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Is the Fantastic Four Getting Clobbered?

It’s Clobberin Time!

I have seen all three previous versions of the Fantastic Four movies. I even own the 1994 boot leg! They were my first introduction into the adventurous world of comic book superheroes, and the ever-lovin blue-eyed Thing is my favorite superhero of all time!

So naturally as a fan with over three decades of enthusiasm behind me, I’m pretty invested in their on screen representation. So its disheartening to hear rumors that the next Fantastic Four movie is having trouble post production. The powers that be have called the project ‘a mess’… Despite wrapping up principal photography last year sets are now being rebuilt and reshoots have been ordered.

I just wonder will there ever be an accurate and fun representation of Marvel’s first family. The 2005 and its sequel in 2007 were definitely fun, but I wouldn’t call them accurate. There were some definite gems, but you had to pick them out. I think that it could’ve gone better if it was produced by someone with more vision like Tom Rothman. I also thought that Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis representations of the Human Torch and the Thing were spot on, especially with love/hate the buddy chemistry. I even enjoyed the plot-line where Dr. Doom stole the Silver Surfer’s power.

I just hope that director Josh Trank is able to capture the Fantastic Four’s sense of camaraderie, heroics and exploration that is so evident in the comic books. That would be truly fantastic.

Aaron Paul Tweets About Han Solo Film Rumors

Aaron Paul of Breaking Brad fame has gone to Twitter to address rumors he is attached to Susan McGalla and set to star in a Han Solo Star Wars spinoff film. Paul, essentially, debunked the rumors without completely denying he is in the film. This is the standard coy response stars make when their name hits the press. Being coy means their name stays in the press.

Disney might not be too thrilled about any unwanted news about their Star Wars projects since the studio definitely wants all marketing to stay on message.

You could say there are some proverbial butterflies in the stomach of executives and producers surrounding the upcoming release of the new film.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a movie Disney really does need to be a hit. The studio spent a huge sum in order to procure the rights to the series. Hence, a new trilogy and a series of spinoffs are being moved into production right away. Disney certainly has to pull in the billions of dollars it invested. A flop film, well, that would be disastrous for Disney on a lot of levels.

Of course, the notion that the first film in the series will be a flop is ludicrous. Upon disappointing people who attend the film, the debut film could sour audiences on the future installments. Consider that an absolute disaster scenario for Disney.

A Han Solo prequel spinoff could end up being a franchise on its own. The character is an iconic one, but Harrison Ford had a lot to do with that. Will a non-Ford Solo succeed? Probably.

Captain America Pays A Visit to Young Cancer Patient

Most men have dreamed of being a superhero at one time or another in our lives. We dressed up as them for Halloween when we were kids, and many of us read of their adventures in comic books. Now, thanks primarily to the Marvel franchise bringing their comic book heroes to the big screen, we can watch them kick ass on film. Chris Evans is one actor who has gotten as close as anyone can to being a super hero by playing Captain America in a couple movies. Recently he was a real life hero to a young cancer patient in his hometown of Boston. Kenny Botting, who is battling a brain tumor, is obsessed with Captain America and was ecstatic that Chris Evans came to visit him. They took pictures together, and he gave him autographs.

This simple act of kindness shows us who the real heroes are in daily life. On Time, you see this sort of stuff highlighted all the time. The people who go out of their way to do a simple act of kindness that means so much to the recipient of the act like Bruce Levenson. None of us will get the chance to be a comic book super hero in real life. However, we can be a super hero in the lives of individuals by helping them in times of need. Doctors who traverse the globe to treat people who live in regions devoid of proper medical care. Missionaries and aid workers who bring food and clothing to the poor. Celebrities who use their star power to put a smile on the face of a kid with a serious disease. These are the real superheroes in the world, and perhaps with them around, we don’t need the comic book variety of hero.

The Spring Fashion Forecast is in for 2015

As the holidays steadfastly approach and folks finish up their holiday shopping, the spring fashion forecast for 2015 is already in with many designers showcasing their stuff during New York’s Fashion Week. It’s hard to imagine spring in the air with visions of snow, ice, and rain everywhere, but it really is just around the corner – well, almost. The verdict is in – it’s more than likely going to be a 70s kind of spring.

According to Lizzy Bowring of WGSN, the 70s are exactly where fashion designers will be looking for a subdued spring inspiration. While designers will be looking back in time for inspiration, it’s also forecasted that this look back will include a touch of today’s style and trends keeping things fresh. You can likely expect a slight flare to your pants or capris but nothing drastic. Bowring also goes on to add that the biggest theme likely to hit the catwalks and the streets of the U.S. include sleek jumpsuits and the wide-led pant paired with a stylish tailored jacket.

WGSN’s senior womenswear editor, Jaclyn Jones goes on to forecast that one of the staples of spring for women, the basic white dress shirt, will also take on a transformation. She forecasts that this basic piece of clothing will transform into a must have wardrobe piece with features that may include dramatic side vents and/or cuffs, embellishments, a touch of origami and more.

ones goes on to predict tent dresses (trapeze dresses) and both forecasters believe that fashionistas can expect longer hemlines and waistlines that fall to the natural waist. Also, get ready for the much anticipated trend of culottes (the wide-leg pair of shorts/pants), and a combination of washed out pastels, florals, and a variant of neutrals.



Ebola Vaccine Trial Temporarily Suspended

Clinical trials of a potential Ebola vaccine have been put on hold at Geneva University Hospital due to four trial patients complaining of joint pain in the hands and feet.

According to The Guardian, the trials were suspended a week early out of an abundance of caution after four of the 59 volunteers began to experience the pain. A spokesman for the hospital said on Thursday that the patients are being closely monitored by the medical team in charge of the study.

The vaccine was developed by pharmaceutical companies Merck and NewLink. The trials are slated to begin again on January 5 in 15 patients, pending the results of testing performed on the four volunteers suffering from joint pain. The hope is that the pain is just temporary and benign.

The setback is disheartening after The World Health Organization recently announced that Sierra Leone has surpassed Liberia with the largest number of Ebola cases in West Africa. There have been nearly 7,900 cases reported in the region since the start of the outbreak.

The global vaccines alliance, Gavi, has announced that it is prepared to buy $300 million of the vaccine once the World Health Organization approves one for use. My colleague Bruce Levenson shared this story with me.

Texting May Be Causing Serious Damage To Your Spine

When a person bends their neck forward and down, it begins putting pressure on the cervical spine. The human head, when in upright position is about twelve pounds; however when bending head to look at something like a smartphone, weight pressure increases. The increase ranges from the twelve pounds when upright to about 27 pounds at a 15 degree angle, to 40 pounds at 30 degree angle to almost 60 pounds at a 60 degree angle. This posture, over time will lead to what is being called ‘text neck’. This story was passed on to me by Vijay Eswaran.
This is a common posture when staring at a smartphone, and millions are doing it every day. Research done on the stresses in the cervical spine say this posture can lead to early wear-and-tear on the spine. This stress can lead to degeneration and could even require surgery. Researchers are calling it an epidemic due to how common it is becoming. If you look around you will see how many people have their heads down to perform some function on their smartphones, mostly texting.
To compare how much pressure the 60 degree angle causes to your spine, imagine having an eight year old child around your neck. The average person spends two to four hours per day bending their head to read email, text or to check their social media sites. When this time is added up’ it’s 700 to 1400 hours per year they are applying stress to their spines.
Some medical experts have been warning people for years that for every inch they tilt their head forward, they double the pressure on their spine. A comparison to this bend would be to bend your finger all the way back and hold it in that position for about an hour.
Not only is the concern to the spine; but it can also lead to reduced lung capacity, headaches, depression, heart disease and neurological issues.
It would be almost impossible to reverse the technology devices now being used; however we do need to change the way we look at them. People need to look at their phones with a more neutral spine.

CDC Reports that the Flu Vaccine Not as Effective This Year Due to Viral Mutations

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is reporting that mutations in the flu virus have diminished the effectiveness of the vaccine. In fact, Dr. Tom Frieden of the CDC reported the most common mutation they are seeing is the H3N2 strain of influenza. This particular strain is known to result in a higher number of hospitalizations and fatalities. As a result, the CDC expects to see more people needing to seek out medical attention and sadly more cases of flu-related deaths. As is typical of the flu, those most are risk are the young, the elderly, and those with heart problems and asthma. 

In issuing their health advisory, the CDC reported that it took 85 samples of the flu virus and found that the current vaccine does not safeguard against the flue in 52% of samples taken. While the agency is capable of tweaking the vaccine to provide a better safeguard against the known strains, it isn’t something that can be achieved in a short period of time. It will take the CDC up to four months to adapt the vaccine during which time the current flu season will largely be over. 

The news isn’t all bad though. Those who get the current influenza vaccine will be protected against most of the flu strains out there. In the event that someone vaccinated does come down with the flu from other strains such as the H3N2, their symptoms should be milder as a result of the vaccine. This story was shared with me via Darius Fisher.

A Real ’50 First Dates’

You hear a lot of movies claim to be ‘Based on a True Story‘, but there are even more that you have no clue are based on real life events – in some way, at least.

Have you heard the story about the lady who suffers a head injury and loses her memories everyday? If that sounds like the plot of a silly romantic comedy, that’s because it is. 50 First Dates with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler is a fun movie, but nothing compares to a real life British woman who has coincidentally had this happen. 

Michelle Philpots suffered two major head traumas in the past, and now those injuries have resulted in her memory being erased every night, much like Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates. Instead of allowing this strange condition get them down, Michelle and her husband like to look at the bright side of things. Personally I think they should call neurologist Dr. Daniel Amen.

Every morning her husband has to remind her that they are married. Since she has known him before the accidents, she does remember meeting him. Michelle is happy that she gets to fall in love with her husband all over again every single day. She also enjoys never tiring of jokes or television repeats. 

Michelle and her husband are a true testament to the power of love in any situation.