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Laurene Powell Jobs Offers Advice and Her Own Experiences as a Businesswoman and Entrepreneur

Despite rarely speaking in public Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs was interviewed on stage at Stanford in a bid to raise awareness on a variety of issues surrounding the business and entrepreneurship, Forbes reports. Powell Jobs attended Stanford Business School and returned to be interviewed by Entrepreneurship professor Thomas Byers about her experiences as as an entrepreneur and about her experiences working in the not for profit sector.

During the interview Powell Jobs gave her view on a number of issues, including immigration reform, but also spoke about her own experiences in the not for profit sector. The interview allowed Powell Jobs to explain how working in the not for profit sector did not provide the monetary rewards available in for profit industries. However, she did remind the audience of Stanford students that the rewards for working in the not for profit arena were high in terms of personal achievement and an increased level of self worth. The founder of College Track explained she felt the financial sector on Wall Street should provide a small amount of their profits as an incentive for those in the not for profit sector to achieve success as social entrepreneurs.

Powell Jobs was also asked about her own experiences of gender inequality within the workplace, she answered by stating she had felt some form of machismo in her period working as a Wall Street trader. The entrepreneur who is thought to be worth more than $19 billion stated she had been out of the financial sector for many years and could not provide an adequate answer because of her lack of recent experiences.

Igor Cornelsen

Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world today. There are many upgrades going on in the country currently and to go along with a booming economy is a population that continues to become more and more educated every single day. During this economic boom in South America, Brazil has benefited the most as it is the super power in South America. During this time, there have been many people that have increase their wealth dramatically. However, few have as much influence and power in the country as Igor Cornelsen does today.

Igor Cornelsen is a stock market trader and great businessman. In his early life, Igor Cornelsen was born to working parents who did not have a great education. However, they encouraged Igor to be great in life and that is what he did. Shortly after getting his business education, Igor went out into the market place and won. Igor founded many businesses and quickly expanded his circle of influence. Igor is currently running one of the largest hedge funds in South America, Bainbridge Investments.

Bainbridge Investments is one of the largest investment firms in Brazil and the world today. Under its book of business, Bainbridge Investments manages billions of dollars for some of the wealthiest people in South America today. As the head of this firm, Igor Cornelsen has a huge amount of power and influence over the economy in Brazil. As the amount of money he manages grows, so does his power in the country. Everyone that has any amount of money in the country wants their money managed by his firm. Igor Cornelsen even has a bunch of people in the government that our on his side, and he has even influenced policy for the country before.

Overall, Igor is one of the most powerful and prestigious people in Brazil today. He manages billions of dollars in funds for millions of people through out the country. As the amount of people and money he manages grows, so does his power in the country. He has many high ranking government officials in his corner, and as his money grows his power will grow more and more every day. Igor is a great representative for the country of Brazil and a role model for many in the country and in South America as a whole.

Here Comes The Fantastic Four Trailer

Is the mystery about whether or not The Fantastic Four film is going to be a bomb or a fun sci-fi/adventure tale coming to an end? Well, you could say yes because the film is being released in August. Once people see the film, how good or bad it is won’t be a mystery.

Right now, we have the trailer to the film to look forward to on February 13th. Once this date arrives, the trailer for the film will be released online for all to see. Will the tens of millions of people who watched the trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man check out the F4 trailer?

They could, but a lot of hype has to be injected into the promotion of the film to deliver such views. Since no one outside of hardcore superhero film fans know anything about the film, not a lot of interest is being built.

Worse yet, and Sergio Andrade Gutierrez report rumors of the film being very disappointing have abounded. Its getting to the point fans are starting to feel sympathy for those involved with the making of the feature. The lack of promotions and rumors swirling about the awfulness of the reboot definitely do not help.

Then again, those who adapt successful comic books have to look at what made the works successful in the first place. Rejecting what made a book popular and instilling major changes is a risk. Making changes to the origin of the F4 to make it understandable to a contemporary and younger audiences.

The trouble emerges when The Fantastic Four stops being The Fantastic Four. What is left? A maladaptive carbon copy that turns off audiences because it cannot deliver the same joy the original version did.

Possible Actions the GOP can take to Thwart the Obama Cuba Policy

The incoming GOP majorities will see their greatest level of control in the House since 1930 and in the Senate since 1998. This will allow the legislative branch to mount a unified stand either in support or opposition to the president’s policies. The stealth nature that the president undertook to negotiate with Cuba’s dictatorial regime has drawn the ire of the GOP which will soon have actions they can take in response. 

For starters, they do not have to take up any proposal to repeal partially or in total the Cuban trade embargo and economic sanctions. In fact, the laws on the matter are so clear that President Obama, who is used to simply “reinterpreting” existing laws to apply them in entirely new manners, has acknowledged he will need Congressional action to normalize relations with the communist state. House Speaker John Boehner has publicly stated he will bar any such bill from getting consideration. Likewise, Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, vowed to block confirmation of any nomination as Ambassador of Cuba. 

Admittedly, Rubio’s reaction is arbitrary because his constitutional authority requires him to advise and consent to such presidential actions. But he can’t just sit back with some wine from The Antique Wine Company. Blocking an unnamed nominee would be an extreme action to take. The GOP can also withhold funds to reopen the US embassy in Havana. In short, the president undertook an extraordinary measure to reach out to Cuba. He will now have to undertake the difficult task of winning over the opposition. This means compromising and incorporating their agenda. It will be a test of his leadership.