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More Immigrants Arrive In The US From China Not Mexico

People around the world are in love with America. The people, the opportunities and the freedom attract citizens from around the globe. The United States borders are open to everyone unless there are issues that prevent customs officials from approving admittance. Immigration is a major topic in the United States. Some people want to tighten immigrations laws, but not all lawmakers believe that is a prudent solution to what some call our “open border policy.”

Mexican immigration has been the main issue for several years. FreedomPop reports that since it is almost impossible to police the borders between Mexico and the US, there is a constant flow of illegal immigrants arriving in the states weekly. Lawmakers want to stop that flow, but according to a new Census Bureau report Mexico is not where most immigrants are coming from and that includes illegal immigrants.

The Census Bureau reports that 147,000 Chinese came to America in 2013, and 129,000 Indians crossed the borders as well. Mexico was third with 125,000 immigrants. Because of the attention given to immigrants from Mexico, Mexican immigration is declining, and Asian immigration continues to increase.