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Why Ricardo Tosto Remains the Most Recommended Litigation Lawyer in Brazil

A majority of the law in Brazil is based on Statutes as well as a mechanism referred to as the sumulas vinculantes, which generally translates to adopting civil laws and systems from countries like Germany, Portugal, and the Napoleonic codes.

Some of the Codified Statutes

There are many codified statutes that act as the law in Brazil. They include:

 The Federal Constitution, inaugurated on the 21st of October 1988 as the cardinal and supreme law of the land.

 The Civic Code

 The Penal Code

 Commercial code, Consolidation of Labor Laws, Customer Defense Code, Criminal Suit Code and many more others.

Brazil’s States have the federate powers to adopt individual constitutions as well as by-laws. The Municipalities too have the powers to make and adopt their own legislation. The Federal District adopts functions of municipalities and the federate states, named the Organic law, which has the force of the Federate Constitution.

The Law and the Lawyers

In 2007, Brazil had 177,000 law students, since each state has a law school. The number of lawyers in 2010 stood at 621,000, with the highest number present in the state of Sao Paulo, with record 222,000 lawyers, representing a third of all the licensed lawyers in the entire country. Others are Minas Geraishad state with 63,900 lawyers and Rio de Janeiro with 112, 500 lawyers.

The average median income of a lawyer in Brazil as per 2007 was $36,120 annually, with a starting median earnings of about $20,040 while the top stood at R$3,000,000.00. A Brazilian judge earned a median annual income of R$170,000 with a starting median of about R$150,000. The study of law in Brazil takes 5 years before sitting for the Bar Association of Brazil exam in order to start practicing.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto represents clients under the Milk, Tosto and Barros Advocates. The office has an excellent reputation for litigation, mass litigation which is practiced commonly in Brazil. The firm under Ricardo is now specializing in financial laws, labor litigations, banking, infrastructure and other sectors. It is now representing M&A in building and construction related cases.


Being the most outspoken and prominent, Ricardo Tosto is the market leader in litigation. He has conducted a number of famous mass drives for compensation in the most organized manner. Ricardo is most trusted in the areas of insurance, banking, and complex labor disputes.

Ricardo Tosto is highly recommended for his simplicity, accuracy, dedication and agility, qualities which have made the firm shine. Ricardo is LACCA approved and is highly sought for corporate law issues.


A Good Defense Is As Easy As A Phone Call To Dan Newlin

The average individual may be a little confused about the kind of career they are comfortable with. From a very early age Dan Newlin already knew that his career would be centered around the law. Newlin put the wheels in motion at the Indiana police and fire department, but did not stay there for very long. Pretty soon he was grabbed up by the Orange County Sheriff’s office where he spent a decade serving and protecting the community. Newlin was also recognized for his exemplary performance by the marshal’s office. During his tenure with the Sheriff’s department, he covered many departments and according to his peers he served them well.

A Change Of Scenery

For some people the recognition and admiration they received would have been enough to build and move up in the ranks. For Dan Newlin his love for the law was about to take a different turn. Enforcing the law was not enough for Dan, he wanted to learn more about it and become a lawyer. It took Newlin three years to graduate from Florida State College of law and in 2000 he was allowed to practice what he learned. You might think that a decade enforcing the law would turn Dan into a prosecutor but you would be wrong.

Protecting The Innocent

Somewhere along his career Newlin decided that the people in trouble needed help. With this in mind, he turned his legal attention to clients with personal injury concerns. Accidents that involved negligence and surrounded automobiles, motorcycles and trucks were suddenly on his radar. Dan did not stop there, he welcomed clients with wrongful death and negligence through medical procedures. With a string of clients searching for justice, Dan decided that individuals who were wrongfully charged for a crime also needed a voice. By this time Newlin was already making a name for himself and his firm was recognized as a super lawyer firm.

Proving His Worth

Dan Newlin has come a long way from that twenty year old kid on the force. These days Newlin leads a team of eighteen legal minds that serve both Illinois and Florida. The lawyers are backed by close to a hundred employees, with one goal in mind and that is to get a fair deal for their clients. Newlin has proven his capability by bringing in millions of settlement dollars to the firm. His latest being a toe to toe fight against a Florida insurance company where the settlement was just under a million dollars. For more check out Twitter and Facebook.