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Robert Ivy Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is the current chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. During his tenure as the top administrator of this organization, he has developed it into a well known entity that reaches out to architects all over the world. He has helped grow its presence worldwide which has given the organization more of an international presence rather than one exclusively for the United States. In a recent announcement, Robert Ivy was given the Lifetime Achievement Award which provides him with recognition as a top professional in the field of architecture. With this award, Robert has added yet another notable accomplishment during his career.By winning this honor from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letter, Robert Ivy became the first architect to ever win the Polk Award.

As the winner of this award, Robert has also joined a list of well known individuals from Mississippi who have gotten this recognition in the past.Today, Ivy joins the likes of individuals such as actor Morgan Freeman, writer Shelby Foote and the artist Walter Anderson. The Lifetime Achievement Award recently won by Robert provides recognition for those who have put together a body of work that has made valuable contributions to the creation, performance and support of art. A number of people who know Robert Ivy have expressed their satisfaction with him wining the award. They have said that Robert has proven to be a worthy ambassador to the field of architecture according to the President of the American Institute of Architects Carl Elefante. He said that Ivy winning this award is the crowning achievement of his career.

Elefante is very happy that one of his colleagues has recently received this high honor. The career of Robert Ivy spans over two decades. During this time, Robert has spent time as an author, editor and also the head of the American Institute of Architects. He graduated with a master’s degree in architecture which provided him with knowledge about this field. At the beginning of his career, Robert wrote a number of articles about architecture related topics. He would then become a chief editor for some of the top publications in the industry. Then he would reach the pinnacle of his career by being named the head of the American Institute of Architects.

Wes Edens’ Financial Impact on NBA Players

When the name Wes Edens is mentioned in the United States, most individual recon his notable achievements in the finance sector. Well, he is among the few billionaires in the United States who have made an impact in the society due to his dedication to actualizing dreams and changing lives of many. His official name is Wesley Robert Edens, born in 1961 and currently resides in New York City. He attained his BSc degree in finance and Business Administration back in 1984 from Oregon University. Ever since, his scholarly knowledge in finance has seen him rise to success, erecting companies such as Milwaukee Bucks and among the co-founders of Fortress investment group. On several occasions, he has been offering financial advice to several people who have been having issues in managing their funds. Most of his clients have been the players; this is after he noted that the NBA players were having problems managing and allocating their finances.

Due to the lucrative lifestyle that they tend to lead, they often find themselves under financial constraints and depts. Worse of it all, when they retire from sports, they find it difficult to live without money as they did not invest when they had a chance.As a hedge fund manager, Wes Edens procured the team at about $550 million. In an interview, Wes said that he had started working with players in an aim to nature and equip them with knowledge about financial management and planning hence securing their future through investments. Like stars in the teams, they earn quite a lot of money, which at times may be overwhelming for some of them. Due to such reasons, they end up thinking that they are invulnerable to poverty.

The only time it hits them is when they retire and realize that they have been a mess all along, having wasted funds without thinking of the future. Wes Edens continued to talk of how three 19-year- olds individuals, who had just finished their high school studies did not have profound understanding and experience with crucial financial decisions they had to make hence the need for counseling.According to Edens, over 50 percent NBA players end up bankrupt the moment they retire from the league despite making around $ 5.15 million per season. Many are the times when they fail to account for the money they had made. Lastly, Wes Edens recalls how he made poor financial decisions at the age of 22 hence the zeal to ensure players do not experience the same.

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