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A Review of Don Ressler’s Corporate Career

Don Ressler is one of the most illustrious and successful young entrepreneurs. In the course of his career, he has been pivotal in the success of numerous e-commerce firms in the media and fashion industries. Since his childhood, he had the eye for business and innovation. During his teenage years, he founded, a successful enterprise that was acquired by Intermix Media. This deal heralded Ressler’s entry to the corporate world.

Following the acquisition, Ressler was employed at Intermix Media to help with the incorporation of into the larger firm’s setup. It is during this time that he met Adam Goldenberg, an equally ambitious and talented young entrepreneur who was the Chief Operating Officer of Intermix Media. This presaged the formation of one of the most successful friendships in the corporate world. The two combined their creative power and technical wizardry to form their first company, Alena Media. This was an online marketing and digital content distribution firm, which would go on to revolutionize e-commerce.

Independence from Intermix Media and Initial Success

The success that Alena Media experienced right from its inception is credited to the in-depth market analysis that Ressler and Goldenberg undertook before launching it. It equally opened their eyes to the huge potential that the Internet had. They teamed up once more to set up Intelligent Beauty, which unlike Alena Media, was independent from Intermix Media. Intelligent Media was an ecommerce platform that was involved in direct selling. Its first services was Dermstore, an online store that dealt in skincare products. Following its success, the duo launched SENSA. This groundbreaking online weight loss program similarly proved to be a hit within the health and fitness fraternity.

JustFab and Greater Recognition

Despite the success that his early business endeavors enjoyed, Ressler’s name is synonymous with JustFab, an Internet-based fashion retailer that he and Goldenberg co-founded. This company has been a pacesetter as far as e-commerce is concerned. It gives fashion enthusiasts an opportunity to shop and pay for their favorite items online without necessarily visiting fashion stores physically.

JustFab’s has been a runaway success since it was launched. Ressler’s reputation within the corporate world has enabled him to raise funds that have helped stabilize the company’s operations. He has actively led the acquisition of firms such as Fab Shoes, Fab Kids, and Shoe Dazzle, all of which have been added to JustFab’s portfolio. Besides this, he has played a crucial role in the recruitment of highly talented individuals such as Kimora Lee who is the firm’s president.