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Shimmer Line of EOS Lip Balm Is Perfect For Bringing Moisture Back To Dry Lips

Are you looking for a specific type of lip balm that will bring out the best in your dry lips while restoring moisture to your lips? If so, the EOS shimmer line is going to help you bring out the best in your lips. The line of lip balm is going to add a touch of color to your lips while making them healthy once more. Here are some of the choices you have in the shimmer line of EOS lip balm. Read for more cool stories.

The EOS shimmer lip balm in sheer pink is going to soften your dry lips while it provides the hint of shimmer, check it also here on It comes packed with shea butter as well as a number of antioxidants like vitamin E and jojoba oil all inside of the pink shimmer sheer color. If you are someone who loves the line of EOS lip balm, this is one that you must try out.

The shimmer pearl line is another good option to add a touch of color to your lips as well as providing them with the hydration it needs to be healthy, check this out. The pearl line is going to contain shea butter and it will help to nourish the dry lips. The lip balm flavor contains jojoba oil as well as vitamin E which is essential to bringing moisture back to your lips. The line of EOS is paraben free and contains no petrolatum. It will glide on easily and will lock in moisture.

The shimmer coral line of EOS is great for providing a touch of color to your lips and it helps to make you smile once more since it will help to replenish lost oils in dry lips. The lips will become hydrated once more with the shimmer coral color choice. If you are looking for a color that will look good while looking more natural, the coral choice is perfect for adding just a hint of color.

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