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Cleaning Conditioner by Wen by Chaz on Fine Hair Review


An article posted on Bustle by Emily McClure who loves trying different beauty products discovers the amazing difference Wen by Chaz can make on fine hair. We have all seen the infomercials of women with shiny, luxurious hair and she wanted to see if it really worked.

The article spans a five day period where she tests the product out to see if she notices any differences in her hair and how it behaves.

The first day of using WEN, Emily was surprised at how much more product the label directions called for than she would normally use with other hair care products and she had concerns that it would weigh down her fine hair, but it didn’t!

As she was washing her hair with Wen that first time as recommended in the product directions, she massaged the conditioner into her scalp, and all worked it all the way to the ends. Then she let the product stand on her hair for a few minutes and then rinsed. While massaging in the Wen she thought her hair felt instantly thicker, and she felt less strands falling out as she washed it. She said, “None of my hair fell out when I used WEN. It was great!

On day 2 she did notice her hair already felt greasy and flat and normally it wouldn’t this fast so she was a tad disappointed but after washing again with Wen, her hair looked and felt great. This noticeable difference should tell anyone that Wen is different from other products, for the better.

After washing her hair it looked and felt great and Emily received all kinds of compliments from friends. She loved the look Wen gave her hair, so shiny and nice!

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Wen Chaz is a according to wikipedia is Celebrity hair stylist has had some very famous clients like Jennie Garth, actress from Beverly Hills 90210 Tv Show.

Chaz formulated WEN by replacing chemicals and detergents used in shampoo’s and conditioner’s with natural botanicals instead. The botanicals really nourish very dry and damaged hair and can make it healthy again. He has made waves, bounds and leaps in the beauty industry.