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3 Reasons Why Sussex Healthcare Is The Future Of Caregiving

Home caregiving is one of the most complex niches is the vast service industry. Sussex Healthcare, however, has revolutionized this niche through the provision of unmatched and personalized services. The following are three reasons why this home caregiver is the future.

First, Sussex Healthcare is one of the best communicators in the world of service delivery. According to the management, communication is central to their operations and over the years, they have built structures for better communication. Their interface is a three-way process. First, they ensure that there is a clear line of communication between employees for better service delivery. Second Sussex Healthcare also ensures that communicating effectively with other stakeholders and other service providers is at par with the global standards. Finally, the organization ensures that communication between them and the client is unmatched. When communication is at par with global standards, better services are not farfetched.

Second, the reason why Sussex Healthcare a successful caregiver entity is Europe is their highly trained professionals. In this service industry, success is tagged on how best experienced team is experienced and trained. Highly qualified professionals mean that there is better handling of clients and patients. The presence of qualified individuals in this organization also means that there is an unmatched diagnosis and recommending better treatments. According to the management of this organization, all their clients are satisfied by their unmatched diagnosis and later in their treatment. In addition to qualified people being a legal requirement, having qualified professionals helps the organization to achieve its goals in this fragile service industry.

Thirdly, Sussex Healthcare is one of the perfect examples of a company that embraces technology. In the service industry, technology is a major determiner of whether the services are at par with global standards or not. This utilization of technology ensures that the company is a hub for better services and better services are synonymous with customer satisfaction. This approach, in the long run, has enabled the company to move towards attaining its blueprint aspirations. Technology in this company has also enabled the company to create a firm bond between them and their clients primarily because there is a timely response to questions. Technology in addition to assisting the organization to foster a more firm bond also helps this organization to secure patients’ data.

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Great insights about Jeunesse Global

Every individual gets older as years go by. It is a fact of life which many people seem to defy and find ways to remain young. Many people today are genuine when it comes to maintaining their youthful look. Many companies have come up with products to enhance looks and remain youthful. The biggest problem is identifying the right product to use. Although legitimate companies are selling useful products, some have taken advantage of the insecurity to sell products which do not work. Jeunesse Global has been there for several years now, and it has been renowned for supplying cosmetic products claiming to help people look young and maintain their youthful look. Many people would want to know the company legit? Read and get useful insights to help you make the right decision.

Background information

Jeunesse Global is a company that has been in the business for more than two decades. It came from a humble beginning when it was born in 2009. The people responsible for the starting of the company are Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The two are experienced entrepreneurs because they had been working in the industry for many years. It is not a wonder that they have managed to market the organization to become a global one. The two had already retired, but they were energetic and felt they could do a lot even in their retirement. The products they were using at the time were made to enhance their look like adults. They wanted other people in different parts of the world to acquire the same privilege, and this is why they launched Jeunesse Global.

Wendy and Ray are great network marketers, and this is one of the reasons they decided to use the same method to market their products. They also wanted to give other an opportunity to change their lives by becoming entrepreneurs and selling these products. Anyone can take part in this program regardless of where they are located. It only takes your willingness to market, and you start making money through their genuine program. Jeunesse Global gives you excellent compensation when you decide to become a distributor of their program. They also offer bonuses, and they want as many people as possible to benefit from this program.

How Unroll.Me Is Making An Impact On The Market

Unroll. Me is an email subscription management service. The service allows people to get rid of any unwanted subscriptions and roll up the rest into a customized overview. The roll-up offers people a thorough summary of their subscriptions. Each email is put into a specific roll up category. Unroll.Me takes your gray mail and generates short previews. That way, users can only open messages that they are interested in.

Recently, Unroll.Me announced that they are creating a new android app. Normally users would have to connect their email account to Unroll.Me’s services. However, Unroll.Me Chief Executive Officer Jojo Hedaya says that the creation of the new app will allow users to simply swipe and unsubscribe. Unroll.Me allows users to manage all of their subscriptions. Hedaya says that Unroll.Me is trying to separate itself from traditional solutions.

The company also announced that they will no longer serve users in Europe due to a new data protection enforcement regime that are under General Data Protection Regulations. Unroll.Me says that they are unable to comply with all of the GDPR requirements.

Unroll.Me wants to avoid stripping away personal information that could lead to complex market research products that track consumer trends. However, Unroll.Me says on its privacy policy page that a user’s personal information may be shared.

The General Data Protection Regulation does have tight consent requirements for processing personal data. The GDPR says that processing personal data must be a clear affirmative act. The GDPR expects companies to explicitly explain what they plan to do with people’s data.

Any consent must now be separate from other written agreements and written in an easily accessible structure with clearly defined language. There is expected to be a drastic shift in the habits and practices of different companies. Hedaya says that Unroll.Me is excited about the future.

Herbalife’s Impressive Growth

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd has been on a rising trend and is the preference for most entrepreneurs who want to invest in the health industry. The company has had a 68.7% surge on its stock compared to a decline of 0.1% decline in the industry. This is an indication that Herbalife is on the right track towards becoming one of the most sought-after companies in the health and nutrition industry.

Will this growth trend continue in 2019?

Prominent investors have put their money on the stock of Herbalife because there are enough reasons that indicate that the company will continue to fight for its market space in 2019. Calculations done by experts show that HLF will be among the 30 most popular stocks by the end of its 2019 financial year if it remains consistent in delivering as per the customers’ expectations. Currently, the company is in position 38 as per the hedge funds’ portfolio. This is not bad for HLF given that it entered the health industry not so long ago. Herbalife’s volume in important markets has improved significantly, and this has boosted its global presence. However, of worry are the currency fluctuations that have been witnessed over the recent years.

HLF’s Volume Growth Model

In recent years Herbalife Nutrition has witnessed a steady volume growth. For instance in 2018 during the third quarter, the volume points shot up to 15%. This marked the highest year-on-year volume points that the company had witnessed since 2012. Furthermore, the volume growth indicated that HLF has the potential of achieving even more if its funds are channelled onto the right projects. The model that is used by HLF is results-oriented, and it has led to the massive growth that the company has witnessed.

HLF’s Global Presence

HLF boasts of an extensive product portfolio that includes energy, weight management, sports and fitness products. The company seeks to expand its routes to different parts of the globe. Recently, the company introduced more than 58 products, across 51 countries which are evenly spread across the world.

If Herbalife continues with this strategic growth strategy, then it can sustain a strong bull-run that it has witnessed before.


Richard Liu Qiangdong Continues To Dominate The Computer Parts Industry

The life and career of Richard Liu Qiangdong has seen him make a number of impressive moves at what always seems to be the right time for his computer parts brand, The entrepreneur behind the massive success of has shown a willingness to adapt and evolve his business throughout his career to bring as much success as possible to his brand. After developing his love of computers and technology as a software, Richard Liu has shown he has the skills to combine his love of innovation with a strong business sense.

After starting with a single store in the respected Beijing technology center of the Zhongguancun Industrial Park, Richard Liu Qiangdong has become one of the leading figures in the online retail sector. The fragility of the human body is the reason why Richard Liu has become such a stunning online business success after deciding to close his chain of technology stores following the 2003 SARS outbreak in China. Despite achieving some early success with the brand, the graduate of The People’s University of China decided the problem of illness and further epidemics could be avoided by taking his business online.

Richard Liu is one of the leading figures in the global online retail industry, known for his innovative approach to business and marketing. After deciding to take the brand online, the entrepreneur decided to use his own image as one of the selling points of the company. Richard Liu Qiangdong is a popular celebrity in China with a young and flamboyant image capitalizing on the burgeoning socialist market economy.

The ability of the head of to remain at the heart of the success of the brand has been built around the use of the WeChat social media communication platform. Now a partner with, WeChat provides a huge marketing platform for with more than one billion users accessing the social media platform each month across Asia.

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The Impact That Louis Chenevert Had On United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who served as the President of Pratt & Whitney Canada, and was the Chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer of Untied Technologies Corporation. He attended the HEC Montreal, which is an affiliated Business School of the University of Montreal, and earned a bachelor’s degree in production management. Prior to joining Pratt & Whitney back in 1993, Louis Chenevert worked at General Motors for 14 years, serving as Production General Manager at the operation in St Therese.

Despite retiring from his position at United Technologies Corporation, his impact on the company is undeniable, having had a tight focus when it comes to investing in innovation. When it comes to discussing the legacy of the company, Chenevert name comes up, and the way his vision with the Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan engine ended up changing the future of UTC. Back when Chenevert worked at Pratt & Whitney, he recognized that the GTF engine was going to play an important role in the industry, and once he became Chief Executive Officer at UTC, he implemented his vision. His work with the company was significant for UTC, and the engine got investments of over $10 billion, and 2 decades went into its designing and development. Due to the fact that the engine reduces fuel consumption by 16% and emissions by 50%, it is now used by over 14 airlines on more than 70 aircrafts.

His willingness to invest in technologies drove the growth of United Technologies Corporation. His innovative thinking was in part responsible for making UTC a global company with investments all over the world. As a result of the foundation that he laid, UTC is expected to continue operating by investing in markets that offer competitive advantages. UTC nowadays is fostering a competitive business environment which is unparalleled in the industry. Chenevert was aware that a competitive business environment guarantees a vibrant economy as well as growth throughout the world. His vision when he was the president of UTC made the company become a driving force when it comes to supporting the economy and maintaining manufacturing jobs on U.S. soil.

Gulf Coast Western Profile

Gulf Coast Western has specialized in oil/gas exploration activities for over 40 years. Portfolio properties have been sourced specifically within the United States Gulf Coast region, though venture capital partnerships are offered throughout the nation. The company targets the exploration, future development and subsequent acquisition for oil/gas reserves. As of 2018, current activities are seen throughout Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Joint venture partnerships for future exploration carry substantial benefits. Among these are:

Partnership Tax Benefits

Partners are able to display 100% tax write-off against income. Too, intangible drilling costs are deductible. Minor risk is seen.

  • Intangible Drilling Costs (IDC) are fully deductible for the year costs are incurred;


  • Drill and Test Capital Contributions are 70%-80% deductible;


  • Completion Costs (ICC) are fully deductible for the year costs are incurred;


  • Lease & Well Equipment Depreciation (L&W) costs display full depreciation within 5-7 operational years;


  • Legal and professional (organizational) costs can be amortized over 5 operational years;


  • Prospect Costs can be depleted/amortized over 24 months;


  • Lease Operating Expenses are netted against production revenue and are 100% deductible; and,


  • The Depletion Allowance tax deduction is available.

Recent Great Western Initiatives

GCW acquired assets of Orbit Energy Partners to develop another South Louisiana position. GCW secured a large interest in South Alabama smack-over acreage. South Texas Home Run Field went into production. GCW began the Buda Limestone horizontal drilling program. A Louisiana Gulf Coast blowout (Conoco) was eventually controlled by GCW. The Alpine Exploration and GCW partnership discovered opportunity within the Orange Dome Field. And, many more strategic portfolio activity is underway, with partnership.

Gulf Coast Western is located at 14160 Dallas Parkway #500, Dallas, Texas 75254. Prospective clients and partners are welcome to contact us at:, Voice 800-284-1782 | 972-284-0600, or Fax 972-284-0610.

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Doe Deere: Immigrant Entrepreneur

Doe Deere is the founder of the successful online cosmetic company, Lime Crime. But success did not come easy to her. Doe shared her success story with Entrepeneur Magazine in September 2018.

Xenia Vorotova was born in Russia and came to New York city at age 17 with her mother and younger sister. With difficulty finding a job, her mother and sister had to take refuge in homeless shelters on way too many nights.

A social worker led them to Sanctuary For Families, a non profit group that aids immigrants- mostly women and children. The group helps immigrants who are having a hard time financially and emotionally in their new chosen country, the United States. The leader of Sanctuary is a woman named Dorchen Leidholdt. Leidholdt is an attorney, feminist and devoted to helping others. Leidholdt saw the potential in the Vorotova family and helped Doe’s mother get work as an accountant, her occupation in Russia. She helped Doe and her sister enroll in school and make it on to university.

Finally, Doe and her family were settling in to America. Doe went on attend to the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her sister went on to Columbia University on a full scholarship.

Doe Deere is the moniker she gave herself when she founded her makeup company in 2008. Now in business for ten years, Doe is grateful for the help she received. She is very proud of her family and success. Her Lime Crime all natural beauty line is as remarkable as her coming to America story. Lime Crime features bright and daring colored lipsticks and eye shadows and other products for women not afraid to be bold and beautiful.

Doe is a genuine entrepreneur and her online cosmetic business thrives. Her story is as inspiring as her makeup line.

Entrepreneurial Insights from Guilherme Paulus

Together with a Brazilian politician, Guilherme Paulus co-founded the tour operator CVC in 1972 when he was only 24 years of age. Four years later, the politician quit leaving the venture under Paulus leadership. Since then, it has grown to be the largest tour operator in Latin America. The Brazil Operadora e-Agencia de Viagens is based in South Africa. Paulus also heads the GJP Hotels Network, which happens to be the largest group of hotels operating in Brazil.

During the Top Seller Entrepreneurship Event held in 2017, Guilherme Paulus emerged as the perfect guest to deliver the day’s talk. He talked about his career fulfillment and how he contributed towards the success and consolidation of CVC and GJP brands. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

He cites how his very first job at IBM as a trainee exposed him to computing. However, the tourism sales opportunity in the tourism sector following a newspaper advertisement served as a major breakthrough in his career. Paulus cites that the idea of coming up with exciting activities for customers stemmed from a trip to Buenos Aires. According to him, the trip with a group of French people was quite boring; thus he identified it as a gap in the tourism business. Through this, he managed to make the trip as a success.

Even as an employee at Casa Faro travel agency, Guilherme Paulus still aspired to own his own company. His dreams started to materialize when he was presented with a proposal for a travel agency by a deputy during a trip. After seeking advice and consulting with his boss, CVC was born. Despite the many challenges the company experienced along the way, Paulus remained strong by generating and innovating more ideas. To maintain relevance in the travel industry, it is always advisable to keep innovating. Customers often seek to have new experiences during the trips.

Among the many milestones at CVC was in 2001 when the first ship to Brazil was introduced. The company is currently the leading owner of ships all around the globe. Valuing the customers makes CVC and GJP Hotels Network stand out from the rest in the market.

Guilherme Paulus hints that only the risk takers can thrive in any profession. It also requires optimism, determination, and passion to succeed.

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What Southridge Capital Believes to Be True of Southridge Capital

Cryptocurrency is not a new thing, and it’s been up for debate since it began. Although it has been labeled as a “thing for geeks”, it certainly has it’s reputation among those who choose to look to the top investments at this point in history. Although it’s techy,technology isn’t exactly well received by banks or government officials at this time. This is especially true when it has been said that money can be made from a digital platform. In this case, specifically a computer.


Thomas Carper, a U.S. Senator has already stated that virtual currencies have captured the attention and the imagination of many. However, they are still misunderstood for why cryptocurrency was created and how it works. It is known now that it was made with an intention. What that intention is is still somewhat misunderstood by society, or those who are unfamiliar with the history of money and how it functions in society. This is why Southridge Capital has focused some of its time on understanding digital currency and how it works. Southridge Capital has been working to educate itself on all aspects of cryptocurrency, so that they can understand the needs and concerns of their customers.


Stephen Hicks, the Founder and CEO of Southridge Capital, is the key individual who develops strategies for the company. Founding Southridge in 1996, he faces working with many topics that he had never heard of before. Digital currency was not fully created or launched until Bitcoin was launched, presenting him with new challenges for the firm. While his experience is primarily in arbitrage, financial structuring, as well as investment banking.


Given his broad experience, he has been more than able to receive the challenges that come with working with new currencies within the banking industry. Working for a firm based out of New York early in his career, Hicks was able to learn a lot, but he was also ready to launch a firm on his own and give it his absolute best. Because Hicks is the individual that is always looking for new opportunities, cryptocurrency may become his best yet. You can check out for more.


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