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Equities First Holdings Relocates Melbourne Office in Response to Ever-Increasing Clients’ Base

Call it a pleasant problem, you will not be wrong. Every company prays for such. A situation where you have to expand the size of your offices to accommodate increasing patronage from clients cannot be termed burdensome. If the office is one that has no capacity for expansion, you relocate to a more spacious one within the same city. This is the scenario Equities First Holding is faced with in most of its offices. The Melbourne- Australia office is the subject of discussion in this write-up.

Equities First Holdings has three highly functioning offices in the country. Sydney and Perth are the other two locations. The over-flow of patronage from clients in Melbourne required immediate action. The office space was just too small thereby creating too much inconvenience for staff and clients.

It was thus with great joy that clients and staff in Melbourne receive the news of the relocation to a new office in the heart of the city. Their joy knew no bounds on the first day in the new office as they were impressed with facilities in place including the fact that it was by far more spacious and easily accessible. Mitchell Hopwood, the Managing Director of the Australia branch of the company was also impressed with the facilities in the new office. Clients definitely deserved all the convenience for coming en mass to transact business with the company.

Equities First Holdings is only a decade-plus old, but its spread and increasing clients’ base leave competitors wondering. Business persons and organizations all over the world are passionate about the company’s stock-based loans for many reasons. They, borrowers, decide what to use the loans for. Even in situations where the ups and downs of business make them unable to pay back, they only forfeit the stocks used as collateral. To know more about the company click here.

The company has its headquarters in Indianapolis, USA. Aside Australia, Equities First Holdings also has strong presence in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Switzerland.