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Cone Marshall Maintains A Top Position Championing Tax Laws And Trust

Since 1999, Cone Marshall has been offering clients in different specialty services aligned to tax laws and trust. The company was formed by two professionals, Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall and over the years, the firm has grown to attain international status despite serving mostly within New Zealand. The firm is headquartered in Auckland and they have a direct contact system available on theirwebsite.

Before she joined the firm in 2005, Karen Marshall was serving in London, where she worked for 10 years with a law firm that handled commercial litigation. In 2006, she was appointed as a principle in the company and her input has been impressive to the enhancement of the performance of the firm. Her wide experience in advisory has allowed the firm to handle all kinds of trusts.

On the other hand, Geoffrey Cone has since 1980 offered international tax planning and trust as well as managing services. His experience is a great addition to the company since he comes in with special skills that have been necessary to the advancement of the firm. The two have combined their knowledge and prior experience to form a strong firm that is moving to take over the New Zealand market and dedicated to offering services that reflect the need to maintain the truth and dependability.

Cone Marshall has also contributed to several debates especially ones touching on the increase in foreign trusts within the country. He points out that the strong force witnessed can be attributed to the trust and international recognition that New Zealand has earned over the years. He also foresees further growth of the industry and his call has been for the reorganization of law firms so they can fully tackle the problems ahead to streamline trust and tax laws.

About Cone Marshall Ltd
For more than one decade, Cone Marshall has established a strong service that is working with international families and advisors. The firm has worked on getting an established system of trusts and partnerships within New Zealand, something that is also enhancing the provision of globally viable wealth planning.

Cone Marshall works with attorneys, private banks, family advisors and other institutions that are located beyond the borders of New Zealand by offering them assistance during the planning process for their clients. Cone Marshall has established a strong service that has been ensuring all parties are catered for as required by the law.

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Don Ressler Is a Great Businessman

Don Ressler has achieved many great things in the world of technology. Don has been able to become successful by starting many websites that have made a great deal of money in a relatively short period of time. Many people have asked him about the secret to his success. He is very humble in the many interviews that he has granted over the years. He often credits his success to the team of people who assist him with his various business ventures on Wikipedia. However, there is no question that Don is the person who makes all of the decisions regarding the startups that he launches.

Don Ressler started several retail websites and achieved moderate success when he first broke into the world of tech startups. He learned a lot from his early experiences. This helped him to achieve huge success later on. The first startup that was enormously profitable for Don was a skincare site called Dermstore. Don has often said that one of the most important things to do when you are creating a startup is to choose the right industry to get into. Don believes that you should choose an industry that sells products that will always be in demand. This will ensure that your site will have a steady stream of revenue if there is a downturn in the economy. Don knew that people will always buy skincare products because they will want to look good.

Don Ressler put the profits from Dermstore to good use. He decided that he wanted to start a completely different type of website. He wanted to get involved with the clothing industry. Once again, clothing is something that every person on the planet needs. This is true regardless of their income, ethnicity or level of education. Therefore, he launched his clothing website called JustFab. The site became a huge success that was far beyond Don’s wildest expectations. The site really caught on in some of the European countries like France.

Don was now one of the most important players in the tech startup industry. He had many venture capitalists on who wanted to invest money in his next startup project. These people knew that Don had a knack for creating successful startups and they wanted to get in on the action. Don used the money from the venture capitalists to start a new website called Fabletics. This is a site that sells quality athletic apparel.

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VTA Publications Believes in Helping Rather Than Reaping Their Own Benefits

What if you could lose something while consecutively gaining more? The stock market, for example, is for investment. However and too often, those who take big risks are left with virtually nothing if the market crashes or if a particular stock did not do as well as anticipated. Surely the wealthy are able to recover from any woes, but those who tried and failed are determined to be out of luck and left with nothing. Jim Hunt of VTA Publications, however, urges investors to understand that failed money is not vanished money.

Jim Hunt is an advisor for an investment firm that offers advice and literature to those purchasing or selling stock. Recently, Jim Hunt crafted something known as “Wealth Wave.” Describing it as a surfer looking for the perfect wave, Hunt stressed the importance of understanding that failed stock simply means that your money is still out there, but it is in a different location. Jim Hunt believes in helping people find this lost money through his strategy and invests his own efforts in helping them discover it.

Surely Hunt cannot receive all of the credit for the work that VTA Publications does, but the team of experts intent on changing such a competitive industry for the better can. Since 2012, this firm has published books on the stock market, organized learning events, and has even established and taught courses for those really in need of assistance. Thus far, the firm has helped thousands of people both locally and internationally, which speaks volumes of their experience in less than a decade. VTA Publications is actually available for help rather than to just reap their own benefits from this line of work.

There Are Several Easy Ways To Establish and Maintain A Positive Online Reputation

For a couple of years now, I’ve been hearing the term “online reputation management”, but I wasn’t sure of exactly what was involved with the process. When I recently came across a current Online Reputation Reviews article that explains the basics of managing online reputations, I was eager to read it.

One of the first points that this article conveys is that consumers do not make blind, or uninformed purchases anymore. They do conduct research on products and retailers before they purchase products or services, however.

The importance of establishing a positive reputation before any type of negative reputation can be formed, is another good point in this informative article.

In order to establish a positive online reputation, it is suggested that you create as many online profiles as possible. By signing up with every site you can that allows you to create a user profile, the multiple listed accounts can help to outweigh any negative information that may develop.

It is also mentioned in this article that blogging is a good way to establish and maintain a positive online reputation. If you continue to regularly write positive new blog posts, you can probably acquire more regular readers, which can lead to positive comments.

Another effective way of maintaining a positive online reputation is to try to suppress or push down negative search engine results. This can be done by getting your name mentioned on high-ranking sites.

I can’t help but think of the old show business saying “Any publicity is good publicity.” Apparently, that does not hold true in today’s world.


Adam Goldenberg is one of the Motivating Factors behind JustFab

Adam Goldenberg is a mover and shaker in the business world. He began his career at age 15 when he started his first business venture. The success he experienced with his company, called Gamer’s Alliance, prompted him to quit high school after selling the company to the parent company of MySpace, Intermix Media on He became the Vice President of Strategic Planning and when he was 20 years old he was named as the Chief Operating Officer (OO), making him the youngest in that position of a publicly traded company.

While at Intermix he became friends with Don Ressler and when Intermix was sold, Adam Goldenberg and Ressler did not hesitate to start their own company. They co-founded a company called JustFabulous, later changed to JustFab and set upon a course in fashion retail. Neither one knew anything about fashion, but they knew business. They took the e-commerce concept and developed a subscription based fashion retail online entity at They saw a tremendous potential for the company as it created a shopping experience, as well as opportunity based on quality products at an affordable price and incorporate fun and social interaction.

Goldenberg knew he was tapping into an opportunity that was fairly new and in its formative years and with the right kind of business savvy, JustFab had the potential to become highly successful. JustFab offered shoes and handbags, denim and accessories. Mr. Adam Goldenberg helped develop a business model that tailored fashion choices to the member’s personal preferences for a monthly fee.

Through Goldenberg’s guidance, subscription growth was quicker than anticipated and the culture was right for success. Goldenberg, along with his partner have the ability to bring in the right team members that fit the company culture. Goldenberg looks for passion about the JustFab brand and for what they do. Without some level of passion an employee will not thrive. Along with passion, Goldenberg looks for enthusiasm. Goldenberg’s enthusiasm is contagious and that is one of the factors that motivates the team to excel.

Goldenberg has the ability to adapt JustFab to successfully take advantage of market trends and economic activity. He also believes it is important to mentor and work with top performing team members. Part of the success equation is making sure team members stay focused and engaged and Goldenberg considers that part of the success of JustFab.

Growth for JustFab is currently in the works and on the horizon. They have opened several brick and mortar locations and JustFab plans to open more in the next three to five years.

Venezuelan Born Danilo Diaz Granados Is An Investment Analyst In The Hispanic Community

The Hispanic population accounts for more than half of the population growth in the United States. Forty years ago most Hispanics settled in California, Arizona, and Florida, but today Hispanic live in every state in the Union. The reason is simple. Hispanic are not afraid of hard work, and they are willing to accept jobs that the other ethnic groups don’t want. But Hispanics are not just on the lower part of the economic ladder in the United States. There are many wealthy Hispanic people living n the country, and they like to spend money. Venezuelan entrepreneur Danilo Diaz Granados is one of the men that help them invest as well as spend their money.

Danilo Diaz Granados graduated from Babson College in Wellesley Massachusetts with a degree in economics. He also took film courses and became interested in the film industry. But his first love was the investment industry, so he moved to Miami and became an investment advisor for wealthy Hispanic investors. Granados had a talent for picking the right investments. His client list grew, and so did his bank account. Danilo recognized a void in the retail market in the Hispanic community after talking to several clients about their spending habits. Granados decided to start a business that catered to wealthy Hispanic men that didn’t have enough time to shop, but had plenty of money to spend when they found what they wanted. What his clients wanted was expensive watches and rings, contemporary fine art, and exotic cars. Danilo called his new venture Toys for Boys in Miami, and he offered all those items and more in one location.

Granados still has an investment career with Fireman Capital Partners, but he also started a film company called the Edge of Glory Films that captured the interests and everyday challenges that Hispanic face in the United States. According to LinkedIn, Danilo is the production manager, editor, promoter, and distributor for his film company. But he is still very active in the investment world. Granados currently does social and economic analysis work so his clients can invest in assets that will continue to grow as the United States grows through the current economic shift.

Sam Tabar To Advise Hedge Funds With Schulte Roth

You might already know the name Sam Tabar or you might be wondering who he is and why he is qualified to work with the hedge funds of Schulte Roth. After reading this article and seeing all of the things Sam has done during his legal career, you will have no doubt that he is qualified to manage hedge funds and do all the aspect of his life’s work.

Sam is the former head of capital introductions for Bank of America’s Asia-Pacific region. As you might know, Bank of America is associated with Merril Lynch. Becaue of his highly skilled ability, Sam Tabar joined on as the attorney who is catering to the hedge funds of Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. As most people know, it takes a highly skilled lawyer to manage hedge funds and all the responsibilities that go with them. Sam Tabar has proved himself and his skills time and time again.

According to a recent article, published originally on PRNewswire, the law firm of Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, has seen in increase of interest from their clients in Asia. Mr. Tabar is highly qualified to address any issues with these clients because he is already familiar with everything. Everyone knows that the industry or Asia has been growing for quite sometime and no one understands that more than Sam Tabar. Tabar continues to have success with hedge fund ventures. He is a graduate of Oxford University and Columbia Law School. He joined with Merrill Lynic in 2011 in their Hong Kong division. Before that Sam worked with Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP in New York. Although the law firm has no current plans to open a law office in Asia, Sam Tabar is still onboard to help with all the hedge fund needs and is highly qualified to do so.

Former Clariden Leu Exec, Mike Baur, Steped Out on His Own

Former Clariden Leu executive, Mike Baur, stepped out on his own in 2014 to form a new initiative called According to sources, the reason for leaving the seeming comfort of the private banking auspices of Sallfort was to engage in this new entrepreneurial venture. One of the key aspects of his new firm is the ability to bring together rich, young investors from different backgrounds and financial sectors to fund promising ventures in new and exciting ways.

Basino will be targeting a younger and adventurous clientele. Mike Baur and his partners assure that they understand this European demographic since Baur is just a little under 40 years old. Baur relates that the key element of this business is to appeal to these young investors and provide them with opportunities that meet and are congruent with their thought processes and ideologies. What he offers them is the exclusivity of what may be characterized as a “young investor’s club.” They have many business events planned as well and visits to their company so that participants can understand their ethos.

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Innovation Lab: Fribourg

Baur is looked upon as sort of a trend setter in that he helped to start the private banking industry in Switzerland. Leveraging his more than 20 years of experience in Swiss private banking, he is sure to have the clout to make Basino a force to be reckoned with. His expertise as a Swiss financial specialist is well renowned.

Mike Baur’s involvement with Basino and his young investors club evolved into his present venture called Swiss Startup Factory, where he combines all that he has learned over the last 20 years to help young investors and entrepreneurs to connect with each other and provide the financial counseling and consulting necessary to make them a glowing success. His expressed goals are to take these ventures from simply small Swiss operations and advance them toward multinational and international business powerhouses.

Additionally, the educational and consulting services offered by the Swiss Startup Factory are helping digital startups to expand and market themselves domestically and abroad. They offer a three-month long start-up accelerator program where they offer a unique array of services, such as coaching, mentoring, and providing nascent companies with office space in the heart of Zurich as well as entrepreneurial network to achieve their ambitious objectives.

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iFunding Provides the Customer With Investments Tailored To Their Needs

The team at iFunding want to ensure their customers get the maximum amount of benefits from their platform and therefore offer a unique investment opportunity that meets each individuals strategy. The platform at iFunding screens hundreds of potential investors on a monthly basis and only lists those that provide the best outcomes. There are many real estate properties on offer some of these include, mixed used spaces, commercial, mobile home park portfolios. condo estates, multi family buildings, home refurbishments or even new home construction. On the iFunding platform it is possible to achieve extremely strong due diligence on the investment opportunities available as well as very detailed monitoring process. All documents relating to the pre-vetted deals are supplied online by the iFunding team. This includes construction and insurance certificates, project/developer background research, pro forma projections, comps, strategy explanations as well as videos and photos of the project. There is also the opportunity for customers to attend webinars with the operator of the project in order to state concerns as well as ask questions and direct enquiries.

Essentially iFunding allows the users to leverage the power of crowdfunding with regards to real estate investments which prior to this platform was not possible. This is a growing global trend which is essentially driven by both technology and global securities. There are also changes with regards to the Jobs Act which now allow investors of all backgrounds to access a greater diversity of asset classes that offer very attractive returns. As an example the crowdfunding platform has been utilized for consumer lending which is another asset class and this has seen the commitment of more than $5 billion.

iFunding is possibly the best opportunity when it comes to real estate crowdfunding platforms. They have been featured in publications throughout the country. The team of senior executives at iFunding have underwritten billions in real estate financing which gives them great credibility to help those interested in taking the leap into real estate investments. We have William Skelley to thank for this innovation as he is the founder of iFunding. iFunding was first started in July 2012 and has since exploded onto the market making significant returns for its investors thanks to the team of professionals working at iFunding. CrunchBase indicates they are the leaders in this market segment and continue to strive forward.

Low Unemployment and High Wages: Two Things American Workers want to Hear in 2016

Being unemployed is not a good situation for any person to experience. This condition is also detrimental to families, communities and to society as a whole. When unemployment is high, life for everyone becomes more complex and difficult. Be that as it may, when the unemployment is low everything is opposite.

People who work live more productive lives, communities prosper and grow and society as whole begins to improve. This is what people can look forward to in 2016. The reason for this hope has to do with rising wages and low unemployment. Unemployed people can now find work and improve their financial situation with relative ease.

President Obama’s efforts has helped to improve the job situation in America. Unemployment is currently at an all time low. The 4.9% unemployment rate is considered full employment by economists. American society has not enjoyed these many available jobs since before the 2008 recession. President Obama voices his complaints about not receiving credit for this growth since he was instrumental to the positive growth in the labor market.

The US Department of Labor states the wages for American’s has increased a half percent since the last quarter of 2015. This is a huge amount of money for all workers within many different fields. While job growth was fairly consistent among all occupations; it really skyrocketed in the areas of retail, restaurants and the service industries.

People who work within these occupations typically receive lower wages than most other fields. However, with the slight increase in wages these individuals could earn between an extra 1$ – $3 per hour. This would a significant improvement on the minimum wage rate that is offered to many workers today.

Keep in mind that the minimum wage rate has been increased in at least 16 different states since the start of 2016. This increase has helped lower paid workers to live better lives and to participate more within the economy. The minimum wage increase within states such as New York and Nebraska has had a positive effect on workers and the economy. Remember that when people have more money in their pocket they tend to spend more money in society.

Companies are also preparing to dole out more cash to workers. Now that the economy has an abundance of jobs; companies realize that workers have more choices about where they want to work. So, to attract the best and most qualified workers to their organizations they will have to offer a better salary or hourly wage. Perks such as benefits and vacation days will also be offered by many businesses as well. Employees should take advantage of this situation to try and find the best job possible because this situation will not last forever.

Ultimately, job growth will slow down sometime later in 2016. Once it does, unemployment will slightly increase due to the many complex changes in the labor market. Workers who want to set themselves up for a good job before this decline goes into effect; should start their job search as soon as possible. A more in-depth presentation about this subject is available in the article titled Wages Rise as U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls Below 5%.

Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that knows how important workers are to a society. Workers are important to the success of an investment firm because workers are the individuals that help to generate the huge amount of resources that are needed to make ventures. Madison Street Capital has high end investments at home and abroad. This organization will help investors to create more jobs so that workers can generate a stronger economy and help to improve investment opportunities all across the globe.

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