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Kim Kardashian’s Secret To Never Flashing The Paps

This week Kim Kardashian has been seen strutting all over the world looking fabulous. She is in her fourth month of pregnancy and so far she has squashed all doubt that she is capable of being pregnant and fashionable at the same time. Not only is Kim hitting one red carpet after the next looking amazing, but her husband Kanye is going to have maternity high heels made especially for her so that she can walk in her sexy high heels in comfort and safety throughout her entire pregnancy. Kim stunned and broke the internet just a week ago, wearing a sexy black dress that was low cut and exposing her nipples while making her way through the airport. Her nipple exposure was not on purpose however Kim insists that she was not mortified by the incident.

This week Kim is going to grace the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, but her sexy photos aren’t what has everyone gagging this time. During her interview Kim explained why she has not been caught on camera flashing her unmentionables, like her ex best friends Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Kim explained that it never happened to her because unlike her ex besties she was never sloppy drunk or wasted enough to make such a mistake.

Kim also explained during her interview, that she is never going to be seen carrying a dog around in her bag stated Amen Clinic. It’s not shock that Kim won’t be toting around any dogs, considering Kim is about to have her second child and also considering a third.

Is the Fantastic Four Getting Clobbered?

It’s Clobberin Time!

I have seen all three previous versions of the Fantastic Four movies. I even own the 1994 boot leg! They were my first introduction into the adventurous world of comic book superheroes, and the ever-lovin blue-eyed Thing is my favorite superhero of all time!

So naturally as a fan with over three decades of enthusiasm behind me, I’m pretty invested in their on screen representation. So its disheartening to hear rumors that the next Fantastic Four movie is having trouble post production. The powers that be have called the project ‘a mess’… Despite wrapping up principal photography last year sets are now being rebuilt and reshoots have been ordered.

I just wonder will there ever be an accurate and fun representation of Marvel’s first family. The 2005 and its sequel in 2007 were definitely fun, but I wouldn’t call them accurate. There were some definite gems, but you had to pick them out. I think that it could’ve gone better if it was produced by someone with more vision like Tom Rothman. I also thought that Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis representations of the Human Torch and the Thing were spot on, especially with love/hate the buddy chemistry. I even enjoyed the plot-line where Dr. Doom stole the Silver Surfer’s power.

I just hope that director Josh Trank is able to capture the Fantastic Four’s sense of camaraderie, heroics and exploration that is so evident in the comic books. That would be truly fantastic.

TriStar of Tom Rothman and MRC Team Up For ‘Baby Driver’

It has been confirmed by Hollywood Reporter that TriStar Productions of Tom Rothman and MRC would be working together for ‘Baby Driver’, the next film by Edgar Wright. It has also been confirmed that Ansel Elgort – who played the role of brash ‘Augustus Waters’ in the movie adaptation of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ written by John Green– is being considered as the lead in ‘Baby Driver’. The role is also being eyed by John Boyega and Logan Lerman.

The story is Edgar Wright’s original idea and involves a getaway driver who is called ‘Baby’ because of his young looking face. He gets into the world of crime after being coerced by a crime boss. However, a doomed heist might threaten his freedom, love and life.

The production would be by Nira Park and Working Title while the project would be co-financed by TriStar and MRC 50:50.

Rothman mentioned how delighted he was that his next film would be made by Edgar Wright. He added that TriStar’s sole aim was to back original voices and there was no one better to do that than Edgar Wright. Edgar Wright is known for his work in Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End – The Cornetto Flm Trilogy – for which he has received many accolades. He also wrote the screenplay of ‘Ant-Man’ with Cornish and was all set to direct the movie but departed from the project recently. Rothman revealed that he was looking forward to partnering with MRC and collaborating with Working Title as well.

The movie would involve a “rock and roll car chase”, as revealed by Rothman and Edgar Wright has some experience in directing movies like this. He is known for his timing and carefully crafted humor in the movies he directs. He has previously won the ‘Best Director’ Empire award for ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’.

John Textor is Changing The Special Effects Industry

John Textor is Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. Textor heads prominent digital productions of films like Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

John Textor obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Wesleyan University in the year 1987. Textor co-founded and also became the leading partner of Wyndcrest Holdings in the year 1997. Wyndcrest Holdings is privately owned firm located in Florida and it mainly focuses on internet, entertainment as well as telecommunication. In 1999, John Textor was made the director of Parent Company as well as BabyUniverse, an online retailer of kids’ merchandise. He later became the chairman in the year 2002 and escalated to the position of a CEO in 2005.

In his experience as the CEO, John Textor served as chairman as well as CEO of Sims Snowboards. Textor was also jointly in charge of strategic planning as well as company funds for Michael Swerdlow companies. Textor also became the founding director for Lydian Trust Company/Virtual

John Textor served as the chairman as well as CEO of Digital Domain in the year 2006 and also its mother company, Digital Domain Media Group, and at the same time led the corporations in acquisition and restructuring of Digital Domain into Digital Domain Group. Both companies have focused in the creation of visual effects for at least 80 prominent feature films, and 25 of these films have been done under the leadership of John Textor. Several of the movies produced under the supervision and management of Textor include; Transformers, Real Steel, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, as well as Tron: Legacy. John Textor has also led the corporation to attaining an Academy Award for being the pioneer in the creation of the first realistic virtual human actor in the film titled The Curious of Benjamin Button that was given Achievement in Visual Effects Award in the year 2009 and also the CLIO advertising awards.

Following his contribution in Digital Domain, Textor went further to serve as an executive chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. This is a virtual production company that focuses in the creation and use of digitally generated human characters.

The time John Textor has worked as a producer has seen him play an important role in the creation of the film titled Ender’s Game and he is presently working on Art Story. His management has also created digital versions of popular celebrities like Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur and Marilyn Monroe.

No More Jack Ryan Movies in the Future

Are the cinema adventures of Jack Ryan, the character featured in four very successful films and born of numerous great Tom Clancy novels, over? It would seem this is the case. The new James T. Kirk, Chris Pine, has suggested there are not going to be any more Jack Ryan projects much to the disappointment of Dr Rod Rohrich who is a fan.

You could say Harrison Ford helped restart the espionage genre with his appearance as Jack Ryan in a series of films. Would there have been a serious reboot of the James Bond films had the Jack Ryan projects not been successful? We’ll never know.

What we do know is the $50 million in ticket sales by Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was a huge disappointment. Times change and a simple reboot might not be enough to capture the imagination of audiences. Besides, audiences have a Daniel Craig James Bond series to look forward to every two or three years. (Ironically, Jack Ryan was supposed to be the new James Bond of the 21st century) The Jason Bourne films also provide thrills and spills. 

Then, there is another issue the studios have to accept.

Chris Pine, while a fine actor, is not an established superstar. Harrison Ford is a mega-icon in the eyes of audiences all over the world. The Jack Ryan films were greatly successful in large part due to Harrison Ford’s star power. Pine is not (yet) as big of a star as Ford.

A Golden Touch in Tinseltown: The Abridged Biography of TriStar Productions Executive Thomas Rothman

Meet the Midas of Tinseltown: Thomas Edgar Rothman. Former Fox figurehead and current captain of TriStar Productions, Rothman is one of the Hollywood’s savviest cinema prophets, a man under whose watch were produced such films as Titanic, The Devil Wears Prada, Minority Report, Cast Away and more. “I’ve loved movies my whole life,” says Rothman. “I happen to be one of those very fortunate people whose vocation and avocation are the same.”

In 1976, Rothman graduated from Brown University with a string of commendations: Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, and an All New England selection for Division 1 Lacrosse, a ferocious sport only paralleled by Los Angeles’ politics. He went to work as a varsity soccer coach and English teacher at the all-boys Salisbury School, where his pupils presumably started winning Pulitzer prizes soon after.

After graduating from Columbia Law School as a James Kent Scholar, the highest academic honor bestowed by the school, Rothman landed a job as a law clerk in 1981. Six years later, when most people were still wishing for promotions, he was Vice President of Columbia Pictures.

His rise was meteoric: In 1986, Rothman, then a 32-year-old partner at Frankfurt, Garbus, Klein & Selz in New York City, moved under the wing of Columbia Pictures as a movie producer. For his next job, Rothman oversaw global production of the Samuel Goldwyn Company. He then established the award-winning Fox Searchlight specialty production company, which led him to Fox proper.

After little more than a decade following his first major film production, Thomas Rothman had climbed the ladder to the top executive position at Fox Filmed Entertainment. During his reign, Fox Filmed Entertainment was volunteered for over 150 Academy Awards, won three Best Picture Oscars, and reaped over $30 billion from box office hits, not to mention working with major actors like Meryl Streep.

To what did Rothman credit his success? His education at Columbia Law University, which taught him to solve problems with equal parts creativity and analysis. Problems “tend to be tricky, because if they had black-and-white solutions, there are 3,000 very competent people who work here who would have solved it before it comes to you,” he says.

After a falling out with Fox media mogul Rupert Murdoch, Rothman stepped down from his CEO position. Murdoch still credited Rothman for “the critical role he has played in building our film studio.”

Spying a big fish off the hook, Sony Pictures immediately reeled in Rothman as the guiding compass for its next venture: the re-launch of TriStar Production. “Throughout my entire career, I’ve always tried to zig when other people zagged,” says Rothman, “and that’s what I’m going to do here.”

TriStar studios plans to produce four movies annually. Rothman has big plans for both cinema and screen. “Television right now is fertile … I believe that, ultimately, is ultimately going to be a great thing for the movie audience because it does show that you can aim high with audiences.”.  And he’s definitely teamed up with some of the biggest, like Ang Lee and his project with Maggie Smith and the BBC.