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Activist Thor Halvorssen Takes On Governments From Around The World

For Thor Halvorssen the need to tackle the biggest human rights problems in the world has never been greater, whether this means discussing world events on news channels not traditionally open to activists or entering countries with closed societies to take the battle directly to the authorities these are all options open to the Venezuelan. Thor Halvorssen has seen his work appear in many of the world’s most prestigious publications, including The Wall Street Journal as he takes on some of the most important issues on the planet.

Thor Halvorssen has become one of the most popular human rights activists in the world because of his work with his own Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum that have become the spearhead of the global community. Through his work Thor has made his way to some of the world’s most dangerous countries and positioned himself as an opponent to some of the most dangerous tyrants in the world; alongside discussing the situation in Venezuela the activism leader has also made his opposition to the rule of Russian President Vladimir Putin plain in a series of articles and interviews showing his support for activism group “Pussy Riot”.

Unlike many of his peers in the activism community, Thor Halvorssen is willing to take his message to any media outlet and take on all people in a position of power who have a proven track record of human rights issues. During the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle, Halvorssen appeared on the Fox Business Channel to discuss the issues surrounding the rise in popularity of anti-establishment candidates Senator Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. During his interview Thor Halvorssen explained the differences between the candidates and made clear his objection to both Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton because of their links to Middle Eastern governments who had a history of abusing the rights of their citizens. This is an example of the ways Thor Halvorssen moves to give a measured and thoughtful opinion on the problems and events in the world at any time he feels will affect people in a major way.