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Adam Milstein, Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is a true American success story. Born in Morocco, Milstein was raised mostly in Israel. He even served in the Israeli Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War. As an adult, he moved to the United States. He ended up in Los Angeles, California.

That’s where Milstein really hit his stride. He completed an MBA at the famed University of Southern California. When it came to find a job, he quickly realized he would need to strike out on his own. Propsective employers were not making good offers. He wouldn’t be making any more than someone with less education and training.

Instead of working for someone else, he struck out on his own. Milstein became a commercial real estate broker. In just three short years, he had seen enough success to become a real estate investor. Today, Mr. Milstein is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties.

One of Milstein’s secrets is that he’s not work-shy. If there’s a gap in the market, or he can’t find someone to provide a service, he does it for himself. He also doesn’t limit himself. Instead of being perfectionist, Milstein allows his goals to shift as he gets more information. His go-getting attitude made it more than possible for him to achieve the American Dream. It’s also made it possible for him to help others reach their dreams.

He’s become a committed philanthropist. He’s particularly interested in Israeli-Jewish issues. The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation seeks to help strengthen Israel. It makes grants to worthy organizations working there and in the US.

Milstein also sits on the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel. This organization makes it possible for young Jewish Americans to visit Israel. Other organizations he supports include StandWithUs and the Israel on Campus Coalition. With his philanthropy, he has helped enhance young people’s lives. He’s made things better for the populations of two countries he calls home.


Why Making the Right Investment Is Important To Retirees

Mr. David Giertz  the current vice president of Nationwide financial services a firm that acts a broker for larger brokerage firms that are dealing with mutual funds, bonds, stock, security among other related products.

He currently resides in Ohio and apart from his work at Nationwide; he is involved in oversight duties in different financial and social security firms. As a financial advisor in the business sector, he cautions security and investment firms to be careful with how they handle their finances since it might turn out problematic as people approach retirement.

A lot of people don’t take life after retirement seriously with most of them waiting till they get there before making solid plans. Giertz notes that despite having an excellent monthly paycheck, it can sometimes prove challenging to save for an early retirement. One of the reasons why this might be the case is that most people hardly estimate the amount of cash that’s going to cover their retirement. In most cases, saving the little you get into your retirement account is a good idea but on a closer look the cash can sometimes end up not being enough.

If this is the case, then you will be forced to look into different opportunities to boost your financial stability before retirement kicks in. Giertz also notes that investment is always not a ticket to financial freedom but is dependent on how you invest and where you invest it. The only way to achieve financial freedom is understanding how, where and when to invest. In his assertion, the first thing you shouldn’t overlook when making smart investment decision is whether you have enough cash for early retirement.

He notes that people need to be conversant with their retirement needs before figuring out how much they need to save for it. To attain the primary retirement investment limit, individuals should have saved about six times their yearly income before reaching 50 years.

Functions of Boraie Development

Omar Boraie founded Boraie Development. He is an Egyptian immigrant. Omar Boraie moved to New Jersey forty years ago. His primary objective was to attain a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He acquired an inspiration in the real estate development during his stay in the urban center and started venturing into the business without hesitation.

The development has thirty years of good track record in sales and property development. It partners with many financial institutions, architects, and contractors to finish most of their projects. Boraie development is known for building spectacular and sustainable buildings. They give out quality services to their customers. They use their expertise and capital on many projects.

The company has good strategic plans in managing the properties. It is important to note that the management has excellent customer services, management, and administration. They also have professional staff members who deal with marketing, accounting, and leasing services. They also partner with many companies in order to provide charity services to the New Jersey and improve the economic status of the state. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

Boraie Development has invested in the urban areas in order to enable people to meet their economic demand. They have specialized in two critical areas that include restructuring development and financial planning. They target residential building, student hostels, hotel buildings, and retail buildings. They cover broad areas because of the strong leadership and dedication to the urban development.

According to NJ Biz, there are three main pillars that help the company to foster the smooth running of their projects. They allow the purchase of assets by the customers, enhance active development in an urban center, and provide civic leadership skills to the staff members in the distress locations. The Boraie development has recently opened the rental tower that takes care of the high population of the trendy renters in New Jersey. The company strives to meet the needs of the occupants by providing them with spectacular buildings that have modern designs.

Boraie development offers affordable services to the customers. The rental towers cost one thousand eight hundred dollars per month. The buildings are very spacious, have full-service amenities, and have a well-designed platform. They provide 24-hours customer service, quality management, and well maintenance service. The pride of Boraie development is their ability to accommodate and change the lifestyle of many people who live in the city of New Jersey.

Reference published by Central Jersey Working Moms.

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How Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Transformed Fabletics into a Marketing Success Story

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s paths crossing signaled the start of a number of great brands that blend consumer demand, fashion and technology. Adam Goldenberg ventured into the business world at the tender age of 15. He came up with a site that used to advertise on behalf of gaming companies. He later on sold the site in 1999 to Intermix Media but still remained involved with it. He dropped out of school to become the VP and COO of the company. Don Ressler on the other hand also sold a company to Intermix Media and this is where the duo met. The two became acquaintances and started a number of online-based businesses together. They mainly focused on fashion and beauty as both enjoyed a huge demand.


Setting the Foundation


Adam and Don focused on two crucial factors that guarantee success for products: pain points and trends. They realized that a huge number of customers were deeply annoyed due to the lack of a simpler way of finding what they exactly needed. This led to the duo creating a personalized online business that offered the greatest and latest fashion services. JustFab and TechStyle are some of the examples of online business that the duo started and were highly successful. Fabletics, is by far their hugest marketing successes. Almost every internet user has seen the numerous sponsored advertisements marketing athletic leggings. Adam and Don realized that plus size people were finding it hard to find athletic clothing that would fit them well and exploited this idea to the fullest.


Tremendous Strategies


Don and Adam chose the perfect word for their online business, Fabletics, which implies something fabulous. The duo uses models of different sizes to pass the message that their outfits accommodate all types of body types. Members get great discounts on their purchases, which is another awesome strategy that they employ to get more people to sign up. Fabletics membership assures a member of having the most suitable outfits picked for them depending on their tastes and a preference which makes them feel special. In order to stamp their authority, they co-founded the athletic line with popular actress Kate Hudson. Kate is passionate about healthy living and this helps women learn and yearn to embrace their own inimitable beauty.


Blending Online Shops and Brick-and-Mortar Stores


Ever since Fabletics started back in 2013, the line has attracted more than 1 million VIP members. The number is swelling hence the need for physical stores. Fabletics invested a lot on technology to offer the best customer experience.


Brian Bonar’s Finance And Investing Diversification Background

Brian Bonar is a former Scottish mechanics-based businessman and software developer who’s now mostly retired and spends his time in other endeavors. Bonar has put together advanced software designs and automated technology with accounting programs to build solutions for businesses looking to outsource operating costs. He’s also been an expert in ETF investments and making stock trades over the years. He recently reported very positive outlooks for his latest company, TRUCEPT Inc on PRNewswire.Brian Bonar’s professional career started in 1968 when he graduated from Strathclyde University and joined the IBM UK Ltd. procurement department. During that time he also attended Staffordshire University where he completed his master’s and later his doctorate. In 1985 he became Director of Software engineering for quality management systems at QMS Inc. He turned his attention to printing and copying technology in 1989 when he joined Rastek and Adaptec companies and became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. During that time he also founded a company named Bezier Systems that developed a SCSI-based printer.

Bonar decided to take his experience in software and printing development to build a company that could deliver full support services in addition to manufacturing printers, and in 1995 that company was titled ITEC Imaging Technologies. In 2001 they partnered with SourceOne and the Solvis Group, and in 2004 changed their name to the Dalrada Financial Corporation. Bonar has served as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and CEO of this company. The Dalrada Financial Corporation is a professional employer organization (PEO) company that hires and manages the payroll and taxes for client company employees so that the company only has to worry about managing day-to-day activities. In addition to TRUCEPT, other companies started under the Dalrada Financial Corporation including Allegiant Professional Services and AMS Outsourcing.

Bonar also started restaurant investing not long ago after taking up an interest in local struggling San Diego County establishments and believed he could turn them into prosperous venues. He began having several pubs and corner cafes upgraded to upscale dining places, but he also wanted to bring in top quality cooks and chefs to manage them. He became great friends with Patrick Ponsaty, an award-winning cook whose won the Master Chef of France award. Bonar hired Ponsaty to manage Bellamy’s Bistro and later gave him a share of the ownership, and he’s also working with Ponsaty to build up the Ranch at Bandy Canyon into a hot tourist spot. While he’s not busy running TRUCEPT, Bonar writes columns for small publications and gives investment advice, or he might be out golfing or boating.

Logan Stout: Offering Healthy Living Options For All Through IDLife

Logan Stout has enjoyed baseball and other different sports since he was a young boy. He has always had a fascination with winning strategies and how to develop them. Logan was born in Texas and graduated from JJ Pearce High School. He was part of the Student Athletic Council and during his education at Pearce, he was both on the varsity baseball team and basketball team.

As an entrepreneur, he’s a natural seeker of success. Logan Stout started off by being a professional baseball athlete and was included in 17 World Series events. At Panola, Logan Stout attended and earned​ his Business Degree. Not only did he attend Panola, but he also earned his Psychology Degree at the University of Dallas.

Some of his best memories in his early childhood would involve playing sports with friends and teammates. One of the things that he really feels proud about is serving as a mentor and encouraging young people who are struggling in their life. His passion led to the development of the Dallas Patriots, which is one of the biggest organizations​ in the world today.

The Dallas Patriots offers community service and volunteer positions to people who are willing to help him accomplish his goals. Logan’s creative ideas has led him to a path of success and entrepreneurship that would be considered selfless. He wants to make sure that he’s helping people the best he knows how through physical health by focusing on the body, soul, and well-being of the mind. This form of thinking has led him to the creation of new and innovative health care products. In 2014, he developed a line of products called IDLife. IDLife includes energy supplements and shakes to assist with weight management and healthy living. His marketing approach was very unique because he was able to offer potential clients a free personalized assessment that would include a quick questionnaire. The questionnaire would then assist his staff into offering each client the best combination of products for their needs.

Troy McQuagge’s Big Win for USHEALTH Group

The continent is full of great men and women who exhibit exemplary leadership skills at their different position of leadership. I must admit that despite their progress, not all of them get recognized and be awarded or at least get nominations. However, this does not undermine the credibility of their amazing leadership abilities.

One leader who happens to score on all fronts is Troy McQuagge, the current president and CEO of USHEALTH Group. Mr. Troy brought joy and merry down to his organization by topping the CEO of the Year position at the esteemed One Planet℠ Awards, 2016. Winning this award is no mean achievement and Troy has all the reasons to rejoice. The One Planet℠ Awards seeks to reward excellent leaders all over the world regardless of their industry involvement.

Mr. Troy joined USHEALTH Group in 2010 and straight away started working his way up to the big seat. Thanks to his distribution agency strategy, Troy was able to completely turn around the company, a factor that saw him ascend into the big seat. While at the CEO he used his expertise and leadership skills to influence growth, success, and profitability in the business thus helping it gain the reputation it commands in the health insurance industry.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy is a well-established entrepreneur and businessperson from the city of Panama in Florida. As the president of the USHEALTH Group, McQuagge seems to be in good control. He also doubles up as the group’s CEO. Mr. Troy is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida where he graduated with a B.A degree in Legal Studies.

Troy is not only qualified but also well qualified. With over thirty years’ experience in the industry, Troy has deservedly earned himself the best CEO of 2016 award. Mr. Troy started his career in 1983 at Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995 he moved to join UICI that later changed its name to HealthMarkets. Troy during his time at HealtMarkets helped the company realize one of the largest profits in their books.

Naturally, Troy McQuagge is a born leader. His CV speaks volumes about him, and the One Planet℠ Awards might just be his starting point for subsequent great Excellence recognition awards.

Why Didn’t James Dondero Purchase Greek Sovereign Bonds?

Nowadays, there are many governments which issue sovereign bonds. This allows them to raise money on the international capital markets. Why did James Dondero’s Highland Capital fund choose to invest in Argentina and not Greece?


“Greece is Usually Bankrupt”


The whole concept of the credit score is to measure “creditworthiness.” Well, how many of these nations are truly creditworthy? Most African nations are not able to issue sovereign debt because they are not deemed to be “creditworthy.”


Is Greece creditworthy?


Did you know that for 50% of its existence as an independent nation, Greece has been in default, according to Forbes? Of course, that is a horrible record. Forbes described Greece as a “basket case.” Is a basket case creditworthy?


What most people don’t know is that many Greek public, income-producing assets have already been encumbered. Many of them are already owned by creditors or have large liens placed against them. That is why some refuse to buy Greek sovereign bonds.


“Strong Argentina Infrastructure”


How Does Argentina look? Since 1824, Argentina has defaulted 8 times. That also makes it one of the top countries for financial insolvency. Why did Highland Capital’s Jim Dondero purchase Argentina bonds and not Greek bonds?


Eventually, an estimated 24% of Highland Funds assets were invested in Argentina. James Dondero and his “alpha analysts” calculated that the “country’s natural resources, developed infrastructure, and educated population would ultimately limit losses.” Unfortunately, Greece does not have as many undeveloped natural resources.


Some also believe that Argentina still has the financial ability to repay its debt, while Greece might not. After Mauricio Macri was elected in 2015, Argentina offered to “pay $6.5 billion to settle lawsuits.” Compare this to Greek’s inability to repay its debt and request for more funding by the EU Central Bank.


“Math Counts”


James Dondero has invested in the Dallas community by purchasing computers for the students to learn their mathematics. The “Reasoning Mind” charity is a nice project “teaching people how to fish.” Hopefully, these future leaders can increase the proficiency of governments in balancing their budgets.