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The Chainsmokers Show Much Love For Fellow Artist Avicii

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart the duo makes up the American DJ and production group the Chainsmokers. They were recently at The Billboard Music Awards, where thousands had come to see the performances and awards. The awards ceremonies took place in Las Vegas at the Grand Garden Arena. The duo was awarded the Top Dance/Electronic Act award. Among others that were at the gala with them was Halsey and Kelly Clarkson both famous singing sensations.

The ceremony had a somber tone when Avicci, a Swedish DJ and producer who was much loved in the community was honored. Avicci’s death was felt throughout the industry, struggling with mental problems and in the end taking his own life. The duo spoke about how Avicci had inspired and had touched so many artists inside EDM and that he meant so much to the community. Halsey who had sang on the Chainsmokers track “Closer” with Drew Taggart added “Everyone who worked with him would say he was such a joy and that makes his tragedy so much more painful. It is a reminder to all of us to be there and support and love our friends and family members who may be struggling with mental illness.”

When the Chainsmokers received their award, Taggart went on to say “We want to dedicate this award to Avicci, he is someone who made us believe that this is something we could do with our lives. Inspired all of us. Influenced our music and influenced pop music in general. He will be missed and I hope he has found peace.”

The Chainsmokers are a very talented duo and have had the honor of winning the 2017 Top Hot 100 Song. This year they presented the award to Luis Fonsi for “Despacito”. They have collaborated with Coldplay on the single “Something Just Like This” in February of 2017. The most recent work has been with Drew Love on the single “Somebody” which is building up to their next album release Sick Boy EP

Inside The World of Celebrities


In 2015 we lost one of the most famous old actors. Christopher Lee passed away June 7, 2015. He was well known for his roles in Lord of the Rings as Saruman and his role in Star Wars as County Dooku. He was a knighted actor going by the name of Sir Christopher Lee. A small funeral was held for him with friends and family attending to honor the great late actor.


Another actor who may not be with us for much longer is Michael J. Fox. Diagnosed years ago with Parkinson disease, Fox has been looking worse and worse in his limited public appearances. He is most notably famous for his roles in the Back to the Future franchise.


An actress who’s career and health are both alive and thriving is Angelina Jolie. She has enjoyed a very prominent and long lasting career starring in roles such as Tomb Raider, Salt and Mr. and Mrs. Smith where she met Brad Pitt. The two are now involved in very public divorce.


Another actress who has shot to fame over the last decade is Megan Fox. Largely due to her astonishing good looks, attested in these Megan Fox pictures, the young thespian has had iconic roles in two popular Michael Bay franchises, Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. During her career she has been the subject of a feud between her and director Michael Bay. However, the two seemed to have patched things up as they continue to work on projects together.