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Brown Modeling Agency: Top of The Game!

What was formerly known as Heyman Talent-South, The Brown Agency was re-launched under Wilhelmina as a combination of the two largest talent agencies of the regions. Moreover, it is one of the few agencies in Texas and only full-service one in Austin.


At the front line of the operation is Justin Brown, so in 2010 in Austin, Wilhelmina Austin launched their agency which has then been greatly considered one of the best modeling talent agencies in central Texas. Furthermore, since Heyman Talent-South had built one of the most successful acting talent agencies in Austin, combining the companies and with the new launch brought a broader experience of talent and opportunities for clients.

The Brown Agency be represented in Los Angeles and Dallas with offices while headquarters will be located in Austin. The Brown Agency’s CEO and president id Justin Brown, Wilhelmina Austin’s former head. In the head of The Brown Agency’s theatrical division is Michael B Bonnée, Heyman Talent-South founder. For more details visit Crunchbase.


The CEO and president of The Brown Agency, Justin Brown stated, “Merging with Heyman Talent-South and becoming a full-service agency is an integral part of our growth strategy and commitment to serving our talent and clients,” “Both agencies find pride in selecting the best, prepping them on a larger market level and delivering the most professional, elegant and dependable talent. We are now able to do this on a larger scale.”


Moreover, Michael B. Bonnée stated, “We are thrilled to be joining The Brown Agency family,” and “Our combined talent and expertise make this a very exciting opportunity.” And no financial information about the agency has been released to the public, but for early December plans made for a formal launch celebration of the company.


For more information about The Brown Agency read below:


The Brown Agency’s Facebook page provides clients or future clients with helpful contact information. Such as: open call times, every Thursday 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., business hours, Monday – Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., business number, Call (512) 370-4959, website,, as well as general information about what their company offers, General Information: “We are a full service Acting and Modeling Agency dedicated to bringing the most beautiful, talented and inspiring faces for film, television, commercials, runway, print advertising and editorials. We are inspired by the talent and beauty of the people who allow us to work side by side them. We believe that fashion isn’t just about clothes but is in everything that we do and makes us who we are. It is art in living form. We believe in the honesty of our actors, who aren’t afraid to expose their deepest emotions to tell a story. We do what we do so that our models and talent can have a partner to help them be the best that they can be.” They also provided their Instagram,, and their Twitter, ,, accounts making it easy for clients, future clients, and business inquires to contact them.



The Best of Kate Hudson and Fabletics

Eating popcorn is not just an enjoyable activity for Hudson, but a practical one, too, as she regularly does so during interviews. At a recent meeting with Elle Magazine to discuss the brand’s Facebook presence and Hudson’s regular athleticism, the blonde-haired beauty queen with unrelenting charm not only ate her side dish, but provided the dish on what people really need to know about Fabletics. Read more at

It Is Affordable

Virtually no one has the money to buy a pair of pants for $100. In fact, one of Kate’s biggest pet peeves is shopping only to find expensive products of decent quality, but having it not be versatile. “I always wanted a legging you can wear to workout or throw some boots on and go out in,” stated the Glee dancer, but it was virtually impossible until Fabletics and all of its athleisure wear glory came to be. With this brand, you can complete an entire closet that is full of multifunctional pieces for less than $100. What is not to love about that?

It Is Inspirational

Between bites of popcorn, Kate made it a point to state that getting motivated to exercise is pretty hard and that, on occasion, she needs a little kickstart from her trainer to get up and moving. Most of this stems from not having quality gear that doubles as an attractive outfit to workout in. The funky patterns and full support offered by Fabletics inspires women to get active by improving the way that they view themselves. Essentially, if you feel good, you will strive to be even better!

It Brings You Wherever You Want to Go

Whether you fancy a day on the treadmill or a day of catching some waves at the beach, Fabletics takes you wherever you want to go, and in style, to boot. Swimsuits equipped with cross backs and built-in bras offer necessary support, while tempered fabrics guarantee that you will not slip from too much sweat build up. Fabletics has thought of everything, and they could not have picked a better face for the company!

Progressive Male Fashion – the Springtime Choices Modeled by Matt Landis

matt landis runway

Fashion trends come and go, but having new trends adds interesting life to wardrobes, and when they come back, refresh old wardrobe items for new seasons to be worn. Spring is fast approaching in many parts of the world, and whether spring is cooler or warmer, everyone needs a wardrobe update to look fashionable this season. Men sometimes are criticized more for not being up-to-date with fashion trends, so here are some interesting new looks, modeled by Matt Landis, to give ideas for some new outfits this coming spring!

matt landis model
If you’re looking for something more professional looking this spring, this first outfit is perfect! A nice plaid, button-up shirt (like the purple, black and white one that Landis wears), with a nice blazer that buttons to underneath the chest. With a pair of dress pants, this outfit would be perfect for an interview or business casual event, while still looking fashion forward in spring colors. Even with jeans, this outfit would be good for dates, as girls love guys who dress nicely to take them out. When looking for jackets or the button-up shirts, look for lighter colors, like Landis’ tan jacket, or plaid mixtures of white, purple, green or yellows.
matt landis records
The next outfit style is perfect for spring time in hotter sections of the world. Leather shorts that end mid-thigh, with a light zip-up jacket, no undershirt, and tom-style shoes make for a cool way to enjoy a summer party. Good for casual attire on hot days, this outfit can really show off those hard earned abs to the ladies. Landis works the outfit perfectly, leaving his jacket front open, pushing up the sleeves (which drives some women crazy), and a good mixture of bright and dark colors – like a grey jacket, brown shorts, and red shoes. For a brown eyed man like Landis, the color choices work perfectly to make his eyes stand out, especially with the red to really pop some color into his outfit.
matt landis runway

The final outfit is perfect for springs in the cooler areas still trying to find the sun. Landis’ choice was mid-thigh length shorts; a thin, collared undershirt; and a plain, white sweater over it. This outfit makes a nice combination of casual and a bit dressy, good for dates, parties or clubs. His choice of colors is a bit odd in the picture, as he chose a light blue shirt with white dots for underneath the white sweater, which matches well, but paired with olive green shorts makes the outfit class a bit. My suggestion would be to stick to one color or pattern theme.

There are so many different kinds of fashion for men this spring to express themselves, dress nicely, and impress women and men alike. No matter what part of the world guys live in, there are so many options to be be fashionable and be dressed well for the weather. Fashion, like what Matt Landis models, has progressed so much!

New Tom Ford Pendant Is Causing A Holiday Stir

Tom Ford can now not only be known as one of the world’s premier designers, but he is now a fashion stuntman. There is no argument that Ford clothing is ultra-hip, well-designed, comfortable and versatile. The Ford accessories however, are delving into the risque’.

Several years ago, Tom Ford introduced perfume and cologne advertisements featuring soaped-up androgynous nude male and female models. Extreme caution was given to the female form, but the male models always had a gratuitous booty shot. The Tom Ford universe of fashion accessories has finally, and unabashedly, worked its way around the front.

For a mere $800, Tom Ford fashion lovers can own a necklace and pendant made from 24K gold that is phallic-shaped. I saw on Skout that the ornate mold is irreverently taken from the traditional crucifix, only without the top post. Each “glandular” feature is outlined with a symmetric gold ring which gives an amazing look of poshness, and certain obvious entendre’.

It is almost a no-brainer to see what crowd the new Tom Ford line of accessories is trying to attract. Yes, it’s the crowd that wears items that a viewer has to get really close in order to see properly. Interestingly enough, the shape and suggestion doesn’t matter because Tom Ford designs are always extraordinary when it comes to metal and color choice.

Style and Progress Over Time


Over the years, innovation has been the key aspect when it comes to fashion. It is not always the most popular thing that people at Vijay Eswaran would wear but now even the unorthodox things have become play toys for the fashion designers.They dabble in everything, from using satin as a fabric to make clothes to even using plain plastic to create a masterpiece of a dress. The days of wool and cotton as the main fabric really is a tan end and this just shows how much into the future fashion is being taken by the people in it.There is this one type of gown or dress that has been made from plastic; 3D plastic to be exact, but it still flows just like normal fabric such as silk.

If this dress is able to look just like a normal dress then why would the designers want to stick to the normal fabric that is there? It is very apparent that n tis line of work, change is the hidden meaning of progress and to move up you have to be willing to experiment.

You can see more of the 3D plastic dress which looks very lovely. It is very well thought out and it is very ingenious. Never in a million years did anyone think that they would be using plastic to make clothes

Say “NO” To Ugly Christmas Sweaters

How did something so awful become so popular? Unless your grandmother spent six months knitting it, and you are sitting in front of her so she can see you, you should never, ever wear an ugly Christmas sweater.

It’s become a tired trend that needs a serious intervention. It’s time to stop the madness, as many fashion magazines are now saying.

There seems to be a market for these ugly Christmas sweaters, seemingly meant just to annoy those around you – and if you can’t afford to buy one, you can rent one.

For some reason the market seems to be thriving, as if it’s just not cool to wear a normal looking sweater – one must wear the ugliest Christmas sweater to be remembered long after the season is over. Igor Cornelsen hasn’t given in.

It’s become so popular that everyone from radio stations to clothing stores hold, ‘rock your ugliest Christmas sweater’ contests. Luckily, there are alternatives to ugly Christmas sweaters, so you don’t have to be included in the mayhem that is nothing but ugly.

For starters, sweaters should exude a calm and peacefulness. This means no twinkling lights, no fat jolly elves, and definitely no bright colours. Think blending colours like black, blue, grey or navy. When you walk into a room, you want to be remembered for your good looks and charm, not your ugly Christmas sweater!

Wet Seal in Financial Trouble as it Fails to Find Target Demographic

Wet Seal, a fashion retailer, continues to ponder its own mortality as further stores in its demographic fall unceremoniously into obscurity. Earlier this year DEB and Delia’s liquidated their assets and are closing down stores across the country. Abercrombie and Fitch has also found itself in dire straights. These stores have two things in common, they were popular in the late 1990s, and have failed to change with the needs of today’s teenagers and investors on are kind of nervous.  Although it’s easy to see why Lee G. Lovett would be.

Wet Seal, a popular retailer in the 1990s and early 2000s, has failed miserably in recent years to reach it’s target demographic, or to even nail down who their target demographic actually is. The company has floundered in terms of executives as well. They’ve gone through several CEOs, and at one point brought back a CEO from the 1990s in an attempt to reignite the brand that was once so popular.

Now, the team is looking to completely change the face of Wet Seal. The company plans to ditch the graphic tees, and costume jewelry, in an attempt to set their sites on the 18-24 demographic. Whether or not the change will work remains to be seen, but they are up against stiff competition.

Both Charlotte Rouse, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters has clinched the teen and 20-something demographic that Wet Seal will be gunning for, and they do it well. Those who remember Wet Seal as a popular brand have also aged out of their clothing, as they reach their late 20s and early 30s.

American Apparel Founder Ousted From Company, Plans to Sue

The founder of American Apparel, Dov Charney, not Keith Mann,  has been ousted from the company, and claims to be penniless. The founder claims he was unceremoniously removed from his position in the company, and is now sleeping on a friend’s couch.

Charney, who began American Apparel in 1989, claims he was ousted from his position as CEO over the summer, but was still serving as a consultant until last week. His firing, according to a letter obtained by Buzzfeed, claims that Charney was dismissed for failure to meet his duties, sexual harassment and general mismanagement. Charney claims the accusations are baseless, and were just used as a way to remove him from the company.

Charney, in a deal with a hedge fund, agreed to sell off a large number of his chairs with the intention of being brought back into a leadership role. That did not happen, and his consultation contract was terminated this week. Charney has plans to sue board members in an attempt to re-coop the money he lost on the deal, and, hopefully, take his company private.

American Apparel has been in the news several times over the years, often for controversial ads that many believe depict women in a negative light.

Kylie’s Outfit During Children’s Holiday Party With Tyga Gets Backlash

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been seen doing so many things together and most of them are done in private however when it comes to their charity work they always make sure to do that in public and this time Kylie made sure that nobody missed her especially not the Keith Mann Dynamic Search Partners. The couple made their way to the Teen Impact Holiday Party at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to spend some time with the kids and spread some cheer but Kylie’s outfit is what is getting most of the attention..

Of course Kylie Jenner isn’t going to be caught dead with Tyga looking anything less than amazing however some are saying that she went a little overboard when she decided to show up to the children’s hospital wearing a pair of skin tight ripped jeans, white crop top and high heels.

Still, credit should be given to the couple for taking time to always give back, especially when it comes to children that are sick. Even though some of the boys at the event may have been more focused on Kylie than the big wagon of toys Tyga brought to the event, the photos of the event are evidence that everyone had a great time.

A Snapshot of Photographer Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson is a fashion photographer who has always been ensconced in the fashion world. Growing up in New York City as a young child, his mother was an actress and his father was a fashion photographer, much like himself. When his mother and father divorced due to his father’s schizophrenia and drug abuse, Terry went with his mother. He moved around a little bit in New York City and eventually moved to a neighborhood just outside of Hollywood. Here s where his life truly began to flourish and he began to see the true potential that he had.

Originally, Richardson did not want to follow in his father’s footsteps of photography. He wanted to be a punk rock musician who was able to travel the world, play shows and improve the way that people saw the punk rock industry. While living outside of Hollywood, he played is several semi-successful punk rock bands. While these bands were great on the scene, they did not really go anywhere and Richardson began to see that this was not the path that was going to work out best for him. During his time in these bands, he constantly took pictures.

In 1982, his mother gave him a snapshot camera that he would use to take pictures of the punk rock scene. He was always looking to capture the next best thing and could look for a great shot in any type of punk rock environment. He worked hard to provide people with a look into the life of a punk rock musician and did just that with the use of his camera. Around this time, he began to recognize that photography may be his true calling. He recognized this fact and soon began to focus more on taking pictures at the shows rather than playing the shows with the bandmates and the bands that were not going anywhere. Not only did he focus on pictures of his bandmates, the bands that played the shows and the backstage area, but he also focused on the fans. He would take pictures standing in the crowd, standing above the crowd and would even use his eagle-eye view from the stage to take pictures of the crowds.

Richardson eventually moved to New York City where he began taking pictures of the New York City nightlife. He would go into clubs, bars and other places and shoot all of the city’s hottest celebs getting down. His first big job came when he was asked to go into a club and take pictures of women in promiscuous clothing- he instantly became recognizable for the shots that he created during this time. He was asked to do more, was able to mingle with celebrities and eventually was asked onto different fashion photography opportunities.

Among some of the most notable designers Richardson has worked with are Tom Ford and Yves Saint Laurent. He made connections with these designers in New York City and began working on many different projects with them. He was also able to work on several music videos, directing and producing them to the point that they were extremely successful. Richardson has created several photobooks throughout the years that include various pieces of his work with different celebrities, designers and fashion models. He is among the best in fashion photographers and his books prove this.