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Talk Fusion, The Global Leader of Video Marketing Solutions

On August 15 2016,The Video chat application of Talk Fusion received the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. This award was the second one received from the media giant, Technology Marketing Corporation(TMC). According to Richard Tehrani, the Chief Executive Officer of TMC, Talk Fusion offers exceptional products that facilitates data, voice and video communications in the market today. The Video Chat application for Talk Fusion enables face to face communication via smartphones, tablets or computers. This application can be accessed via Google Play Stores and iTunes.


Talk Fusion’s Strategies and Online Platforms


Bob Reina, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Talk Fusion, takes pride in his IT department that aims at staying ahead of the game and offering excellent services for the users in future. The team at Talk Fusion use innovative processes to create magnificent applications. According to the press release Talk Fusion used to announce these improvements, the company also launched a new web site in 2016,, in a bid to reach more customers.


Talk Fusion is a global leader in the video and marketing solutions industry. The company dedicates itself to assisting business to increase their profits, have repeat customers and differentiate them from their competition. Talk Fusion uses dynamic,engaging and persuasive methods to market their video products.


Talk Fusion’s Corporate Social Responsibility


Bob Reina established Talk Fusion in 2007, a company strongly committed to corporate social responsibility. Mr. Reina donated one million dollars to an Indonesian orphanage to save lives of animals. A program was launched by Bob that’s allows the associates of Talk Fusion to make donations to charities of their own liking. The charity account includes customization, branding and video marketing products. Bob has also taken part in helping victims of the Nepal earthquake and tsunami in Japan. He volunteers his resources and time to cater for the less fortunate.


Talk Fusion Services


Talk Fusion offers broadcasting, social network and video conferencing services.The innovative products of Talk Fusion are marketed in over one hundred and forty countries by Independent Associates. A free trial of thirty days is available for potential buyers who can try it before they purchase the all-in-one Video Marketing Solution.