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Alex Pall Reveals Much about His Career as Part of Chainsmokers

During a recent interview with Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers mentioned that he started off as a DJ. This was his hobby and he did this around New York City although he had a small career going on. He was at an art gallery that he eventually realized that dance was gradually consuming his life. He wanted to give it a good shot.

His current manager whom he worked with then, introduced Alex to Drew. They hooked up and started working together right away. Drew moved from Maine. Alex quit his day job and that is where his career kicked off. From the onset, Alex mentioned that he and Andrew Taggart knew what they brought to the table.

They talked mostly about what they liked in terms of music and what they were into as they grew up. The two were observant about the ongoings around them and what was working and what was not working. They worked together as a team daily and worked on their music. This helped them to create their identity as artists. They still have the same values and still continue to work better to be better artists.

Alex Pall understands that their audience is expanding and thus they need to keep pushing themselves and do new and exciting things. He recently had an opportunity to showcase his home in the Hollywood Hills to Wall Street Journal. He bought the house two years ago. The 1930s classic bungalow is fitted with slate floors and stone fireplaces. The entryway accommodates a huge tree that gives 3,600 square foot home a mid-century feeling.

The renovations done to it in the 1980s and 1990s gave the residence an industrial edge. The interior decor by Peti Lau reflects the eclectic style of Alex. A walk into the different rooms will reveal that Pall does not fear to blend together things that may not traditionally match to come up with new and outstanding works of art. The stylish bungalow is indeed revealing that Chainsmokers are doing quite great in their career.

The Chainsmokers Show Much Love For Fellow Artist Avicii

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart the duo makes up the American DJ and production group the Chainsmokers. They were recently at The Billboard Music Awards, where thousands had come to see the performances and awards. The awards ceremonies took place in Las Vegas at the Grand Garden Arena. The duo was awarded the Top Dance/Electronic Act award. Among others that were at the gala with them was Halsey and Kelly Clarkson both famous singing sensations.

The ceremony had a somber tone when Avicci, a Swedish DJ and producer who was much loved in the community was honored. Avicci’s death was felt throughout the industry, struggling with mental problems and in the end taking his own life. The duo spoke about how Avicci had inspired and had touched so many artists inside EDM and that he meant so much to the community. Halsey who had sang on the Chainsmokers track “Closer” with Drew Taggart added “Everyone who worked with him would say he was such a joy and that makes his tragedy so much more painful. It is a reminder to all of us to be there and support and love our friends and family members who may be struggling with mental illness.”

When the Chainsmokers received their award, Taggart went on to say “We want to dedicate this award to Avicci, he is someone who made us believe that this is something we could do with our lives. Inspired all of us. Influenced our music and influenced pop music in general. He will be missed and I hope he has found peace.”

The Chainsmokers are a very talented duo and have had the honor of winning the 2017 Top Hot 100 Song. This year they presented the award to Luis Fonsi for “Despacito”. They have collaborated with Coldplay on the single “Something Just Like This” in February of 2017. The most recent work has been with Drew Love on the single “Somebody” which is building up to their next album release Sick Boy EP

Illegally Blonde


Reese Witherspoon has found herself in the news again, and not because she won a second Academy Award. The actress and owner of the fashion line known as Draper James is in hot water following accusations of design theft. Witherspoon’s label now faces a five million dollar lawsuit for allegedly stealing imagery created by Jeweller, Jordann Weingaertner. Recently Vogue wrote in depth article addressing the issue, and delving into the particulars of the latest drama, which can be read here, in Vogue… for those interested in more of the scandalous details. In short, Weingartner feels that a tote bag crafted by Draper James shows a blooming flower with the letter ‘D’ front and center is a little too similar to designs featured in Weingartner’s ‘Magnolia’ line. In fact, the jeweller claims she is sure the Oscar winner had prior knowledge of the design after receiving a necklace featuring an image she feels is all too similar to her own work. Frustrated, Weingartner has only made this a legal issue because Witherspoon refused to respond.

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Sergio Continues To Push The MJ Impersonation To Greater Heights

When Jackson took the stage there would often be a lot of screaming. It would be so amazing to see the man that was about to entertain fans that most people could not stop screaming. This is why he often stood on stage for minutes just to take in all the admiration. Sergio Cortes may be pushing for this same level of respect and admiration as the greatest of the MJ impersonations. He is taking his shows to even greater heights, and he is doing what no other impersonators have been able to do: Sergio is going on tour. There are videos of screaming fans that see Sergio Cortes and applaud him as he walks through town. This is the evidence of the striking resemblance that he has to Michael Jackson. Now he is trying to get himself more engaged with what Michael Jackson has done on stage to build an even greater show.

Sergio has the desire to take his “Human Nature Tour” around the world. He is thinking big much like his idol who moved beyond performing in his homeland of America when he was young. Sergio isn’t from the United States so he may be campaigning to eventually do the opposite and penetrate the American impersonation market. Barcelona born Sergio Cortes has been doing the MJ shows for a while now, but he has a lengthy music catalog to work with. He could honestly tweak the show for decades and continually add something new if he chose to. There certainly are some strong numbers like “Billie Jean” that are pertinent to the show, but Jackson still has material that is being released right now.

Cortes has been able to build a show that highlights the hits, but he can go even deeper because there were still songs that Michael Jackson recorded that were never released. These songs have been keeping the Jackson catalog alive. Many fans may wonder how these songs would have looked if Jackson was still alive to perform these tracks. If Sergio continues to grow in popularity he may have the chance to touch of some of these tracks and build an even greater MJ tribute show. Fans certainly do react well to his performance. He puts lots of work into it so it is easy to appreciate all that he is working on. Sergio has a work ethic that is comparable to MJ.

Impersonator Sergio Cortes Embodies The Spirit Of Michael Jackson

To accurately and consistently replicate the dance style and vocal range of an iconic entertainer such as Michael Jackson is an ambitious undertaking. However, it is one that impersonator Sergio Cortes makes a highly lucrative living doing so.
Born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain, Cortes developed a passionate interest in the music of Michael Jackson at a young age. It evolved from admiring the tunes from The Jackson 5 while keeping an eye on the young singer in front, to following Jackson’s future solo career. Cortes began his impersonation work during these adolescent years. Yet he did not gain much notoriety for his work until several years later in 2012 once he hosted a tribute show in the late singer’s name. Much of his growing popularity stems from his numerous performances throughout Brazil.
Once in the presence of Cortes, it comes to no one’s surprise that so many fans flock to watch him perform as he is able to capture the very essence that was Michael Jackson. On first glance, it is easy to mistake the impersonator for the late musician. It is not just the classic gloves, shoes and hat that give cause for a double take. Cortes goes further than just wardrobe alone as his long hair and face down to the eyebrows and chin simply scream ‘Michael Jackson.’ He even nails down Jackson’s movements and mannerisms. Furthermore, thanks to meticulous studying since childhood, Cortes has nearly mastered much of Jackson’s infamous dance moves, and is even able to fluidly perform the signature and beloved moonwalk.
His entire act is wrapped up with his vocal abilities. It is no question that Jackson had an incredible and difficult to match range, and yet Cortes goes above and beyond in that category. He embodies the late musician’s vocal inflections, and sustains a remarkable amount of pitch control. Cortes also maintains a vigorous on-stage presence and energy, and each lyric that pours out of him resonates as though the King of Pop were singing the words himself.
Currently, Cortes is employed under Destiny Projects, an act that focuses strongly on artistic development. He continues to hone his skills by constantly observing every video of his favorite artist. Although the late musician is no longer here, Sergio Cortes exceeds the average impersonator and keeps the spirit of the man alive for fans to still find joy and revel in the extraordinary legacy Michael Jackson left behind.

Brett Favre Finally Returns Home to Lambeau Field

It was bound to happen eventually, it just seemed like it tool too long for what was destiny that had to happen. Even after the sour way that the packers parted ways with their star quarterback Brett Favre, he was destined to come back home eventually. This weekend, Brett Favre returned to Lambeau Field and a packed stadium of fans who still admire and love their most favorite cheese-head son.

Together with Susan McGalla, Brett arrived at the stadium hours before the Hall of Fame ceremony was to begin. He walked those hallways, locker room, and even the field, like he had done hundreds upon hundreds of times in his storied career with the Green Bay Packers. He was a superstar right out of the gate, and his unconventional style of throwing on the run and scrambling out of trouble endeared him to an entire state. He was away from far too long after retiring, and the Packers finally got it right by bringing back Favre to honor him as he should have been years ago.

The reconciliation between quarterback, fans, and Packers is complete. Brett had his time to talk about many stories and memories he had with players, coaches, fans, and even those in the organization. He was choked up a few times but was able to deliver a speech only he could put together. It resembled his play for decades with the packers, fun and unscripted, just like everyone expected.

Will Smith Has Open Relationship With Jada

Will Smith is one the most famous actors of all time. He crossed the racial barrier line many years ago, and he was world famous for his television show ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air.’ However, Will Smith has proved to be much more than a sitcom star. In the late 90s, Will Smith appeared in ‘Independence Day,’ and that film launched his acting career. Smith has become a very rich man thanks to his acting ability.

It is well known that Will Smith has been married to Jada Pinkett Smith for many years, but there seems to be a bit of friction between the married couple. It was recently revealed that Will Smith and Jada have an open relationship. Several movie fans had no idea, and neither did I. Yahoo! brought the startling news to light in a recent article edited by Paul Mathieson. However, it seems that Jada Pinkett Smith is actually okay with her husband being intimate with other women.

Aside from having relations with other women, there are some rumors that Will Smith even gets intimate with men. I am personally in shock, and I don’t know what to believe at this point. It seems that all of the strange behavior from Will Smith is linked to his religious beliefs of Scientology. Film fans are very disappointed and disgusted with the new revelations about Will Smith. However, maybe Jada Pinkett and Will Smith have discovered the new secret to marriage.

Antonio Banderas Spotted With New Girlfriend

Antonio Banderas is one of the most successful actors of the modern era. He has starred in several films such as, ‘Desperado,’ ‘Shrek,’ and ‘Assassins.’ Antonio is also one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, and his perfect features have earned him a lot of attention from women according to a magazine article in GQ from Ray Lane. Banderas is 54-years old, but that does not stop him from dating much younger women.

Antonio Banderas is currently in a relationship with 34-year old fashion student Nicole Kimpel. Antonio Banderas was married to Melanie Griffith for several years, but the couple split a year and a half ago. It seems that Antonio Banderas moved on rather quickly, and he was recently spotted with Nicole in London. Antonio was treating his new girlfriend to a day of shopping and feasting. The couple went to the finest shops and restaurants that London had to offer.

Many people felt that Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith we’re going to stay together forever, but unfortunately things did not end up like that. Melanie Griffith was recently seen walking around in a sleeveless shirt. Melanie’s tattoo of Antonio has been fading, and this leads people to believe that she is currently getting the ink removed. However, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith will always be remembered by the fans and paparazzi. For more information on this story, visit DailyMail.

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger Breakup Details

Miley Cyrus is one of the most famous women on the planet, and she is also one of the most talented singers as well. However, Miley Cyrus has lived a very strange life during the last few years. She has dated several different men, and she has done several strange things that have caught the media’s attention. Recently, Miley Cyrus was in a committed relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick.

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus seemed to be an extremely happy young couple. The pair was seen everywhere, and many people believed that they would stay together for several years to come. However, it was patrick Schwarzenegger who ruined the relationship. Most people would have thought that Miley Cyrus was going to cheat on Patrick, but it actually may have been the other way around.

Patrick Schwarzenegger went on vacation in Mexico, and that’s where the trouble for the couple began. Patrick was seen partying with several young women, and he also had his hands all over them. Miley Cyrus quickly caught wind of Patrick’s exploits, and she immediately put a hold on to the relationship. After a short break, Miley Cyrus decided to permanently cut ties with Patrick Schwarzenegger. Susan McGalla officially reports that the couple is no longer together, and they have since moved on.

Fans of Miley and Patrick were saddened to hear the news. However, it appears that Patrick has inherited more than the Schwarzenegger last name, and he seems to be a womanizer just like his father Arnold. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

Busy Week For The Kardashians

The Kardashian family is in the headlines once again, and this time it’s for several different reasons. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted visiting the Armenian Genocide Memorial. The Armenian government was actually excited to see the Kardashian family arrive in their humble country.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian went to the graves of the genocide victims. They paid their respects just like everybody else, but for some reason, Kanye West was cracking a smile during the ceremony. Kanye must have forgotten where he was, or maybe he doesn’t care as much as we think he does.

Aside from the mourning of the Armenian Genocide, the Kardashians were featured in other news topics as well. There have been reports that Khloe and Lamar Odom’s divorce has not been finalized just yet. However the couple is finished, and both parties wish to move on. Also, the Bruce Jenner sex change transformation has taken Kris Jenner by surprise.

A recent article on Yahoo! revealed that Chris is humiliated by Bruce Jenner’s upcoming operation. In fact, the entire family is distraught and confused at Bruce’s decision, but they all still love him. On April 24th, 2015, Bruce Jenner will be featured in a tell all interview about his life. If you are anything like myself and buddy Dan Newlin, you likely won’t be watching.