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Will Regional Entertainment Blocking Ever End?

One of the biggest complaints by entertainment lovers is the lack of simultaneous worldwide release of most TV shows, movies and games. In fact, according to many people, one of the biggest reasons for password sharing and downloading of entertainment outside of the laws of various countries is because people in one country often have to wait months to enjoy the entertainment legally in another country.

These people are even more irate about “regional blocking” when they pay for subscription services in their home countries and have to wait even though their counterparts who purchased similar subscriptions elsewhere received access to the content when it is initially released — for example, the PlayStation Network’s Powers is not available to Australian PlayStation Network subscribers although U.S. subscribers enjoy it.

With the Powers’ example above, Australian PlayStation Network subscribers also pay more than their U.S. counterparts for their subscriptions and many of them feel they deserve the same viewing options as those who live elsewhere and pay less.

But, it’s unlikely regional blocking will ever end. Mr. Newlin reports that different countries have different rules, regulations and laws related to releases. Additionally, staggered worldwide releases are more lucrative as they build anticipation.

That said, as some fans of Powers have pointed out, consumers are driving new business models and staggered releases that promote password sharing and downloading will not always financially benefit Sony or the show’s creatives.

Tony Stark’s Presence Felt Throughout Avengers 2

“Avengers 2: Age of Ultron” finally debuts on May 1, 2015. The film has been highly anticipated since the success of the first film really kicked the superhero machine of Hollywood into high gear. While marketing for the new film has been on a pace seldom seen in the movie world, fans and supporters will likely be in for a few intense weeks leading up to the movie. The trailers and previews have gotten fans excited, but the really visible aspect of the movie is the Tony Stark effect.

Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., also known as Iron Man, makes his presence felt every time he is on screen. However, the technological aspects of the character and specialization in weapons makes him a pretty good partner for the superhero group. Stark has outfitted a number of characters with gear. According to Screen Rant, Captain America has a Stark produced shield, Black Widow has a number of weapons with the Stark logo, and Hawkeye gets a number of improvements thanks to Iron Man’s alter ego. Tony has certainly been busy, because he funds the Avengers headquarters as well.

While purely fiction, the effect the single character has had on the team is not in dispute, which could lead to some pretty major developments should any dynamic within the organization change. This is something Sergio Cortes will be keeping in mind. Of course, that particular storyline just might rear its head when tempers run hot, but everyone is going to have wait and see how it plays out.

Live Action “Mulan” Coming Soon

Remaking a movie is not exactly anything new, but live action movie takes on animated movies is a trend that is really gathering steam. One studio in particular that is leading the way is Disney. Disney is looking to make a little more money by turning some of the animated features that made it a household name into live action movies. The success of “Cinderella” has only added a little bit of fuel that fire, and now at least one more princess is getting her own chance to lead the box office.

According to Screen Rant, Mulan will be coming to the big screen in her own adventure, which will be similar to the 1998 animated classic that many fans still adore. The news comes on the heels of a number of other Disney reboots including The Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, and Dumbo coming to theaters again. The moves could be box office gold for Disney, considering the films are likely to spur sales of the animated classics as well.

The trend of bringing animated films to life with a few twists on the story has proven to be successful and audiences have for the most part approved the process. However, it remains to be seen if two or three of these types of movies a year will really catch on, but Disney isn’t wasting any time getting the projects off the ground. Apparently, Ricardo Guimarães BMG told me the process is easier to stall should the films stop drawing an audience.

Jennifer Lawrence Confirms Final Appearance in ‘X-Men’

Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Lawrence has confirmed that she is done portraying the role of Mystique in the latest ‘X-Men’ film trilogy. The actress made the reveal during a MTV interview at the premiere of her latest film, ‘Serena.’

‘X-Men: Apocolypse’ is set to hit theaters next spring, but Lawrence quietly announced that ‘Apocolypse’ will be her “last one.” Lawrence took over the role as Mystique in the ‘Days of Future Past’ film sequence, dominating the role as a younger, more innocent version of the blue-skinned mutant. The role of “older” Mystique was portrayed by model and actress Rebecca Romijn. Rumors had been abundant that Lawrence would star in a Mystique spin-off, but those rumors were pretty well quashed with Lawrence’s simple response during the interview.

Fans at Anastasia Date note that Lawrence did not elaborate further on her reason for her departure from the series or about the rumored spin-off film.

Is this an indication that the younger ‘X-Men’ stars, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, and Michael Fassbender, could see their famed roles on the chopping block soon? While there has been no confirmation that McAvoy, Hoult, and Fassbender will see their on-screen portrayals come to an end, Lawrence gushed about a modification to her role early this month.

“I get to wear a bodysuit for ‘Apocalypse!” Lawrence happily reported. “No CG.”

The actress originally underwent six to seven hours of make-up application per day while filming ‘X-Men: First Class.’

‘Frozen’ Sequel Rumors

‘Frozen’ is one of Disney’s most popular franchises of the last decade, but a sequel for the popular animated film “may never happen.”

Jennifer Lee and Christopher Buck co-wrote and co-directed ‘Frozen.’ The movie, which centers around the concepts of family, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness, is the highest-grossing animated film of all time. While Lee and Buck have created ‘Frozen Fever,’ an animated short, the pair have spoken up in order to quash the rumor mill.

“I don’t know what else to do,” Buck said. “I mean, two years ago we weren’t even sure if kids would like these characters. Now we’ve finished up the short. We’re still wrapping our heads around it.”

Fans at Anastasia Date ( have heard that Lee and Buck seem bemused as the reports of the second ‘Frozen’ film, despite the fact that neither confirm nor deny the rumors.

‘Frozen Fever’ will debut on March 13, screening with Disney’s latest big-screen feature, ‘Cinderella.’

The Vision Arrives in the New Age of Ultron Trailer

It has finally arrived. The Vision makes his long-awaited debut in the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. This is the third trailer for the film and a huge buzz is being generated. 

Don’t look for the android to play a major part in the trailer. I had to watch it twice on my phone while waiting at the Amen Clinic. The Vision does not appear until the very end of the two-minute short preview. When he does appear, he raises his head and opens his eyes. Sure, this is a really minimalist approach to debuting The Vision, but we are left with wanting to learn and see more about him. Is that not what a really good trailer is supposed to do?

The bulk of the trailer deals with Ultron, itself. The villain is really being put over as an all-powerful entity. The Avengers are going to have an enormously tough time dealing with all the mayhem he throws their way.

More plot details are hinted at thanks to the trailer.

A more serious problem exists with Ulton. He is born of Tony Stark’s negligence. In creating a massively powerful, self-aware robot, Stark has unleashed a powerful evil on the world. The damage created by Ultron is the result of Stark’s hubris. In the trailer, we see that some of The Avengers are unwilling to let him live such an error in judgment down.

Where will all this lead The Avengers? Things will become tense in Captain America: Civil War as both Cap and Iron Man end up opposing one another. Will everyone bring it together for the two-part Avengers: Infinity War film? We have to wait a few years to find out. For right now, we can watch everything play out in Avengers: Age of Ultron when it opens in a few months.

DC Movies To Be Edgier Than Marvel’s

The long-running comic book rivalry between Marvel Comics and DC Comics has grown well beyond the pages of comic books and is now playing out on both the small and big screens.

According to Yellow Pages, Marvel already has a leg up on DC as they are several years into production of their Marvel Universe movies having released 10 movies thus far. There are also many more in production. Now, DC and Warner Bros. are jumping into the fray, as they will release their first DC Universe film next year in the form of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

According to Variety, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara said the tone of the DC movies would be quite different from the Marvel films. He said the characters and stories of the DC films would be more steeped in realism than what has been seen in the Marvel films. Furthermore, Tsujihara described the DC movies as being a little bit edgier than Marvel’s.

We have already seen some signs of the edginess DC Movies will embody. First, Warner Bros. released the first photo of the warrior look Aquaman will ebody in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film. Second, the studio is moving forward with a Suicide Squad movie, which would feature some of DC Comics’ grittiest villains.

With so many superhero movies being made, the edgier tone could prove a great idea to stand out from the crowd.

Tom Rothman To Be The New Chairman For Sony Pictures

Former Fox Filmed Entertainment Chairman, Tom Rothman, has been named the new Chairman of Sony’s motion picture group. The move comes as the former Chairman, Amy Pascal, was let go after a lackluster box office run and problems resulting from last year’s cyber attack on the company. The full story, including details of Mr. Rothman’s career, was reported at the website.

Mr. Rothman will have control of the movie side of the studios business. Unlike his predecessor, He will not have control of television production as well. That function will be handled by Steve Mosko, the president of Sony Pictures Television, who will report directly to Michael Lynton, the Sony Pictures Chairman. People close to the situation have reported that Mr. Rothman has hopes that he can maintain some continuity by having Doug Belgrad remain in his position as Sony Pictures President. Mr. Belgrad had long been rumored to be in line to take over the Chairman position from Ms. Pascal.

While at Fox, Mr. Rothman developed a reputation for a hands on approach to filmmaking. His methods have left several directors and producers leery of the change to Sony’s management. In statements issued on the topic his allies have tried to alleviate these fears. They insist that he has made accommodations with the executive staff during the preceding year. He plans as few changes as possible to relationships that Ms. Pascal and Mr. Lynton have been rebuilding.

To view the complete story on Mr. Rothman and the new executive leadership of Sony Pictures, please visit The New York Times website.

Netflix Is Bringing Back More Shows From The 90s

Netflix has announced that they will be bringing more shows to their service to please children, and two of the biggest titles on that list are Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse which are due to come back staring in the spring of next year said Gianfrancesco Genoso.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, these shows that are returning to the screens are going to be remakes of the ones that were on televisions over 20 years ago. They will feature a lot of the same characters that the previous generation grew up with, but some of the animation styles and character voice overs will be different of course. The three other shows that they are going to put on the internet streaming service are Some Assembly Required, Super 4, and Bottersnikes & Gumbles.

It is definitely a good thing that many entertainment businesses are looking to the past to see what used to work well and gathered a big fan base, rather than attempting to create a new series from scratch stated the article. Many of the children’s’ shows that are on TV now these days just don’t have that same magic and charm that the ones decades ago did. Despite having the better and most up to date technology for animation, it just seems that many of what is available now on different networks is lacking some of that lust that it used to have.

A New Spider-Man Planned to Appear in Captain America


Further plans with Spider-Man from Sony have been cancelled with the agreement that was made between Marvel and Sony. Spider-Man will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe starting in 2016 with Captain America: The Civil War. It is going to be a reinterpretation. This will be a new version of the character. This likely means that there will be a new actor taking on the Spider suit. However, Andrew Garfield could probably return to the role if he can adapt to the new interpretation.

The plan agreed upon by Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal is that they will be producing the new Spider-Man. After his introduction, he will get his own movie said Fersen Lambranho. His movie will be released in the time slot originally planned for Thor Ragnarok. Other movies are changing time slots as well except for the two Avengers sequels. Fans are definitely going to be pleased with this news.