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Why Beneful Still Ranks As Top Seller

For anyone who owns a dog, they’ll testify how concerned they are when it comes to the ingredients that are in their pets’ food. Surveys show that more pets are being treated as members of the family, and thus their food is accepted if it is as close as possible to the composition of human food. This is where Nestle Purina PetCare excel.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Dr. Janet Jackson pointed out the changes they were making to the formulas of Beneful dry dog foods. Dr. Jackson is the Vice President of PetCare Nutrition Research. These changes are attributed to the concerns and feedback offered by various customers. Dr. Jackson was awarded her Ph.D. by the University of Illinois. She has served Purina since 1990.

  1. Jackson states that the new formulas have been undergoing development for the last couple of years and are not related to a class action suit against Nestle Purina over the ingredients used in their dog foods. The new formulas are supposed to hit selected outlets as early as May 9 in the southwestern regions of the country. Full distributions to other regions of the U.S. will be achieved by August.

All of the eight Beneful dry foods will enjoy the benefit of a new recipe. Of the eight formulas, seven will feature real meat as an ingredient. This is a welcome change. For the remaining one formula, it will feature real salmon in 2017 once the company has identified a source for the amount of salmon needed for the production of the dog food.

There have also been products removed from the ingredients. Among them are sugar and propylene glycol. Propylene glycol, commonly confused with ethylene glycol, is recognized as safe by the FDA. It is also found in commercial crops. It was removed following requests by customers who wanted something different. The propylene glycol was used in the dog food as a humectant, making some of the pieces chewy to the delight of the dogs. The new formulas are worth considering for any dog owner.

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The New Healthy Trend In Dog Food

Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Freshpet Inc.’s manufacturing facility produces a healthier alternative for your pets food. The company makes refrigerated pet foods, putting it alongside several other companies that have been swept up by the growing trend of making healthier foods for your dogs and cats. Facebook dog-owner groups are seeking more nutritious, sensible foods for their furry friends, and many of the companies providing these healthier pet foods are making dog and cat food that tastes like the food you eat at your dinner table.
For several years, pet food companies have been using lamb and salmon meat in their pet food formulas. While these are healthy, providing much needed nutrients to your beloved pets, there has long been more that can be done. Now, companies like Freshpet have been following the trend started by pet foods such as Beneful. These companies have been working towards creating healthier pet food.

From pet foods created for weight loss to help overweight dogs and cats obtain a healthier weight, to Purinastore’s website ( that allows pet lovers to create their own custom blend of health conscious pet foods, it is clear that the growing trend in healthy pet foods is here to stay. Dog and cat lovers love their dogs and cats.

Many of these new pet foods sold at WalMart are quite delicious, and are even taste tested by humans. With dog foods like lasagna, beef stroganoff and even duck jerky and grilled beef, companies are focusing not only on taste but also removing artificial flavors and colors.
Sound familiar? That’s because people have been looking for the same things in the food they eat lately too.

At the front of all these new innovations in healthy dog foods in Beneful, one of the first to catch the new healthier dog food trend. Beneful’s dog foods contain health boosting amounts of calcium. It provides dogs every nutrient they need to maintain proper levels of health, as well as DHA. DHA provides your dog brain and eyes the nutrients they need to function properly. has also led the trend in quality ingredients, using real chicken and flavoring with vegetables like peas and carrots to help your dog be as healthy as he can be. Its ingredients include health boosting yellow corn, flour made from whole wheat and more.

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Beneful Dog Food A Smart Choice By Many

When a dog is adopted from a shelter, depending on the facility they sometimes send essential items home with them, such as Beneful dog food, as many adoption and rescue facilities do. This brand offers a variety of wet and dry foods, plus snacks for every type of dog such as those that are large or small, thin or energetic. Naturally you want to feed your dog the best food available, yet affordable and you can with Beneful.

Beneful dog food has simplified the process for choosing the best dog food, which at times can be overwhelming. A top quality dog food fulfills their nutrition requirements, such as adequate protein, fiber, moisture and fat like Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies. This dry food has plenty of protein, pure milk and real chicken pieces mixed to make chewy and crunchy bits. This assists in healthy bones, teeth and developing pup muscles. After they gobble it away, their tummies will be satisfied. It is a good price and quality and they will look forward to their dinner.

For adult dogs, they may enjoy Beneful Original Dog Food, packed with real beef, grains and to ensure a totally balanced meal, this also includes vegetables for essential vitamins. Dogs adore its taste, texture and unique kibble shapes. Even picky eaters say yes to this selection. You will be pleased with its quality and its zip top bag ensures that the food remains fresh.

If your dog has sampled nearly every food in a can and they still are not pleased with it, try Beneful Prepared Meals Meat Lovers Variety Pack. This may just suit your picky eater. Some dogs also seem to enjoy this when it is mixed in with some cooked rice. To ensure your dog maintains a healthy mouth, give them Healthy Smile Dental Twists which has a peanut flavor smell with a bit of parsley for a fresh breath. Dogs actually seem to love these. These treats are incredible and they do freshen up the breath.

Beneful food is cautiously made on Petco with top ingredients, enriched with minerals, vitamins and various nutrients that ensure that a dog remains happy and healthy. Prior to deciding on a food, contemplate your dog’s special requirements. For puppies, choose a food specifically made for a little ones needs. Do the same thing for older dogs or dogs with various allergies, sensitivities or certain medical issues.