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The WCS Is the Only Foolproof Solution That Prevents Inmates From Using Cell Phones

Inmates who have access to cell phones pose a major problem. Robert Johnson can attest to this. He was a correctional facility officer, and it seems like he was doing his job pretty well. Too well, perhaps, for the inmates in the prison got mad at him and wanted to take him out. He had just confiscated a package of contraband which the inmates believed was worth fifty thousand dollars. An inmate with a cell phone got in touch with a fellow criminal, who broke into his house at half past five one morning and shot Robert Johnson in the chest from just six feet away six times.


The doctors kept saying that he was going to die. The chaplain told his wife to prepare for the worst. However, he did survive. He went through many operations, though, and he still has the scars from that incident.


The inmates had contracted Sean Echols, a former inmate, to do the hit by using a cell phone and a few thousand dollars on a reloadable card. Johnson had twenty three surgeries, but he is still fighting. He is now on a crusade to stop inmates from being able to access cell phones.


In another story, an inmate caused the death of a baby in Georgia in order to retaliate against the baby’s uncle, who did something the inmate did not like. Using a cell phone, he orchestrated a hit on the baby, who got shot and killed while in its mother’s arms. That story shocked the world. In yet another story, a Facebook Live was broadcasted by an inmate while he was in prison. It showed him brandishing a knife. He was using an illegal cell phone.


Securus Technologies developed the Wireless Containment Solution specifically for this purpose. If those prisons would have had the Wireless Containment Solution installed, then the inmates would not have been able to access the network and none of those stories would have happened.


Robert Johnson, who is now a consultant with Securus Technologies, said that he has seen the Wireless Containment Solution in action. He said that it really does work. He thinks that it is the best solution for preventing inmates from using cell phones. Confiscating cell phones will not take care of the problem entirely, he said.


Robert Johnson went to Washington to convince the FCC to make it easier to block cell phone calls. The Wireless Containment Solution does exactly that, and it fits all the guidelines of the FCC. Robert believes that there is no reason it should not be used. If your state is not using the WCS, call them up and tell them to start using it.


Two Great Securus Innovations

There are two stunning innovations from Securus that I believe merit discussion. First, you have to know what Securus does and how they fit into our society.


Running a correctional facility is an incredibly difficult thing to do. It’s like running a hotel that comes with more security concerns. Each facility requires all sorts of public health and safety services. These services include janitorial, plumbing and telecommunications. Securus is a prison telecommunications company.


Prisoners don’t just have the option of which telecommunication company they’d like to use every time they make a phone call. Prisons choose the telecommunications company and they lock that company into a contract. Inmates must use the company that the prison chooses. Inmates should count themselves lucky if they get Securus as their provider.


Securus has good reviews, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and they are accredited by the same agency. They have reinvested over $600 million of their own profits to make their products better. They also innovate new solutions on a near-daily basis.


These innovations often keep prisoners and prison guards safer. The company has innovated a cell phone jamming system that makes it impossible for rogue cell phones to connect to a network inside of the prison. The technology also locates the rogue phone so that guards can confiscate the contraband. Communications channels outside of the recorded telephone call system are dangerous and can be used to plan crimes or escapes.


Securus records all the phone calls that go through their lines. A software innovation allows guards to search the recorded phone call data bank for an individual’s voice or a key phrase. The calls are then brought up virtually instantly. The information in these phone calls can lead to arrests and often times the information prevents crimes inside and outside of the facility.


Securus Technologies, Investing in the Future of Inmate Telecommunications

Securus Technologies is a company that connects inmates with their families and friends via telecommunication services. These services range from video chat to live calls and voicemail. The company was started in 1986 and serves over 2,200 correctional facilities across the US and Canada. The headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas and there are many satellite branches across the US. The company is now working on an initiative to increase the availability and access to even more people by investing over 600 million in new technology. In recent yaars, the company has also made the services more affordable in order to help both inmates and their families be able to stay in touch.


The services Securus Technologies offers are also beneficial to the criminal justice system. The phone services, in particular, have been especially helpful in solving many crimes and bringing wrongdoers to justice. In a recent PR Newswire article, many inmates, families, and the employees of the correctional facilities have praised Securus Technologies for their call monitoring services. Many of them credit the service to being instrumental in solving problems affecting jails, such as contraband and illegal activity such as drugs being sold. They also source that much evidence has been gathered via the calls to solve cases.


As previously mentioned, Securus Technologies has taken the initiative to make the services more affordable to its customers. The company is transparent in its pricing and even offers a rate quote if the customer wishes. Prepaid options also allow inmates and families to set a budget, so they can better budget for calls. This has led to more families being able to communicate with their loved ones while they are incarcerated. This is comforting to both the inmates and the families. It will be interesting to see what new technologies Securus will bring in the near future.


How Securus Technologies Brings Convenience To The Forefront of Technological Communications

Securus Technologies is perhaps one of the most optimal forms of communications for incarcerated individuals, as well as their visitor. One problem many people have had with visiting inmates is the scheduling conflicts that often arise. Another issue that is common for visitors is being required to travel long distances if the particular correctional facility they need to visit is located at a place that is of great distance from their place of residence.


Securus Technologies is allowing law enforcement officials to utilize it for purposes of investigations should the reasons arise; therefore, it is highly imperative for both visitors and inmates to not only refrain from speaking about illegal matters over the platform during the chat sessions, but also from engaging in them altogether. If you aren’t quite sure about what exactly the particular communications platform of Securus Technologies entails, then please feel free to go to the website, as there is a press releases section on it that you can greatly benefit from by reading through the articles.


Securus Technologies offers its program over a fast and secure server, thus, guaranteeing its users that they can rely on the company to deliver the quality of communications that they need to stay in touch with one another. It is a great program that has been engineered and designed to provide users with a form of communication that makes life a bit easier on them, particularly due to the convenience that it provides. Although there are other forms of communications available for inmates, isn’t video conferencing one of the best ones? That is exactly what Securus Technologies offers and users should know about the quality of service that it provides. Do what you can to reach out to an incarcerated individual today, as they may be extremely with your effort of keeping in touch with them.


Securus Technologies Will Continue To Be The Best

The correction facilities were in need of some safety measures to take on so that they could keep their units more protected. They were able to use Securus Technologies’ Video Visitations to do just that. The technology allows the inmates to converse with their loved ones via video. The correction facilities say that it did a lot of good for their places.


To show their appreciation to their customers and the public alike, the company invited them to visit their plant in Dallas, TX so they could see firsthand what the new technologies are that the company is working on. They will receive a tour and a presentation, and be allowed to ask questions.


Securus Technologies is moving into the future with their latest technologies. They are creating new ones every week, and they are excited to be a part of the ever changing, public safety world. When they get involved in the civil and criminal sectors of justice, they can help to solve and prevent crimes. They deal with the government on a regular basis, and they have contact with over a million incarcerated people all the time. They are moving into the future, and they know that they want to make the world a safer place for everyone. People everywhere will want to watch for them in the headlines to see what they are up to next.



Securus Begins Multi State Marketing Effort

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company that has provided technology and communication services to the law enforcement and correctional facility industries for over ten years. The company is one of the leaders in the industry and is best known for its video visitation service, which has provided a number of different benefits to its users since the product and related services were unveiled a few years ago. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


While the company has sold its services to hundreds of different facilities, and have connected over 2 million video visitation calls so far, the service is still not in use at thousands of locations across the country. Securus believes that many of the facilities that do not use the service and product are not fully aware of the amount of benefits that the product and service provide.


One of the primary services that the product provides is the high level of communication and convenience that it provides to inmates, facility employees, and frequent visitors. The video visitation service allows an inmate to connect in a private and face-to-face environment over video technology, as opposed to a large public meeting space. This can help make an inmate feel more connected and happier overall. The service also reduces the amount of onsite visits, which makes the faculty safer and more efficient.


Securus and its clients have also found that the system can be used to prevent current and future crime. Securus offers a monitoring service of all calls. In the event that a call contains evidence of a crime, the recording will be sent to the local law enforcement agency.


Over the coming weeks Securus will be starting a multi-state marketing campaign. The focus of it will be to highlight all of the benefits to as many potential clients as possible to attract new users.


Correctional Calling Network Keeps Thousands Of Inmates Connected

Securus Technologies is tackling the global market with a Certification 1 that has been issued to their sub-companies. This certification has brought about many technological advances to inmate calling. Their international partnership allows them to hire over 456,000+ IT professionals. They will be highly trained in security, communications, control, and monitoring. Millions of calls are processed over the Securus network. Their top priority is their customers and keeping them connected to their loved ones when it means the most. Securus is a high end correctional calling inmate provider and now they lead the industry as a network provider for inmate calls.


Securus has partnered with video conglomerate Vimeo to bring their clients a remarkable feature that reduces your loved ones commute to a facility. JPay Services is now a subsidiary of Securus and has brought new service features to the Securus network. They value their customers and have decided that they will listen to customer feedback and always provide improved services. They are proud to have served their customers for over 40 years as a ln inmate regulation provider and are quickly growing as a network provider. Your invited to visit their website for a complete listing of promotional offers available from their website.


Securus Features


Inmate Voice


 Inmate voice allows inmates to receive messages through their personalized access network. They can purchase their access code that allows voice messages through their commissary. This feature is popular among inmates and aides their transition outside of the facility.


Video Chat


 Video chat allows their customers to talk face-to-face over the internet. Disabled family members no longer have to commute to the jail to visit their loved ones. Customers get a high definition video with outstanding call clarity. Join the Securus Technologies video chat network today.