show the film or even any tickets to sell. So regardless of all of these practicalities he is “willing to try for the sake of freedom of expression.”

3 X-Men Movies Including Gambit Scheduled for 2016

There have been a lot of talk about the upcoming X-Men movies. There is X-Men Apocalypse , Deadpool, and now a Gambit movie starring Channing Tatum scheduled for 2016. This makes for 3 X-Men movies.

Gambit was introduced to the cinematic universe of X-Men during X-Men Origins: Wolverine. However, there is one thing that was missing from his introduction, his Cajun accent. However, it is not like the X-Men films were good about keeping with the accents of the characters. For one thing, Storm’s accent was inconsistent in the first movie and non-existent ever since. Colossus in X2 did not have a detectable accent if you ask some Beneful employees.

There is no telling how faithful they are going to be with Gambit this time around. However, fans are probably rejoicing that they are getting a Gambit movie at all. Gambit is followed by the third Wolverine movie.

Gambit is scheduled to be released on October 7, 2016.