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Busy Week For The Kardashians

The Kardashian family is in the headlines once again, and this time it’s for several different reasons. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted visiting the Armenian Genocide Memorial. The Armenian government was actually excited to see the Kardashian family arrive in their humble country.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian went to the graves of the genocide victims. They paid their respects just like everybody else, but for some reason, Kanye West was cracking a smile during the ceremony. Kanye must have forgotten where he was, or maybe he doesn’t care as much as we think he does.

Aside from the mourning of the Armenian Genocide, the Kardashians were featured in other news topics as well. There have been reports that Khloe and Lamar Odom’s divorce has not been finalized just yet. However the couple is finished, and both parties wish to move on. Also, the Bruce Jenner sex change transformation has taken Kris Jenner by surprise.

A recent article on Yahoo! revealed that Chris is humiliated by Bruce Jenner’s upcoming operation. In fact, the entire family is distraught and confused at Bruce’s decision, but they all still love him. On April 24th, 2015, Bruce Jenner will be featured in a tell all interview about his life. If you are anything like myself and buddy Dan Newlin, you likely won’t be watching.

Nine Year Old Girl Inspires Equality

Sofia is just nine years old, but she has recently made headlines for bravely addressing the President of the United States about why women are not on American currency. After learning about a famous woman named Ann Hutchinson who fought for women’s rights, Sofia started thinking about equality for women. She returned home from school that day to write a letter to President Obama to ask him. Her letter received national attention when the President mentioned it in a speech he made. Sofia received a letter in the mail directly from the President. He stated he thought it was a “pretty good idea” and encouraged the little girl to stay involved in matters important to her. Brad Reifler is glad to know that a campaign has been started to try to get a woman put on the twenty dollar bill. Sophia said she would like Rosa Parks put on U.S. currency because of Rosa’s stand against segregation. With racial concerns spread across the United States due to issues in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, many are agreeing with Sophia’s choice.

Arizona Governor Vetoed Bill that Would Harm Animals

Today, there is a story from MFA Blog involving the Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey and a bill that was introduced to the state. Don’t worry, this story is nothing like the one involving the religious act in Indiana.

Governor Doug Ducey recently vetoed a bill, in fact it was his first veto since taking office, that would remove the definition of “animal” to any animal that is farm raised. So any cows, chickens, pigs, and any other animal that is raised on a farm would be removed from the anti-cruelty statute that the state has. People at STX Entertainment ( know that Governor Ducey shot down the bill saying that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in Arizona. Cruelty against animals is unacceptable and inexcusable.

Many groups in the state lobbied against the bill, asked Governor Ducey not to sign it. The group Mercy For Animals praised the Governor for vetoing the bill. They are happy that Governor Ducey feels strongly about the issue and is interested in protecting all animals from abuse and mistreatment.

Entire Community Comes Together to Support One Man

What is life like for individuals with hearing impairments? How much different is life for those who can not hear the conversations that are going on around them? Those who can hear don’t always think about just how much they take for granted, while those who can’t hear don’t realize how much they are missing out on. One community decided to come together to support a hearing impaired individual, giving him a great surprise and gift.

For a hearing impaired man in Instanbal, life will never be the same again. After missing out on so much of life due to his hearing trouble, this man now knows just what an amazing community he is living in. This man was surprised by his community when they all worked together to learn sign language in secrete. That’s right, they all learned sign language so that they could communicate with him, giving him the biggest surprise of his lifetime. Jason Halpern ( knows that, even when we don’t necessarily understand what others face each day, it is important for us to draw together and work hard to make their lives easier.

The Vision Arrives in the New Age of Ultron Trailer

It has finally arrived. The Vision makes his long-awaited debut in the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. This is the third trailer for the film and a huge buzz is being generated. 

Don’t look for the android to play a major part in the trailer. I had to watch it twice on my phone while waiting at the Amen Clinic. The Vision does not appear until the very end of the two-minute short preview. When he does appear, he raises his head and opens his eyes. Sure, this is a really minimalist approach to debuting The Vision, but we are left with wanting to learn and see more about him. Is that not what a really good trailer is supposed to do?

The bulk of the trailer deals with Ultron, itself. The villain is really being put over as an all-powerful entity. The Avengers are going to have an enormously tough time dealing with all the mayhem he throws their way.

More plot details are hinted at thanks to the trailer.

A more serious problem exists with Ulton. He is born of Tony Stark’s negligence. In creating a massively powerful, self-aware robot, Stark has unleashed a powerful evil on the world. The damage created by Ultron is the result of Stark’s hubris. In the trailer, we see that some of The Avengers are unwilling to let him live such an error in judgment down.

Where will all this lead The Avengers? Things will become tense in Captain America: Civil War as both Cap and Iron Man end up opposing one another. Will everyone bring it together for the two-part Avengers: Infinity War film? We have to wait a few years to find out. For right now, we can watch everything play out in Avengers: Age of Ultron when it opens in a few months.

Sunlight Continues to Damage Skin Even After Exposure Stops

The sun’s UVA and UVB rays damage skin, leading to premature wrinkles, dark spots and potential skin cancer. That’s why we limit our sun exposure time and slather on the sunscreen during outdoor excursions. But the damage to the skin continues even after we get out of direct sunlight.
Scientists at Yale University have discovered that the damaging rays of the sun which enter the pigment (coloring) of our skin is doing DNA damage long after we’re in the shade. Laboratory tests reveal that the sun’s damage is still going on inside skin cells up to four hours after the sun exposure has ended.
Lead researcher, Prof Douglas Brash, explains the phenomenon that is going on inside the skin cells to be much like what occurs within a firefly to give it the power needed to light up. Haidar Barbouti has read that the energy from the sun which the firefly uses to light up is working inside our skin cell doing damage to our DNA structure.
The knowledge of this continued damage to the skin is going to be used to develop new sunscreen varieties that will do a better job of protecting the skin both during sun exposure time and afterwards as well.

Philanthropist Keith Mann Takes 54th Precinct to Lunch

First reported in a recent press release from WSPA, the co-founder of Dynamics Search Partners is stepping up to show support for the New York Police Department. While many citizens are still upset about recent deaths of suspects while in police custody, one has decided to show his support for the New York Police Department in an unusual manner. In an effort to help boost morale and to show support, philanthropist Keith Mann and his wife Keely provided lunch for the entire 54th precinct. He sent them lunch in early January, and then again on February 9.

Mann feels the instead of attacking the police, more people should be supportive of them.

“Or officers deserve to be thanked for their service, not attacked in their attempts to keep people safe. Policemen have families too and are people just like you and me behind those uniforms,” said Mann.

Others like Mann are trying to bolster the police department. In January a rally organized to show support was attended by over 150. Other gatherings have occurred across the United States that have also been held as a way to show support for our officers. Mann believes that a silent majority support our police and that they need to make their voice heard.

As co-founder of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann works with hedge funds to satisfy staffing requirements. Mann works with Uncommon Schools assisting college students by helping them be prepared for the after college job market. Mann and his wife have also made donations to Hope and Heroes.

Mistaken Identity

Child support is a program that ensures that a child will receive monetary support until the age of 18, or at least that’s how the program is supposed to work. Most judges are fair in the amount ordered, but there are some people who have to pay support for children they don’t see or children who aren’t even theirs. One mane in Detroit has bee ordered to pay $30,000 in child support for a child who isn’t his. When his ex applied for welfare benefits, she listed his name as the father, and when the child support office wanted money for the child, they went after the person who was listed on the form. People at Rocket Fuel understand that if the man claims the child isn’t his, all the court has to do is perform a DNA test so that everyone will see he isn’t the father. Once the test shows the man has no biological ties, then he shouldn’t have to pay to support the child.

How Bad Do You Want It?

In a new study conducted by Ben Shaoul with The New York Post they beg the question. Are you leading a life that you are unhappy with? Have you settled with where your life has taken you? The choices that you make in your life are directly correlated with your current living situation. Stop blaming other people for your mistakes! You need to be an adult and take a good look at yourself in the mirror. No more excuses and no more self pity. Sitting around and crying about your life is nothing short of pathetic. No matter how bad your life is, there is still a way out. You might come up with several reasons of why you are where you are.

Why don’t you just stop complaining, and take a step in the right direction? You might have a tough life and a difficult job, but other people have had it worse. No matter how bad you have it, just remember, that someone else has it worse. There are people in hospital beds that are begging God for a chance to live. Ask yourself this question. Is my situation worse than someone’s that is dying?

Sometimes in life we need to find our inner strength. The year is 2015, and most people in America have it pretty good. There are people that work two jobs, go to school, and have a family. Is your situation comparable? The key to success is courage and stubbornness. A stubbornness to never stop, no matter how treacherous the path. If you follow a path and never give up, I promise you that you will be further than where you began. Take that first step in the journey of your life.

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