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What are EOS Lip Balms Used For?

Lip balms are one of the most underrated yet essential products in cosmetic collections. Not only do they hydrate chapped lips, but they can help protect the lips from harsh UV rays while providing a good base for other lip products. The only other part about lip balms is that they are either too expensive or poor-quality. In some cases, lip balms can further irritate the lips. Great news for great people here on

The EOS lip balms were created specifically to be affordable but also provide the best hydration for lips of all skin types. These products can be recognized by their colorful spherical makeup. These products, which can be found at most convenient or drug stores, are loaded with hydration ingredients. Just to name a few: vitamin E, shea butter, natural oils, and jojoba oil among others. EOS lip balms are hypoallergenic and have been dermatologist tested, so there is no need to fret if you have especially sensitive skin. There are also different lines in this product, all having their own unique qualities and fun flavors. To list a few: Shimmer, Original, Organic, Medicated, and Active.

The Original line has the largest selection of flavors to choose from and is what started it all. The Organic is quite similar, only that its ingredients are all Organic. The Active line contains SPF, making it great for the outdoors. Medicated also has additional ingredients aimed to sooth especially chapped or irritated lips. And lastly, the Shimmer line has a touch of sparkles to help brighten up any face, head over this site.

Despite being a “drugstore” brand, these lip balms have found their ways into the hands of a handful of celebrities. These products are portable, give a bit of personality, are easy to use, taste yummy, smell yummy, have a wide range that anyone can appreciate, and most important: deliver high quality results. You can purchase one here on

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