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The Quintessential Leadership of Women in the Movie Industry

With this year’s release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, there are three lead and co-lead characters which could have, if not already written in the series’ books, easily been made into male characters, but were not. Is the movie industry, a very important and societal influencing media outlet, finally getting out from the limiting restraints of hiring mostly male actors for lead action roles? Mockingjay Part 1 star, Natalie Dormer, believes so. had an interview with Dormer a few days ago, asking her about her leadership role in Mockingjay Part 1 and if she would consider a role in any up and coming superhero movies that are set to start filming. She had this to say:

“I think…what we are aiming for, ultimately, is when it becomes more
about gender irrelevance, it’s more about just the character…and the journey
they are going on. I think that’s what we’re aiming for as a (movie) industry,
as an audience, and just as a people.”

In other words, I believe she is saying yes to her interviewer’s question. This quote takes one person’s opinion up to the next level, becoming the belief of not only women, but men as well. I think as a society and culture, we have exhausted the assumed role of the male in movies and books. Yes, men are strong in the general sense and more inclined to not let their emotions take the better of themselves, but women, in general, are able to do just the same in movies, as well as in real life. As Andrew Heiberger notes in his book (and I’m really agree with him on this) it is time for a gender revolution!

Nielsen to Launch New Service to Track Netflix & Amazon Prime

In a sign of the rise of online streaming, Nielsen ratings will now be tracked for Netflix and Amazon Prime. The service, which launches in December, will offer the first public insight into the popularity of the two video streaming services. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime track the streaming that goes on in their services, but those figures are not published for the general public. Rather, the companies use the data to determine which licenses to renew.

As pointed out by developer Ben Shaoul, there are gaping holes in the new service Nielsen is launching. The most obvious flaw is that video streaming on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices will not be tracked. This omits a significant amount of video streaming. The second flaw is that Nielsen has long been criticized by traditional cable and television providers for its shortcomings. Essentially the same model applied to those delivery methods will be applied to Netflix and Amazon Prime. At the same time, Nielsen is the only game in town when it comes to TV rating.

Both video streaming services are making inroads with their business models. It is proving to be lucrative for the TV networks as well. Netflix recently paid a total of $9 billion to TV networks for the licensing rights to stream content. This represents a new and profitable revenue stream for TV providers. Ultimately, this is the real ratings metric that will matter. The Nielsen rating may indicate shows A, B, and C are highly watched, but what Netflix and Amazon Prime pay to license is the truest indication of what their viewers are streaming.

No CGI Philip Seymour Hoffman in ‘Mockingjay’

The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman rocked the world of his friends, fans and family. Megastar franchise ‘The Hunger Games’ also felt the effects as they were ramping up production on the final installments of their trilogy–ones that would feature Hoffman’s character quite heavily. So with Hoffman tragically passing away, much like Paul Walker earlier in the year, the ‘Hunger Games’ crew had to make a decision. How would they handle finishing out Hoffman’s character? Well, one thing became clear pretty quickly–there would be no CGI replacements. Big thanks to friend Keith Mann for sharing this story with me.

Director Francis Lawrence, who is handling the final installments of the franchise, revealed to the press that he would not use any form of ‘digital trickery’ to fill in Hoffman’s last scenes in the film. Lawrence instead made the difficult, but probably correct, decision to rework the script to finish Hoffman’s character gracefully. The truth was that Hoffman had finished all but two of his scenes featuring dialogue–one scene in ‘Mockingjay Part 1’ and one scene in ‘Mockingjay Part 2’.

So in order to honor his memory and maintain the integrity of the script Lawrence decided to hand those lines off to different actors in the related scenes. This kept his information in tact without having to try and fool the audience into believing what really couldn’t be Lawrence cited the fact that Hoffman was one of the ‘greatest actors of all time’ and that they felt foolish to try and mimic his talents. ‘Mockingjay Part 1’ is now in theaters.

Ariana’s Biggest Problem: Frankie Grande

While it is true that fans are anxiously awaiting the drop of Ariana Grande’s new music video for “Love Me Harder” since it does portray the singer’s sultry side, fans are also keeping a close eye on her brother Frankie Grande who left a bad taste in most viewers’ mouths after his stint on the CBS show “Big Brother” last season.

Fans watched as Frankie’s lovable character went downhill as he became more and more devious and paranoid on the show. His confidence wavered, he was arrogant to a fault and his high opinion of himself gagged fans to no end. Frankie lost the trust of his house guests and his audience when he didn’t even place in the top three for Fan Favorite on the show. When I was watching the finale with Gianfrancesco Geneoso, we could see from his facial expressions that he thought his sister’s fan base would carry him to the winner’s circle.

While Ariana’s popularity might continue to grow, it will be somewhat stunted by those fans who don’t want to believe she could be related to someone as self-centered and selfish as her brother.

Find Out Which 80’s TV Lady You Happen To Be

Random internet quizzes are fun right? Well my friend Susan McGalla certainly thinks so, so you can check out the latest quiz she sent me.

I got Wonder Woman.

If you want to try out the quiz, follow this link.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Is Finally Canceled

Well, I’ve had to wait a few years, but finally the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo crowd can sink back into obscurity. The show has been officially canceled by TLC. For the worst possible reason too. Apparently family matriarch June “Mama June” Summers has been dating a convicted child molester.


I’m just glad that now we can all stop talking about the Summers family, and we can all just move on. Reality TV rots your brain anyway. Keith Mann and I have been hoping for this cancellation for some time, I have to say.