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Why Do Women Wear Bold Makeup

As the world continues to turn and times begin to change, it’s become obvious that the mentality of humankind is beginning to shift. People, it seems, have begun to care less about what the world thinks of them, and are finally practicing freedom of expression without shame. The beauty and fashion industries seem to have caught wind of this memo, and as a result, both makeup and fashion have become more shocking and bold.

Companies like Lime Crime on tumblr, a cruelty-free online retailer of cosmetics, have taken the beauty industry by storm. With Lime Crime’s vibrant lip colors and bold astrological glitter powders, they encourage women to be who they are without apology. Featuring “Fan Fridays,” where women can express their individuality through the use of Lime Crime products, it’s clear that the makeup subculture has experienced many positive changes. Women are now free to be who they are and they have a group of other women there to cheer them on.

Despite a seemingly more accepting society, some people still seem to be ignorant to expression through cosmetics. People want to make assumptions and ask questions like, Why do women wear bold makeup when it doesn’t even look natural? This is a loaded question, and one that some might even consider to be offensive. Women who express their personality through every bold, vibrant makeup brush very rarely say that they want to “look natural” all of the time.

Wearing bold makeup is about expressing yourself. It’s an art, and one that comes with many misconceptions. For example, some claim that women wear makeup due to insecurity. That statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Many women wear makeup because learning techniques and experimenting with new colors is a hobby. Some do it to enhance their natural features whereas some do it to manipulate their own. This does not mean that a woman is insecure. In fact, being bold and being confident means being whoever you want to be—even if that person looks different from day to day.

It shouldn’t be treated as taboo or as a crime when a woman chooses to show the world who she is in her own unique way. This is even more true when you consider that the women who have a love of bold makeup are also partaking in a hobby that they’re passionate about. It is not anyone’s business what she does in her free time, nor is it their business how she decides to decorate her face.

So, in closing, a woman chooses to wear bold makeup because it’s her face and it’s her choice. While you might wish to express your personality through your way of dress, your taste in music, or your way of life, she chooses to express herself through every artistic stroke of her makeup brush.

Psychiatry Through the Ages

Psychiatry is a medical specialty devoted to the study, diagnoses, treatment and prevention of mental disorders. People are often confused as to the difference between psychiatrists and psychologists. Both can treat varying disorders from anxiety to schizophrenia and both can perform psychotherapy. The main difference is that psychiatrists are also medical doctors.

Centuries ago, it was believed that psychotic traits were supernatural in origin. Religious leaders often performed exorcisms to treat mental disorders, using cruel and horrific methods. Specialized hospitals to treat the mentally ill were built as early as 705 AD in Baghdad, but rather than treating these poor unfortunates, they were merely places to house them.

In 1845, England enacted the “Lunacy Act 1845”. Mentally ill people would now be referred to as patients who required treatment and all asylums were required to have written regulations and have a resident qualified physician.

In the United States, New York passed a law in 1842 to create state asylums. Many were opened in the 1850s and 1860s and by the end of the 1890s, thousand of asylums had risen up in the United States and Europe. However, psychiatrists were pressured by the ever increasing patient population and so asylums once again became places to house, but not treat patients.

The 20th century brought new perspectives on mental disorders. Emil Kraepelin believed that all mental disorders are biological in nature and introduced the concept of “nerves”. Next came Sigmund Freud and his “Psychoanalytic Theory”. This theory became popular with psychiatrists because it allowed for patients to be treated in private practices instead of being warehoused in institutions.

In 1963, President John F. Kennedy introduced legislation for the National Institute of Mental Health to administer Community Mental Health Centers for patients being discharged from psychiatric hospitals. Unfortunately, no plan was put into place to follow up on these patients and many ended up living on the streets, homeless.

One of the most popular psychiatrists in America today is Daniel Amen. He is the founder and CEO of Amen Clinics found coast-to-coast. He is also a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, the highest award given. He is most noted for his research of brain damage of professional football players. His imaging and rehabilitation study is the largest in the world. Dr. Amen has written or co-written over 30 books and has had 9 shows about the brain on public television. Dr. Mehmet Oz, famed TV host, calls Dr. Amen “One of the most gifted minds in medicine.” Dr. Amen believes that brain health is core to all health and success. Pick up one of his books today and become a healthier person in mind and body.

How to Edit a Wikipedia Article

The popular free internet encyclopedia Wikipedia is controlled the software MediaWiki. Perhaps it is your desire to stop being only a Wikipedia reader and also start creating a Wikipedia page to become an editor. It is possible for anyone to do this since Wikipedia is entirely a public collaboration endeavor. The only thing one has to do to begin the adventure is to hit the edit button. After hitting this button you will be taken to an editable text area which displays all of the text on the Wikipedia page. Get ready, you are about to commence a life-long journey that will be both rewarding and immensely enjoyable.

This editable text area might be a little confusing and overwhelming at first. The text is accompanied by a whole host of various formatting symbols such as square brackets. Just concentrate on the text and make the appropriate corrections. When you have finalized your editing, press “Show Preview” to make absolutely sure this is how you want it to look. When you are satisfied that all of your corrections are as perfect as possible summarize the types of edits you have made. During this process there is even a box to click if you have made only a minor edit. Then press the “Save this Page.”

You will definitely not be alone on your editing journey. Thousands of edits take place on Wikipedia every hour. These changes (including yours) will all be listed on “Recent Changes.” In addition, each page keeps a log of the edits made on it in an individual article section called “History.” There is no guarantee that your change will itself remain unedited. Just as you have done, one of the many thousands of later editors might very well come along to change your change again. If editing Wikipedia is something you would like to do you can practice on a fake page at Wikipedia’s Sandbox.

Croatians apologize for swastika on pitch for international game

The President of the Croatian Football Association, for international striker Davor Suker has expressed his anger at a swastika appearing on to be either mowed or burned into the pitch before the international soccer game against Norway. The Croatian authorities have been battling crowd problems and racism for a number of months as the country’s soccer body has been punished for a series of events caused by their fans, the BBC reports. Crowd problems had seen consistently stronger punishments handed down by Europe’s soccer governing body, UEFA, which resulted in Friday’s game against Norway being played without any fans present.

A Croatian spokesperson reported the swastika had been imprinted onto the field up to two days before the game to make it visible to the few inside the stadium and those watching on the TV. UEFA officials appeared to take measurements and examine the area featuring the swastika, which ground staff at the stadium attempted to cover up at half time in the 1-1 draw between the two teams. Croatian authorities are now braced for stronger punishments to be handed down as a spokesperson called for a police investigation to uncover the identities of those who placed the image on the field. This is what Andy Wirth is pointing out. Both Norway and Croatia are involved in a battle to finish in top spot of European qualifying group H, which also includes Italy.

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger Breakup Details

Miley Cyrus is one of the most famous women on the planet, and she is also one of the most talented singers as well. However, Miley Cyrus has lived a very strange life during the last few years. She has dated several different men, and she has done several strange things that have caught the media’s attention. Recently, Miley Cyrus was in a committed relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick.

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus seemed to be an extremely happy young couple. The pair was seen everywhere, and many people believed that they would stay together for several years to come. However, it was patrick Schwarzenegger who ruined the relationship. Most people would have thought that Miley Cyrus was going to cheat on Patrick, but it actually may have been the other way around.

Patrick Schwarzenegger went on vacation in Mexico, and that’s where the trouble for the couple began. Patrick was seen partying with several young women, and he also had his hands all over them. Miley Cyrus quickly caught wind of Patrick’s exploits, and she immediately put a hold on to the relationship. After a short break, Miley Cyrus decided to permanently cut ties with Patrick Schwarzenegger. Susan McGalla officially reports that the couple is no longer together, and they have since moved on.

Fans of Miley and Patrick were saddened to hear the news. However, it appears that Patrick has inherited more than the Schwarzenegger last name, and he seems to be a womanizer just like his father Arnold. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

Warren Urges Party Faithful to Give Clinton a Chance

Though Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren did not intend for it to be this way, it is a telling sign that a junior senator has to be urging the party faithful to give Mrs. Clinton a chance. Mrs. Clinton has been in the public eye on a national level since her husband launched his presidential campaign back in 1991. She has run for US Senate and won, and served as Barrack Obama’s secretary of state. Mrs. Clinton has written two autobiographies with the first one selling heavily and making her millions. Bernardo Chua knows that, despite all of that effort, hard core liberals mistrust that Mrs. Clinton embraces the message of top-down government control that the Democrat party’s base believes is the only means of creating middle class prosperity.

In fact, it is peculiar that Sen. Warren, who has very little by way of accomplishments in the senate, has to be out asking voters to allow Clinton to make her case for their support. While Sen. Warren is exhibiting party loyalty in supporting Mrs. Clinton, it may not work. For starters, the Warren wing of the Democrat party wants to see Wall Street pay for their excesses. At the same time, Mrs. Clinton is having Wall Street pay for her presidential campaign. It is undeniable that the vast amount of money investment banks are pouring into her campaign coffers will come with access and influence in the Clinton White House should she win the election. Besides, the more Warren urges her base to support Mrs. Clinton, the more she underscores the chasm that separates the two women.

Nine Year Old Girl Inspires Equality

Sofia is just nine years old, but she has recently made headlines for bravely addressing the President of the United States about why women are not on American currency. After learning about a famous woman named Ann Hutchinson who fought for women’s rights, Sofia started thinking about equality for women. She returned home from school that day to write a letter to President Obama to ask him. Her letter received national attention when the President mentioned it in a speech he made. Sofia received a letter in the mail directly from the President. He stated he thought it was a “pretty good idea” and encouraged the little girl to stay involved in matters important to her. Brad Reifler is glad to know that a campaign has been started to try to get a woman put on the twenty dollar bill. Sophia said she would like Rosa Parks put on U.S. currency because of Rosa’s stand against segregation. With racial concerns spread across the United States due to issues in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, many are agreeing with Sophia’s choice.

McDonald’s Employees File 28 OSHA Complaints

McDonald’s employees who allegedly suffered severe burns while on the job filed health and safety complaints – 28 of them – against the burger company in 19 cities.

Complaints are the latest step in a campaign for a wage increase to remunerate workers $15 per hour and allow unionization in the fast food industry, which is pressuring McDonald’s to go to the negotiating table.

Folks at Anastasia Date have become aware that the measure is a proposal by the Service Employees International Union, started two years ago. Among other activities employees has staged protests across the United States and filed lawsuits for incorrect and underpayments.

Burns and other risks were described in complaints filed in recent weeks to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, released Monday.

Workers say they rarely are given gloves when handling hot equipment and say they have suffered burns when cleaning grills. One worker said the manager told him: “Put mayonnaise on it, nothing will happen to you.”

Complaints also speak of lack of training for handling hot fryers and preventing slips on wet floor.

A representative of the Department of Labor, Laura McGinnis, confirmed that the agency received complaints but said he would not talk about it because it is a policy not to comment on ongoing investigations.

Progressive Male Fashion – the Springtime Choices Modeled by Matt Landis

matt landis runway

Fashion trends come and go, but having new trends adds interesting life to wardrobes, and when they come back, refresh old wardrobe items for new seasons to be worn. Spring is fast approaching in many parts of the world, and whether spring is cooler or warmer, everyone needs a wardrobe update to look fashionable this season. Men sometimes are criticized more for not being up-to-date with fashion trends, so here are some interesting new looks, modeled by Matt Landis, to give ideas for some new outfits this coming spring!

matt landis model
If you’re looking for something more professional looking this spring, this first outfit is perfect! A nice plaid, button-up shirt (like the purple, black and white one that Landis wears), with a nice blazer that buttons to underneath the chest. With a pair of dress pants, this outfit would be perfect for an interview or business casual event, while still looking fashion forward in spring colors. Even with jeans, this outfit would be good for dates, as girls love guys who dress nicely to take them out. When looking for jackets or the button-up shirts, look for lighter colors, like Landis’ tan jacket, or plaid mixtures of white, purple, green or yellows.
matt landis records
The next outfit style is perfect for spring time in hotter sections of the world. Leather shorts that end mid-thigh, with a light zip-up jacket, no undershirt, and tom-style shoes make for a cool way to enjoy a summer party. Good for casual attire on hot days, this outfit can really show off those hard earned abs to the ladies. Landis works the outfit perfectly, leaving his jacket front open, pushing up the sleeves (which drives some women crazy), and a good mixture of bright and dark colors – like a grey jacket, brown shorts, and red shoes. For a brown eyed man like Landis, the color choices work perfectly to make his eyes stand out, especially with the red to really pop some color into his outfit.
matt landis runway

The final outfit is perfect for springs in the cooler areas still trying to find the sun. Landis’ choice was mid-thigh length shorts; a thin, collared undershirt; and a plain, white sweater over it. This outfit makes a nice combination of casual and a bit dressy, good for dates, parties or clubs. His choice of colors is a bit odd in the picture, as he chose a light blue shirt with white dots for underneath the white sweater, which matches well, but paired with olive green shorts makes the outfit class a bit. My suggestion would be to stick to one color or pattern theme.

There are so many different kinds of fashion for men this spring to express themselves, dress nicely, and impress women and men alike. No matter what part of the world guys live in, there are so many options to be be fashionable and be dressed well for the weather. Fashion, like what Matt Landis models, has progressed so much!

Is Coca Cola Good For Your Heart?

With the recent publicity surrounding the recommendations that sugar consumption be reduced as a means towards reducing the risk of obesity as well as cardiovascular and heart disease, one would think the last thing suggested for improved heart health is a can of soda.

Coca-Cola has taken the approach that the carbonated beverage is good for your heart and has the endorsement of nutritionists via newspaper columns and social media blogs. With February being Heart Health Month, it seemed to be a natural fit. Yet many find fault with this marketing tactic, of promoting a product that has been documented as a threat to an individual’s health and painting it in a positive, health-friendly light.

The blogs, written by dieticians and nutrition experts, includes an image of a mini-can of Coca-Cola as a preferred smack idea. Though many might find issue, Coca-Cola spokesperson Ben Sheidler, associates the social media posts and newspaper articles with how other organizations have product placement in television shows. Christian Broda has read that Coca-Cola does acknowledge that it pays endorser’s for the product, but notes that this is common practice in the food sector.

In a release statement to the public, Coca-Cola indicated that it seeks to assist individuals in making healthy decisions for themselves and like other organizations, within the food sector, collaborates with health and nutrition professionals in putting in perspective relevant and beneficial information and data regarding Coca-Cola products.