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The Growth of Zeco Auriemo and Why He Recently Hosted a Dinner

Zeco Auriemo, commonly known by many in the corporate world as Jose Auriemo Neto is an investor, and also one of Brazil’s real estate pioneers. Currently, he is the president of JHSF, a position he occupied in 1993. He is referred by those close to him as Zeco, and has helped in revolutionizing Brazil’s real estate sector. Through JHSF, he introduced the concept of high luxury and ultra-modern projects.


Where He Began

Zeco Auriemo became renowned in Brazil after taking over JHSF, his family’s real estate company, while he was still less than thirty years. That made him stand out, as one of the youngest leaders in real estate, and also in all of the firm’s branches. However, the leadership of the Company was not handed to him on a silver platter, but first, he proved that he deserved the seat while working at JHSF since he was a teenager. The opportunity helped him acquire a great deal of expertise and knowledge, on how to run a real estate company. When he was finally appointed as president, he had what it takes to steer it to success.

Besides the experience that he earned while working at JHSF before his appointment, his prowess can also be attributed to his academic background in engineering. Today, under his belt, JHSF has grown tremendously, and is the force behind most stylish malls in the country. Besides the malls and other high luxury projects, Zeco Auriemo has also led the company into the building of a renowned executive airport.

Recently Zeco Auriemo held a dinner to mark the opening of the renowned Rene Caovilla store in the Cidade Jardim mall. Rene Caovilla is a renowned Italian shoe brand, and the first in Sao Paulo having been opened in one of JHSF’s mall, it was an honor which explains why Zeco saw the need to host a dinner for the event. The dinner was attended by the director of the brand, Edoardo Caovilla, in addition to other A-list members of the Brazilian community invited by Zeco Auriemo making it one of a kind occasion.


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