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Reddit and Advertisers: A New Relationship

Reddit, the link-sharing message board and community, has been at the center of attention as CEOs have changed hands and new restrictions have been issued to users, leading to a revolt that highlighted the incendiary rhetoric of many on the site, placing its future as a place for investment and advertising in jeopardy.

In an interview with with CNBC, Bert Choi, of RPA, an advertising agency, noted that while the Reddit audience is atypical, made up of people who are highly informed and with particular, often niche, interests, they do provide a unique opportunity for the right kinds of advertisers. “And advertisements are of great interest to Reddit, as it is one of their greatest sources of income, but why are companies suddenly wary of advertising there?” asks Shaygan Kheradpir.

Victoria Taylor, a former talent director for Reddit was fired, which caused users to to gather in an uproar on their boards. Soon after, Ellen Pao, after enduring bouts of harassment fro users, resigned as CEO and was replaced by Steve Huffman, a co-founder of the site. And while this seeming return of control to the original creators calmed some of the tremors the site had been enduring, Huffman introduced new rules that would hopefully reduce the kind of harassing language and practices that followed the firings of Taylor and Pao. But users cried foul when these rules that restricted harassment and violent threats took aim at banning, spam, distribution of private information and sexually explicit content involving persons under the age of 18.

The late adoption of rules that are the mainstay of other sites’ terms of agreement, and Pao’s lawsuit over her firing, has made investors second guess if this is the right environment for their products to be showcased. Making matters more convoluted, Reddit relies heavily on volunteers to moderate their “subreddits” to make sure that these new rules are enforced, despite that many of these moderators are users that engaged in the backlash earlier this year.

Learn More About An Upcoming Episode Of “Becoming Us”

“Becoming Us” is a new show that is about a man who decides to transition into a woman, and his son Ben, who is a teenager, he’s having a hard time with the entire transition. The Show “Becoming Us”. Ben had decided to distance himself from his father, who is now known as Carly because he had a hard time with Carly’s transition. On an upcoming episode, Carly asks Ben to take a camping trip with her so they can bond. Ben seems to have a problem with letting go of his iPhone, which is something that many people can relate to today.

Brad Reifler agrees that many young kids out there today seem to be glued to their smartphones, and some even sleep with the phone beside them. Carly lets it be known that she wants quality time, and the phone is going to be a problem. You can even see a clip of the upcoming show on MTV News, and you clearly see that Ben has a problem letting go of his electronics. Although Ben has an issue with losing his father to a transition that he doesn’t fully understand, there is hope that Ben will accept his father for who he is going to be, which is Carly.

This show is something that can be very helpful for those who are going through the same trials and tribulations, especially those who don’t accept people who are different. The show airs on ABC Family, and it’s based on a family from Evanston, Illinois

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger Breakup Details

Miley Cyrus is one of the most famous women on the planet, and she is also one of the most talented singers as well. However, Miley Cyrus has lived a very strange life during the last few years. She has dated several different men, and she has done several strange things that have caught the media’s attention. Recently, Miley Cyrus was in a committed relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick.

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus seemed to be an extremely happy young couple. The pair was seen everywhere, and many people believed that they would stay together for several years to come. However, it was patrick Schwarzenegger who ruined the relationship. Most people would have thought that Miley Cyrus was going to cheat on Patrick, but it actually may have been the other way around.

Patrick Schwarzenegger went on vacation in Mexico, and that’s where the trouble for the couple began. Patrick was seen partying with several young women, and he also had his hands all over them. Miley Cyrus quickly caught wind of Patrick’s exploits, and she immediately put a hold on to the relationship. After a short break, Miley Cyrus decided to permanently cut ties with Patrick Schwarzenegger. Susan McGalla officially reports that the couple is no longer together, and they have since moved on.

Fans of Miley and Patrick were saddened to hear the news. However, it appears that Patrick has inherited more than the Schwarzenegger last name, and he seems to be a womanizer just like his father Arnold. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

‘Frozen’ Sequel Rumors

‘Frozen’ is one of Disney’s most popular franchises of the last decade, but a sequel for the popular animated film “may never happen.”

Jennifer Lee and Christopher Buck co-wrote and co-directed ‘Frozen.’ The movie, which centers around the concepts of family, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness, is the highest-grossing animated film of all time. While Lee and Buck have created ‘Frozen Fever,’ an animated short, the pair have spoken up in order to quash the rumor mill.

“I don’t know what else to do,” Buck said. “I mean, two years ago we weren’t even sure if kids would like these characters. Now we’ve finished up the short. We’re still wrapping our heads around it.”

Fans at Anastasia Date ( have heard that Lee and Buck seem bemused as the reports of the second ‘Frozen’ film, despite the fact that neither confirm nor deny the rumors.

‘Frozen Fever’ will debut on March 13, screening with Disney’s latest big-screen feature, ‘Cinderella.’

About Mission Impossible 5

Mission Impossible 5 was originally scheduled to be released around Christmas of 2015, but the upcoming release of Star Wars has prompted Paramount to move it to July 31, 2015. This makes it similar to a lot of the other Mission Impossible movies that came out before it. Haidar Barbouti said they were always summer releases with Ghost Protocol being the odd one out, and CultureMap writers are pretty excited.

The director, Christopher McQuarrie, has stated that his film is going to be more along the lines of the 1996 original and the series. While Tom Cruise will reprise his role as Ethan Hunt, the supporting roles including the ones played by Ving Rhames and Jeremy Renner are going to be expanded.

With the released being moved up 5 months earlier, the marketing crew have very little time to put together a campaign. Many big franchises often announce their next installment almost a year before their release with gradual reveals of the film. With the release date being suddenly changed, the marketing team is going to have to rush in order to get the audience to hit the cinemas for this upcoming film.

The Vision Arrives in the New Age of Ultron Trailer

It has finally arrived. The Vision makes his long-awaited debut in the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. This is the third trailer for the film and a huge buzz is being generated. 

Don’t look for the android to play a major part in the trailer. I had to watch it twice on my phone while waiting at the Amen Clinic. The Vision does not appear until the very end of the two-minute short preview. When he does appear, he raises his head and opens his eyes. Sure, this is a really minimalist approach to debuting The Vision, but we are left with wanting to learn and see more about him. Is that not what a really good trailer is supposed to do?

The bulk of the trailer deals with Ultron, itself. The villain is really being put over as an all-powerful entity. The Avengers are going to have an enormously tough time dealing with all the mayhem he throws their way.

More plot details are hinted at thanks to the trailer.

A more serious problem exists with Ulton. He is born of Tony Stark’s negligence. In creating a massively powerful, self-aware robot, Stark has unleashed a powerful evil on the world. The damage created by Ultron is the result of Stark’s hubris. In the trailer, we see that some of The Avengers are unwilling to let him live such an error in judgment down.

Where will all this lead The Avengers? Things will become tense in Captain America: Civil War as both Cap and Iron Man end up opposing one another. Will everyone bring it together for the two-part Avengers: Infinity War film? We have to wait a few years to find out. For right now, we can watch everything play out in Avengers: Age of Ultron when it opens in a few months.

Jeff Goldblum Confirmed for Independence Day 2

Independence Day 2 has been greenlit by fox and casting is already in effect. Jeff Goldblum is already confirmed to appear in the movie. Liam Hemsworth is also going to appear in the movie. There is no telling whether or not Will Smith is going to have a roll in this film.

The original film by Roland Emmerich has been released back in 1996. It has been a commercial success. Ever since then, there have been talks and efforts to get a sequel made. Will Smith was one of the stars of the 1996 film. However, Independence Day wasn’t Will Smith’s only run in with Aliens. He went on to star in other intergalactic films such as the Men in Black movies.

TheRealDeal reports though, even with Will Smith’s absence, there is a character that might take his place according to Jason Halpern. That is the son of Steven Hiller, Dylan.

The story revolves around the rest of the Alien fleet making it to Earth through a wormhole in order to take over the Earth. The film will pick up in real time 20 years after the events of the first movie. Production is set to start this year in the hopes of making it on time for perhaps the 4th of July weekend on 2016. This would be exactly 20 years after the release of the first film.

Tom Rothman To Be The New Chairman For Sony Pictures

Former Fox Filmed Entertainment Chairman, Tom Rothman, has been named the new Chairman of Sony’s motion picture group. The move comes as the former Chairman, Amy Pascal, was let go after a lackluster box office run and problems resulting from last year’s cyber attack on the company. The full story, including details of Mr. Rothman’s career, was reported at the website.

Mr. Rothman will have control of the movie side of the studios business. Unlike his predecessor, He will not have control of television production as well. That function will be handled by Steve Mosko, the president of Sony Pictures Television, who will report directly to Michael Lynton, the Sony Pictures Chairman. People close to the situation have reported that Mr. Rothman has hopes that he can maintain some continuity by having Doug Belgrad remain in his position as Sony Pictures President. Mr. Belgrad had long been rumored to be in line to take over the Chairman position from Ms. Pascal.

While at Fox, Mr. Rothman developed a reputation for a hands on approach to filmmaking. His methods have left several directors and producers leery of the change to Sony’s management. In statements issued on the topic his allies have tried to alleviate these fears. They insist that he has made accommodations with the executive staff during the preceding year. He plans as few changes as possible to relationships that Ms. Pascal and Mr. Lynton have been rebuilding.

To view the complete story on Mr. Rothman and the new executive leadership of Sony Pictures, please visit The New York Times website.

Cult classic ‘The Breakfast Club’ returning to theaters


“The Breakfast Club,” one of the most popular movies from the ’80s is returning to the big screen. And Ricardo Tosto says its all the buzz on due to rights and all that.
The film, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, will be played in select theaters across the country on March 26 and March 31.
Directed by John Hughes, “The Breakfast Club” tells the story of five teenagers, each from different social circles, as they spend their Saturday afternoon together in detention. While in detention, the students are forced to confront stereotypes and learn how to work with one another.
The movie grew in popularity after it was released and is now regarded as a cult classic. The movie has been referenced in several television shows and films.
Tickets to the movie screenings will be sold through Fathom Events. In celebration of the 30th anniversary, a special anniversary edition of “The Breakfast Club” will be released March 10 on DVD and Blue-Ray

Justin Bieber Apologizes On Live TV

Justin Bieber has been in so much trouble in the past, that he’s now known more for his unruly antics, than the music that made him famous in the first place. Justin Interview. Many have gotten sick and tired of hearing Justin Bieber’s name in the news, and the reasons were never positive. Instead of putting out music in the past year, he’s been in one problem after another. When confronted about his behavior, he becomes defiant, and tends to do it all over again.

Justin’s bad behavior is the reason why Selena Gomez has separated from him several times, and this last time may be it for the couple. Justin went on the Ellen Degeneres show recently, and his demeanor, dress, and hairstyle were unlike how he usually, carries himself. He seemed somber, quiet, and very heartfelt during the interview. He took time to tell the world how sorry he was for the things he had done, and he even gave a rundown of some of his wild antics.

Justin described himself as arrogant, and said that he had so much to apologize for. It’s unknown where this sudden apology came from, since he’s been stepping to the bad side for a few years now, but it’s long overdue. Justin is now in the studio working on new music, and fans like Lee G. Lovett hope an album will be in the works for the year 2015. Wishing Justin all the best.