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Oren Frank’s Twitter And Talkspace

I’d advise you to check out Oren Frank’s twitter feed. The CEO of Talkspace posts some incredibly interesting articles. The first one that pops up shows you that rising temperatures are linked to increased suicide rates across the globe. That’s an incredibly astonishing and startling idea as global climate change takes hold of our ecosystem. And that idea must be most terrifying for our youngest generation: millennials.

CEO Oren Frank’s Talkspace is quite an intriguing tech company. Its entire mission is to help those in need no matter where they are on planet Earth. It offers up affordable weekly rates for the privilege of talking to licensed mental health professionals. It’s just $79 per week to have video chat privileges or you can choose the text messaging privilege for just $49 per week.

This service comes at a time when loneliness, depression and suicide seem to be on the rise. A recent scientific study of mental health shows a measurable increase in depression and anxiety among millennials. Productivity takes a major hit from those suffering from depression and anxiety. These mental health issues can cause young people to lose their jobs and see their relationships unravel.

Talkspace’s messaging service is incredibly convenient and seemingly anonymous. It’s a great way to get people who may be skeptical about mental health services the help they need. They can dip their toe into the water, so to speak, to test the effectiveness of treatment. It’s services like this that has CEO Oren Frank claiming that Talkspace has helped over 1 million people.

The company has been around for five years but is just now kicking it into overdrive. Oren Frank has recently hired chief medical officer Neil Leibowitz in order to prepare to take the company public. The move may allow Talkspace to begin prescribing medications online in an effort to help even more people and increase the valuation of the company.

Of course, CEO Oren Frank’s Talkspace will have to work under state and federal regulations in order to begin to prescribe medications. But the company seems committed to excluding opiate prescriptions across the board.