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Boraie Development Key Player in New Brunswick Renaissance

In a December 30,2014 article entitled “The Visionary: Omar Boraie has seen the potential of New Brunswick for four decades,” by Tom Bergeron, the then 73 year old president of Boraie Development told of how his vision had been taking shape since 1972. He started making his vision a reality by buying up 21 vacant, dilapidated building on the block where now stands Albany Street Plaza Tower One, built during 80’s and 90s. In 2003 Tower Two was completed, providing more office space.

Next his vision included One Spring Street Condominium, 25 stories with 121 residential units as well as 40 thousand square feet of office space, ten thousand square feet of retail space and a 400 parking space garage completed in 2007. The article also told of all the individuals and organizations that shared his vision and made it possible. Omar said that it is collaboration and cooperation with everyone that is building downtown New Brunswick.

His next undertaking was the 17 story Aspire luxury apartments built to attract professionals, such as doctors, teacher nurses, policemen, firemen and other professional. Wasseem Boraie, Omar’s son and vice president of Boraie Development, added how the building would help New Brunswick continue to grow into a vibrant community, New Brunswick 2.0. Boraie Development also includes Omar’s second son Sam and Hiam, his daughter. He said he loves what he does and working with family. At that time Albany Street Tower Three was in the works.

The tallest tower in New Brunswick will soon be under construction in 2019 at 777 McCarter Highway, It will be 33 stories with 370 units, 20% of the units will be affordable. Through Project IMPACT, local residents will be trained for construction jobs and hired to work on site. NBA star Shaquille O’Neal said he’s moving home and is one of the investors, partnered with Boraie Development, the city of Newark, Goldman Sachs and the state of New Jersey. He had grown up in Newark public housing and was encouraged by his mother to invest in the city. One of the penthouse units will be his new residence.

The $150 million development is dubbed “The House that Shaq Built.”The 33 story structure will offer its residents a view of the Manhattan skyline and sat on the bank of the Passaic River. Omar Boraie’s vision and the city of Brunswick continue to grow with the first high rise built there in the last 50 years.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade And His Promotion Of New Cars In Brazil

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has been promotion new cars in Brazil for decades, and part of what he does makes it much easier for people to get around their local communities. He is an expert in business, and he has learned how to work with different companies that will sell to the people of Brazil. He also wanted the people of Brazil to have jobs that would be based in the automotive industry.

  1. Why Does Carlos Love Cars?

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade loves cars because they are a passion of his. He decided to get into car dealerships because he wanted to branch out into the business world. He was instrumental in getting Ford to start dealerships in Brazil, and he knew that he could give people jobs working at each dealership. The Fords that he brought to the nation of Brazil were much more reliable than any other cars people had, and he made certain that the people who were getting cars through his dealerships.

  1. Building Cars In Brazil

Building cars in Brazil helps Carlos give people more jobs. His company has brought plants to Brazil that give hundreds of people jobs, and there are many people driving cars that were made exclusively in Brazil. Carlos manages these plants, and his company has worked with both Hyundai and Subaru to make this possible.

  1. Changing The Economy

There was no car industry in Brazil, but there is because of what Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has done. There are many people who have gotten jobs through his dealerships, and there are more people who have found careers through his factories. There are many people who have a brand new life because of the jobs they got, and they are building cars from the best manufacturers in the world.

  1. Conclusion

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has had a big impact on the Brazilian economy, and he has changed lives because people have better jobs. They are given many chances to earn money, and they are able to better travel around Brazil because these reliable cars.

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Steve Ritchie Displays His Ability to Remedy Situations

In a letter of apology to Papa John’s customers, Steve Ritchie–the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s—made an outright apology for an instance in which a racial slur was allegedly used by an individual closely associated with the Papa John’s brand. This instance of the use of a racial slur in question supposedly took place during a conference call. Aside from this instance in which a questionable conduct occurred, the individual in question also was said to have blamed a decline in sales at Papa John’s to the NFL’s lack of ability to prevent its players from protesting a supposed lack of equitable treatment of minorities in this country during the playing of the national anthem.

In this apologetic letter, Steve Ritchie expressed his intention to personally lead the efforts to win back the trust of Papa John’s customers. Steve Ritchie believes that, with hard work, in time, he will be able to do just exactly this. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s also stated those racial sentiments are solely the sentiments of one individual and they are not shared by the company as a whole, which is made up of 120,000 employees who are hard-working pillars of the community in which they reside. Steve Ritchie also wrote that such conduct will not be tolerated by any employee.

In an article posted on CNN, Steve Ritchie’s efforts to win back the trust of Papa John’s customers includes hiring outside auditors to perform an audit of the company regarding the company’s culture, diversity, and inclusiveness. It also includes sending out members of Papa John’s senior management team to listen to employees and franchises and to obtain their feedback concerning a path on which everyone can move forward. Throughout this entire process, Steve Ritchie promises transparency and asks Papa John’s customers to hold him accountable. Steve Ritchie concludes his letter of apology by thanking Papa John’s customer for being loyal to the company and the Papa John’s brand. Find out about Steve’s salary and bonus stock options here.

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A Look at the DAMAC Owner and Big-Hearted Businessman, Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani, Founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties, has been featured in many publications and written about in many platforms for all good reasons. Apart from being a great businessman and leader of DAMAC Properties and other companies, he is also rich at heart. Under his leadership, DAMAC Properties has outgrown its UAE base to become a worldwide investment and property company. In 2017, it appeared in Forbes’ prestigious list and it was ranked number one global company.

A look at the charity causes Hussain Sajwani advocates for

With a wide business portfolio, Hussain Sajwani has expanded his businesses and ventured into investments across the world. Apart from real estate and property development, he has ventured into construction and building, investment as well as catering markets. Additionally, he values philanthropy and that made foundation for start of charity foundations and programs.

In line with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision, DAMAC owner has endeavored to change lives and empower the community through education.

In a statement, the DAMAC owner believes that it is their moral obligation to give back to the community because it has given so much to them. Hussain Sajwani supports various charity organizations such as Emirates Red Cresent, Dubai Cares among many others. Philanthropy is rooted deep in Hussain Sajwani’s family values.

In the same breathe, according to Property Finder, the DAMAC owner has taken it further by starting a foundation that would see many youth get the desired education and skills. That is in reference to One Million Arab Coders Programs.

A look at One Million Arab Coders Program

Albawaba says that the program that is aimed at providing programming and software development skills to people is a way through which DAMAC owner will promote the Arab community’s growth. It is currently being implemented in phases and many students have enrolled so far. The whole course takes 3 months and is offered online.

The program is an initiative of the Mohammed bin Rashid Global Foundation. Its ultimate goal is equipping one million students with programming as well as software development skills which will help them secure employment.

The successful candidates are given certifications. The 4 developer tracks that are being offered include: android development, data analysis as well as Front and Back end website development.

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The Rise of Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner

DAMAC Properties is a multinational firm that specializes in property development. During his higher education at the University of Washington, Hussain Sajwani pursued Economics and Industrial Engineering. His entrepreneurial journey started with a catering business. He has invested in the hospitality industry for more than three decades. Under his leadership, his catering businesses have been ranked as some of the best in the industry. The DAMAC owner controls over 200 catering ventures which are located in several parts of the world including the Middle East and Africa. Hussain Sajwani is considered as one of the pioneers of the property market in the United Arab Emirates. DAMAC Properties has been operating for more than a decade. Some of the works of the property development company are in cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, and the United Kingdom.

Since its inception in 2002, DAMAC Properties has built more than 17,900 homes and 44, 000 structures are in progress. The growth of the firm can be attributed to his visionary leadership and vast experience in identifying potential investments with good returns. The DAMAC owner is one of the most renowned Arabs around the world. Hussain Sajwani has always focused on growing his businesses. As a form of diversification, he has also invested in global equity and capital markets. During an interview, the DAMAC owner disclosed that he was inspired to start doing business during his tender age as he used to work in his family business.

As per Property Finder, Hussain Sajwani also pointed out that his risk-taking attitude has also contributed to his success. To acquire some capital for establishing his business, he sold time-share apartments. According to him, self-employment has the potential for more income than working for other people. The DAMAC owner is always involved in meeting with key stakeholders in the firm to ensure that all the activities are being performed as planned. He values his clients and has always adopted strategies to retain and attract more over the years. He is a family man and often creates some time for his family. He believes that digital marketing can revolutionize the business world. He pointed out how social media has gained prominence among businesses due to its effectiveness in communication. See this Youtube video.


Jim Toner’s Journey to Success

With nearly three decades of experience in the real estate business, Jim Toner has made a lasting impact on the business. A successful entrepreneur, Toner has learned just what it takes to overcome adversity and succeed in this space. He has seen nearly every thing possible during his career, leading him to make some changes in his career path. He recently shared his experience and what he learned.

Jim Toner spent years in the real estate business. In 2010 some things began to change however, and he felt it was time for a change. Toner felt a national ‘guru’ was hurting his business along with his clients. This person stole money and basically caused Toner’s business to sink. It was the ultimate straw that broke the camel’s back. Toner decided to leave real estate and pursue other things.

This period of time became a much needed brake for Jim Toner. During this time he spent lots of hours helping business owners and entrepreneurs by giving them advice and guidance to improve their business. He even used this time to write a book titled ” Send in the Wolves.” The book was very successful landing at #1 on Amazon. Toner however never lost his passion for real estate. A call from a friend soon convinced him to make a return to the real estate world.

Toner’s return to real estate was not without some conditions. Toner had two conditions that he forced himself to keep when he returned. His conditions are as follows: He would always pick the market in which we would operate; He would recruit the best local investor in that town to operate his program. This set of standards has allowed Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) to re-enter the real state world and avoid the pitfall he had experienced previously. Today he is as successful and happy as ever.

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Jacob Gottlieb Is The Talented CIO Of Visium Asset Management

Jacob Gottlieb is the Chief Information Officer of Visium Asset Management, and he has stuck with his company through, both, good times and bad. He founded the company in 2005 and is the only key executive remaining. Visium Asset Management manages a healthcare hedge fund that was put together with a group of investors, and he has done a good job managing the fund based on his knowledge of the healthcare field due to his medical degree. He earned that degree from NYU’s School of Medicine and also finished up a medical internship afterwards.

Instead of pursuing a career in medicine, he decided to find work on Wall Street and went to work for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. He served the company as a buy-side analyst focusing on international healthcare and decided to move on two years later to work with the Merlin Biomed Group managing its portfolio. After a short time with the company, he decided to work with Balyasny Asset Management (BAM) where he earned a reputation that attracted his early team. He left BAM and started up Visium with $300 million in seed capital and grew the company into a billion dollar hedge fund that employed 170 people.

The rest of his initial team has moved on to take on other endeavors and among them is Joshua Brown, who served Visium as a portfolio manager and partner for over a decade. He is now the senior vice president for Paulson & Co., which is a $9 billion hedge fund. Ron Belldegrun also served at Visium, and since he left the company, he has started up his own business, which is known as Consumer Health Ventures. He put the company together with his father, Arie Belldegrun, and CHV focuses on investing and building companies in the consumer health sector. Steven Ku, who served Visium as its Chief Operating Officer is now an executive minister at NextGen Church where he is a pastoral team member who looks over the finances and administrative aspects of the church. Neetu Dhaliwal was a senior analyst at Visium and has since served on Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016.


Celebrity Ryan Seacrest’s Philanthropic Hat

There is only one man in the entertainment industry who has not only worked in five different genres of the industry, but who is also paving the way for philanthropy and blazing a new trail for other celebrities to follow in his footsteps. This man is no other than Ryan Seacrest: the famed host of American Idol and the New York City New Year’s Eve ball dropping. Seacrest has opened up a flagship recording studio on the seventh floor of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. The studio is frequented by many types of celebrities in the Los Angeles area, and is a place where children can learn the news, broadcasting, and entertainment side of the world in order to lift their spirits and give them hope for the future. The patients are allowed to make music videos on green screens, record songs, listen to interviews from the many celebrities who stopped by, meet and greet them, and hear live performances from the artists.

Celebrities who have stopped by include Selena Gomez, Danielle Bradbery, Drake Bell from the show Drake & Josh, Nick Jonas, Chris Martin of Coldplay, CeeLo Green, Jason Derulo, John Legend, Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, and many more: All stop by for a visit.

The flagship studio has been so successful that Ryan has opened up ten more studios across the country. The locations of these newer studios include Dallas, Charlotte, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, and others. Ryan Seacrest has a successful career in varied genres including radio, film, sports commentating (Superbowl), and even some producing … for which he has earned two Emmys. Ryan Seacrest is the producer of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jamie Oliver’s food Revolution, Married to Jonas, and Shahs of Sunset. The TV host‘s presence has even graced the likes of the movies Knocked Up, Get Smart starring Steve Carell, and he has been the voice of Butter Pants on Shrek Forever After.

Roberto Santiago Helps To Restore Brazil Building By Building

The Manaira Shopping Mall is Brazil’s largest shopping area built by Roberto Santiago in 1989. Roberto wanted to contribute to Brazil’s weak economy and he wanted to create a new high-quality shopping experience for the region’s residents. Mr. Santiago is a popular developer, entrepreneur, realtor, and businessman. Not only did he build the Manaira Mall, he also built a smaller sized mall in a nearby area called The Mangerira Mall in 2013.


Roberto Santiago graduated from the University Center of Joao Pessoa with a Business Administration and Finance degree. He also graduated from the Pio X-Marist College with a Master’s Degree. As a successful businessman, Roberto Santiago believes in supporting the betterment of Brazil by employing as many of his conterrâneos as possible. Mr. Santiago’s first business was a cartonnage company which manufactured and shipped products made from quality cardboard material.


Mr. Santiago built the three-tier Manaira Mall with architectural grandiose. The Manaira Mall is open 24 hours a day. He designed the mall with colorful amenities including floral paintings and flowers which are unique to this South American country. The Manaira Shopping Mall features family size movie theaters with dining and lounging amenities, multi-lane bowling alleys, family amusement park areas, fully equipped gyms, a large food court, upscale bars, and chef-inspired restaurants.


There are retail shops of all types featuring home design ideas, electronic stores and more within the three floors of the Manaira Mall. The Manaira Mall is said to increase Brazil’s retail growth forecast which gives the region a positive recovery report after a couple of years of a slow recession. Mr. Santiago said that the mall is bringing millions of shoppers, diners, and fun seekers (O divertimento de asilo). For total comfort, Mr. Santiago also incorporated chic VIP rooms with plushy seating, modern video/streaming equipment, and other hi-tech amenities.


The Manaira Mall was cleverly designed by Mr. Santiago to be a great cultural experience for the citizens and visitors. Within the mall are banking systems and an accredited college. On the rooftop is the massive Domus Hall. Dormus Hall was designed by Roberto with a massive stage to support local entertainers and to be used by performers from around the world. The Dormus Hall will also be used to host many local activities like wedding ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, graduation events, regional fairs and more.


Mr. Roberto Santiago enjoys blogging. He blogs regularly about activities in and around Brazil. Not only does he enjoy writing, he is also adept as a video producer. Roberto Santiago is a generous philanthropist as he invests in many local industries, entertainment ventures, financial partnerships, educational projects, and real estate endeavors. He also enjoys off-road motorsports.


An Insight into the Inspiring Career of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a Swiss serial investor, a sports lover, and business executive. He has a great passion for the use of technology and digital transformation for start-up business as well as the entire Swiss economy. Mike has an education background in financing and business administration. He has an extensive career background in banking before switching to venture into his own business. Currently, Mike Baur is the Co-founder and executive chairman of Swiss Startup Group AG.




In 2000, Mike Baur graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Bern with a bachelor degree in Applied Science, Banking, and Finance. Later in 2007, he joined the University of Rochester for an MBA and the University of Bern for an Executive Masters of Business Administration. Mike Baur began his career in Banking where he worked for over two decades.


Mike Baur started working at UBS Wealth Management in various positions from 1991 to 2008. At UBS, Baur succeeded in working and advising affluent Swiss investors on investment matters. The talented banker switched to Clariden Leu in 2008. At Clariden Leu, Mike became the head of private banking in Switzerland until 2012. From 2012 to 2014, Mike served at Sallfort Privatbank AG as the head of private banking. Mike Baur ditched his lucrative banking career to focus on his passion for tech start-up companies.


Career after Banking


After quitting his banking job in 2014, Mike Baur launched a company called Think Reloaded. The firm provides consultation service to wealthy Swiss people on financial management and investment advice. The same year Mike Baur co-foundered the Swiss Startup Factory with his friends, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.


The company aids the young aspiring entrepreneurs in technology by providing training and mentoring services. The firm’s program is an educational process where promising tech entrepreneurs are presented with three months assistance. The services are aimed at increasing the success of these companies. The digital entrepreneurs are funded, provided with free offices in Zurich and taught how to market their products globally. Furthermore, the entrepreneurs are given a chance for networking.


Also, Swiss Startup Factory organizes a pitching contest for the tech startups. Organized at the University of St Gallen, the START Summiteer gives thirty new participants an opportunity to showcase their plan, model as well as their product. The contest accepts only those firms with less than $1 million funding. A winner is declared after an intensive analysis by financial experts. The contests assist the promising companies to attract funding and other assistance.


Mike Baur has acted as a jury member in the contests and has collaborated with SSUF. After the Swiss Startup Factory partnering with CTI, Mike was named the deputy managing director in early 2016. His immense management skills also assisted the company to collaborate with Goldback Group through the accelerator program. Mike Baur exciting career has and is admired by many. He has mentored many of the Swiss as well as global young entrepreneurs. His switch from banking career to entrepreneurship was profiled in the wall street journal on December 2016.