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Meet Robert Ivy The 2018 Noel Polk Award Winner

The Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy, was awarded by the Institute of Letters and Arts in Mississippi with a Noel Polk Award. This act made it the first time for an architect receiving this award which is usually awarded to artists as well as art patrons living in the Mississippi area. Their works are screened across a lifetime of creativity, performance, and also supporting art. Ivy in conjunction with a stained glass artist, Mr. Andrew Cary Young of Jackson, a Mississippi based Studio, Pearl River Glass was officially awarded the special honor on the 2nd of June.

The AIA president Mr. Carl Elefante likened Robert Ivy as a worthy diplomat for their profession as the CEO from 2011 as well as an editor, author, and also a practicing architect. This honor was not only a professional achievement but also a personal crowning step for him as a Mississippi native.

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Robert Ivy was the Editor-in-Chief for the Architectural Record and he received various honors among them was a National Magazine. His leadership role at the American Institute of Architects has tremendously grown the nationwide print of the institute. It is at the highest membership level in its history of 160 years according to the AIA records. He was announced a Master Architect by the national architecture fraternity in 2010, Alpha Rho Chi, a special award handed to some of the incredibly famous architects on the planet such as R. Buckminster Fuller, I.M. Pei, as well as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

He was given the Dean’s Medal by the architectural University of Arkansas Fay Jones School and has written the Fay Jones book (McGraw-Hill Professional, 2001). The MIAL President, Nancy LaForge said that there is nobody else like Robert Ivy in Mississippi who is more accessible by the general population in the architectural field. After winning the Noel Polk award, he is now among the great names in writing like Shelby Foote in 2004 and Eudora Welty in 2001, actors like Morgan Freeman who was awarded in 2007, Walter Anderson in 1989 and also Leontyne Price in 2000.

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Robert Ivy Career Accomplishments

Robert Ivy is known to be a soft-spoken, warm and extensive professional who is changing the lives of the people who are close to him. The architecture has been in the industry for a while now, and he understands the United States urban planning. The businessman believes that that the professionals in his profession should cross pollinate their ideas with those in the software programming world.

At the moment, Robert Ivy works as the executive vice president and chief executive officer of an institution known as the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The membership based organization has accomplished so much in the country, and it has professionals who have a lot of expertise. Becoming a member of the organization is not a walk in the park. The professionals have to focus on the designs, building, and construction of different industries. As a prominent figure in the institution, Ivy motivates and encourages his colleagues to work hard and think beyond the architect world.

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Robert Ivy is an experienced architecture. Throughout his career life, the successful businessman believes that it is possible to impact in some of the deepest industries by offering some disaster relief solutions. He also believes that it is important to change and improve the health of people who are affected by different forms of disasters in the world. His institution, popularly known as AIA has been in the limelight in the recent times. Apart from the design profession, the organization has significantly changed the lives of so many people living in the United States and other parts of the world. Thanks to these accomplishments, the company has been recognized by prominent figures in the country such as Bill Clinton and many others.

In a recent interview, Robert Ivy says that professional designs can significantly help to improve the overall health of the society. The businessman says that he has come to this conclusion after spending several decades in the architecture world. Ivy went to some of the best universities in the world for his education, and he has turned out to be very successful. His presence in the industry has been appreciated by many people.

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