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Woman Misdiagnosed for 30 Years

A woman named Jean Sharon Abbot spent about 30 years of her life under the wrong diagnosis of cerebral palsy. She was unable to control her muscles and she suffered with muscle spasms and weakness. She remained positive though and despite her health condition, this inspirational woman never stopped living her life. She achieved a college diploma, got married and even had three children.

Something happened when she recently went to a new doctor who saw that her symptoms were not in alignment with cerebral palsy as the previous doctors had said, but instead a different disease that could be treated very easily with medication. Instead of being bitter about the years that she lost due to a misdiagnosis, she lives each day with joy and happiness. Jean’s brother Ricardo Tosto says she is filled with gratitude, thankful for all the little things she can do now that she couldn’t do before.

One Dead and Twenty Sick From Botulism

What was supposed to be social gathering and church function turn into a small bio hazard event which resulted in one death and twenty people becoming gravely ill and requiring hospitalization. At least sixty people attended a pot luck dinner at the Cross Pointe Free Will Baptist Church which is located in Lancaster Ohio. Lancaster is close to 30 miles to the southeast of Columbus, Ohio. Health officials are trying to determine the source of the contamination and whether there were additional victims which need medical attention. Botulism is normally caused by canned food which had been spoiled. It is normally treated by antitoxins. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention located in Atlanta, Georgia has provided sufficient antitoxins to treat the ill victims.Botulism Breakout Kills One Sickens Others In Ohio

Officials have reported that the outbreak could have been worse and that with an incubation period of over 36 hours many victims may not even be aware that they were contaminated. Officials also do not believe that the contamination was intentional and a pot luck dinner is the perfect delivery event for a case of botulism. At a pot luck dinner many different meals are prepared by many different cooks and the standards by which a certain meal is prepared is not monitored for health and safety. Ricardo Guimarães BMG confesses that this may be his last ever potluck. The case of botulism may have simply been a case of a bad cook or improper food preparation. All who have been hospitalized are expected to recover once they are treated with the antitoxins.

Chronic Illness and the Online Persona

A lot of people believe that if a person has one or more chronic illnesses, he or she should not be able to have a blog, a website, social presence or a business. Some people with illnesses feel envious of those who do have these things.

Last week, Jenny Prokopy, the owner of the ChronicBabe website and a chronic illness sufferer, addressed this issue in her Wednesday, April 1, blog post.

She explained that many people who have one or more chronic illnesses face obstacles that most people can’t see when they are only interacting with that person’s online persona. She also reiterated that people with chronic illnesses are able to do many things depending on their health issues and the help they get along the way.

She emphasized that a person’s Internet presence is not a good gauge of that person’s health or “real-world” productivity. In her case, she relies on assistance to keep up with her site and her work. She also doesn’t publish every instance of pain and suffering she endures on a daily basis.

Prokopy explained that an online persona is only a “tiny slice” of a real life — “tiny fragments” of an “entire experience” — and that it’s useless to feel envy or jealousy toward someone, whether they have illnesses or not, because their online persona is not a person’s entire story.