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And the joke is on…. NPH at the Oscars

Neil Patrick Harris has made a name for himself, growing up in front of the cameras as the you Doogie Howser, MD all the way through a Broadway career. This year, Harris was selected to host the Oscar’s, something for which he was very excited, and looking forward to following in the footsteps a but a few select individuals. But, how will his performance affect future host opportunities?

According to an article in the New York Post, the opening musical skit by Harris was not worth remembering and the general feedback from Oscar’s watchers is the jokes were lame. NPH constantly talked about how he picked the winners of the Oscars and they were locked up in a lockbox on stage. He made a big deal of this throughout the show, and by the end, viewers were really just wanting it to end and quite caring about what even was in the box. Not the lasting memory any host wants to leave.

So, what do you think? Will this kill future opportunities for young Mr. Neil Patrick Harris? Let’s hope not. Marcio Alaor BMG notes NPH is a talented, well rounded entertainer and actor whose script didn’t live up to the this event.

Twins Are The Perfect Example Of How Exercise Changes Overall Health

Twins are awesome. They share a special bond like nothing else in the world. Identical twins share the same features and, generally, the same level of health. Even fraternal twins have a lot in common when it comes to their bodies. A long term study of Finnish identical twins showed the results of when one twin exercises and the other does not. When the men were first selected for this scientific research they were both given complete physicals and blood work to determine a starting point. Sultan Alhokair read that, as the twins changed their routines, their bodies changed as well both on the interior and exterior. One man built muscle, physical endurance, better motor control, and balance. He was clearly the one who participated in regular exercise. The other man had a higher fat percentage and pretty much the exact opposite of his brother. The final results show that ultimately what we do impacts out health, DNA does not play as significant role as some would like us to believe. You reap the results based on the type of life you lead.

Philanthropist Keith Mann Takes 54th Precinct to Lunch

First reported in a recent press release from WSPA, the co-founder of Dynamics Search Partners is stepping up to show support for the New York Police Department. While many citizens are still upset about recent deaths of suspects while in police custody, one has decided to show his support for the New York Police Department in an unusual manner. In an effort to help boost morale and to show support, philanthropist Keith Mann and his wife Keely provided lunch for the entire 54th precinct. He sent them lunch in early January, and then again on February 9.

Mann feels the instead of attacking the police, more people should be supportive of them.

“Or officers deserve to be thanked for their service, not attacked in their attempts to keep people safe. Policemen have families too and are people just like you and me behind those uniforms,” said Mann.

Others like Mann are trying to bolster the police department. In January a rally organized to show support was attended by over 150. Other gatherings have occurred across the United States that have also been held as a way to show support for our officers. Mann believes that a silent majority support our police and that they need to make their voice heard.

As co-founder of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann works with hedge funds to satisfy staffing requirements. Mann works with Uncommon Schools assisting college students by helping them be prepared for the after college job market. Mann and his wife have also made donations to Hope and Heroes.

The Antique Wine Company: Exceptional Rare Wine Merchant

If you are looking for a wine company that is specialized in fine and rare wines, you don’t have to look any further. The Antique Wine Company, based in London is the leading fine wine merchant. It was founded by Stephen Williams in the year 1982 and at the moment the company has more than 20000 clients and serving more than 70 countries.
From the time the company was started, it has been concentrating on making exceptionally fine wine. It holds 10000 bottles of best vintages in its cellars. The company has broken records in its excellent wines collections and in making wine events. Sourcing rare wines, cellar planning, and private wine master classes are among the various services offered by the company.
The Antique Wine company teamed up with the cabinet maker Viscount David Linley to create Grand Chateau Series. They have handcrafted wine cabinets with only fine woods representing architectural models of 9 of the most exceptional chateaux of Bordeaux. These cabinets contain 18 bottles from equivalent estates that were produced in the 20th and 21st centuries.
Chateau d’Yquem is one of the models that is accompanied by a vertical collection that spans 141 consecutive vintages beginning from 1868. The collection has many letters, as well as souvenirs from the archives of chateau, and the value of this collection is 1 million euros. Other châteaux cost 149000 euros. The Antique Wine Company, in 2006, was able to sell 135-year vertical collection. Every vintage contained was dated 1860 up to 2003. The wine cost $1.5 million and is amongst the highest prices paid for a single bottle of wine.
The Antique Wine Company was recognized as a company that produced the best valuable wine in July 2011. The bottle was dated 1811. It was a Chateau d’Yquem and was bought at 75000 euros by a former sommelier named Christian Vanneque. It was displayed in one of his two restaurants in Bali. However, Mr. Vanneque plans on drinking the wine but not reselling it as presumed by most people. According to him, he is a fancy collector; wine is meant for drinking.
The Antique Wine Company bought a top lot at Hospice de Beaune wine during an auction in France. It was known as La de la President; the lot is considered of 460 liters. The president Stephen Williams has succeeded in making the company steer up the success of the enterprise.