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Psychiatry Through the Ages

Psychiatry is a medical specialty devoted to the study, diagnoses, treatment and prevention of mental disorders. People are often confused as to the difference between psychiatrists and psychologists. Both can treat varying disorders from anxiety to schizophrenia and both can perform psychotherapy. The main difference is that psychiatrists are also medical doctors.

Centuries ago, it was believed that psychotic traits were supernatural in origin. Religious leaders often performed exorcisms to treat mental disorders, using cruel and horrific methods. Specialized hospitals to treat the mentally ill were built as early as 705 AD in Baghdad, but rather than treating these poor unfortunates, they were merely places to house them.

In 1845, England enacted the “Lunacy Act 1845”. Mentally ill people would now be referred to as patients who required treatment and all asylums were required to have written regulations and have a resident qualified physician.

In the United States, New York passed a law in 1842 to create state asylums. Many were opened in the 1850s and 1860s and by the end of the 1890s, thousand of asylums had risen up in the United States and Europe. However, psychiatrists were pressured by the ever increasing patient population and so asylums once again became places to house, but not treat patients.

The 20th century brought new perspectives on mental disorders. Emil Kraepelin believed that all mental disorders are biological in nature and introduced the concept of “nerves”. Next came Sigmund Freud and his “Psychoanalytic Theory”. This theory became popular with psychiatrists because it allowed for patients to be treated in private practices instead of being warehoused in institutions.

In 1963, President John F. Kennedy introduced legislation for the National Institute of Mental Health to administer Community Mental Health Centers for patients being discharged from psychiatric hospitals. Unfortunately, no plan was put into place to follow up on these patients and many ended up living on the streets, homeless.

One of the most popular psychiatrists in America today is Daniel Amen. He is the founder and CEO of Amen Clinics found coast-to-coast. He is also a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, the highest award given. He is most noted for his research of brain damage of professional football players. His imaging and rehabilitation study is the largest in the world. Dr. Amen has written or co-written over 30 books and has had 9 shows about the brain on public television. Dr. Mehmet Oz, famed TV host, calls Dr. Amen “One of the most gifted minds in medicine.” Dr. Amen believes that brain health is core to all health and success. Pick up one of his books today and become a healthier person in mind and body.

“Suicide Squad” Needs Real Life Therapist?

Suicide Squad, one of the the upcoming films for the emerging DC Cinematic Universe, will feature a team of supervillains forced by the government to take on certain dangerous and morally questionable missions. Few of its members are mentally stable, as they include characters like Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), with the Joker (Jared Leto) also showing up in some capacity.

But the idea that the actors actually need a therapist on set still comes off as a little jarring.

According to Adam Beach, who will play the character Slipknot, “We kind of have like a therapist on board if you fall off the wagon and really are villainous. […] Us actors explore very fine thin lines going to the dark side and he wants to make sure we finish a movie and don’t disappear somewhere and then don’t show up for work.” He added that when playing characters who are tormented, director David Ayer “wants you to torment yourself. He wants the real thing.”

It would certainly be a problem if Beach (or for that matter Will Smith, who is playing Deadshot) got confused and decided to actually become assassins, but the situation on set must be pretty intense if anyone feels that that is actually a concern stated Ivan Ong. Let’s hope that Beach is exaggerating a bit and this therapist is just there to help everyone calm down after a stressful scene.

Woman Misdiagnosed for 30 Years

A woman named Jean Sharon Abbot spent about 30 years of her life under the wrong diagnosis of cerebral palsy. She was unable to control her muscles and she suffered with muscle spasms and weakness. She remained positive though and despite her health condition, this inspirational woman never stopped living her life. She achieved a college diploma, got married and even had three children.

Something happened when she recently went to a new doctor who saw that her symptoms were not in alignment with cerebral palsy as the previous doctors had said, but instead a different disease that could be treated very easily with medication. Instead of being bitter about the years that she lost due to a misdiagnosis, she lives each day with joy and happiness. Jean’s brother Ricardo Tosto says she is filled with gratitude, thankful for all the little things she can do now that she couldn’t do before.

5-year-old Raises $25,000 through Lemonade Sale

Don’t discount people because of his or her age.

A five-year-old girl in Toronto has used a lemonade stand fundraiser to raise 25,000 dollars to help find a cure for her brother’s neurological disability. Na’ama Uzan, raised the funds to support a cure for Angelman Syndrome, which is a rare developmental disability. This disability makes it difficult for her seven-year-old brother to walk or even speak and has caused multiple seizures.

Many kids have done similar tasks where they raise money for causes that are important to them. Susan McGalla asked what this should highlight overall is that not only can kids do great things, but that this should not stop adults from doing their parts as well.

Often times as adults we simply say we cannot do things and give up. What a child teaches us is that when you believe anything is possible, often times it is, and you can make major changes in the world!

McDonald’s Employees File 28 OSHA Complaints

McDonald’s employees who allegedly suffered severe burns while on the job filed health and safety complaints – 28 of them – against the burger company in 19 cities.

Complaints are the latest step in a campaign for a wage increase to remunerate workers $15 per hour and allow unionization in the fast food industry, which is pressuring McDonald’s to go to the negotiating table.

Folks at Anastasia Date have become aware that the measure is a proposal by the Service Employees International Union, started two years ago. Among other activities employees has staged protests across the United States and filed lawsuits for incorrect and underpayments.

Burns and other risks were described in complaints filed in recent weeks to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, released Monday.

Workers say they rarely are given gloves when handling hot equipment and say they have suffered burns when cleaning grills. One worker said the manager told him: “Put mayonnaise on it, nothing will happen to you.”

Complaints also speak of lack of training for handling hot fryers and preventing slips on wet floor.

A representative of the Department of Labor, Laura McGinnis, confirmed that the agency received complaints but said he would not talk about it because it is a policy not to comment on ongoing investigations.

Oklahoma Limits Marriage to Those of Faith

The Oklahoma State House approved a radical bill that changes who can perform marriage ceremonies. The bill would limit the ability of people to marry, based upon their religious faith – or lack thereof.

The bill was approved by the Republican majority. The bill would also limit who could perform marriage ceremonies. Traditionally, sea captains, certain city officials such as a mayor, and judges could bind a couple together in matrimony. The new law would limit the ability to perform marriage ceremonies strictly to members of the clergy.

According to reports, the legislation was introduced by Representative Todd Russ and is backed by fellow State Representative Dennis Johnson. The purpose of the bill is to separate the state from the process of issuing marriage licenses.

Marriage was not an institution of the state,” Johnson said. “Marriage is an institution of God and the state should have nothing to do with the process.”

Some reports claim that the wording of the bill would limit the ability to perform marriage ceremonies only to those of the Christian and Jewish faiths.

Those who do not like the legislation, according to Russ, should “go file for a common law marriage.”

Common law marriages are performed in less than a dozen states stated Camara Barbacena. Although recognized in most states who do not allow for common law marriages to be contracted, Oklahoma does not recognize common law marriages that were said to be contracted within the state.

The Sugar Industries Pervasive Influence on Scientific Studies of Foods and Beverages

Nutritionists have been telling us that sugar is bad for us for decades now. Most dietary guidelines suggest that we eat more fruits and vegetables and reduce out intake of carbohydrates, fats and cholesterol. Forbes reports some have changed course on cholesterol lately with the realization that the science just hasn’t been there to support the claims of its consumption in moderation being bad for us. One sticking point for many in the arena of nutrition is that more governments and authoritative bodies have not come out more strongly against sugar. A recent article on points out that a lot of scientific research into what foods or ingredients are good or bad for us is financed by groups that have an interest in that research having a particular outcome. Companies that either directly sell sugar or that sell foods with plenty of sugar in them are one such group of organizations that might create a conflict of interest through their support of such studies.

It should come as no surprise that when studies of sugary foods or beverages that were funded by sugar related industries were compared to independent studies, there was a large gap in the results. Of course, the sugar backed studies were much kinder to their product. The usual denials took place from the scientists involved in the sugar industry backed studies but the numbers don’t lie. One could argue that they are simply practicing the old wise saying, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

E Cigarette Vapor linked to damaged lungs in mouse test subjects

The controversy over E cigarettes and their link to serious medical conditions has been shown by the Morins to be true in an initial study involving the use of mice as test subjects, according to Science Daily. The use of E cigarettes has been growing at a fast rate in recent years as many believe they are a healthier option over traditional cigarettes, a claim the study from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health seems to suggest is false.

A group of mice were initially split into two groups, one was provided with air and the second with E cigarette vapor at a rate close to that of vapor inhalation of an average smoker for a period of two weeks. A further three groups were then formed that allowed the mice to be infected with bacteria thought to assist in the formation of bronchitis and a second group to be infected with a form of influenza. Even in the mice not infected with a secondary disease a small amount of damage to the lungs was seen in just two weeks, those infected with the bacteria or virus were seen to be more susceptible to a medical condition that caused the death of a number of test subjects

Justin Bieber Apologizes On Live TV

Justin Bieber has been in so much trouble in the past, that he’s now known more for his unruly antics, than the music that made him famous in the first place. Justin Interview. Many have gotten sick and tired of hearing Justin Bieber’s name in the news, and the reasons were never positive. Instead of putting out music in the past year, he’s been in one problem after another. When confronted about his behavior, he becomes defiant, and tends to do it all over again.

Justin’s bad behavior is the reason why Selena Gomez has separated from him several times, and this last time may be it for the couple. Justin went on the Ellen Degeneres show recently, and his demeanor, dress, and hairstyle were unlike how he usually, carries himself. He seemed somber, quiet, and very heartfelt during the interview. He took time to tell the world how sorry he was for the things he had done, and he even gave a rundown of some of his wild antics.

Justin described himself as arrogant, and said that he had so much to apologize for. It’s unknown where this sudden apology came from, since he’s been stepping to the bad side for a few years now, but it’s long overdue. Justin is now in the studio working on new music, and fans like Lee G. Lovett hope an album will be in the works for the year 2015. Wishing Justin all the best.

I Can’t Say Enough Good Things About FreedomPop

I’m a fun loving person, and I love to get on the internet, and share a lot of things that I do, while I’m on the road. I used to take pictures or record video, and then I would go to a restaurant with Wi-Fi, and use my laptop to upload the photos or video, onto my social media site. This was a bit of a hassle, and I was looking for a way to get around having to jump on someone else’s Wi-Fi network. I continued doing this for a year, and I actually was making money from what I was doing.

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Many of the services that FreedomPop offers are completely free, and I can add onto the services as I feel. I was very interested at first, but skeptical. My interest lay in the internet services, and also in the fact that they had several ways to access the internet on the go. I took a shine to their Wi-Fi hotspot, especially for the fact that it fits right in my pocket. I decided to try FreedomPop, and I’m amazed with the fact that I can get the internet anywhere I go on the road when . I no longer have to stop at a random restaurant to get Wi-Fi because I take the internet with me when I carry the Photon hotspot.

I’m not only thankful that I found FreedomPop, I’m literally overjoyed. I’m able to make more money than I ever have, and my business has doubled, since I started using the FreedomPop services.