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Anthony Petrello- Donor to the Neurological research Center in Texas

Anthony Petrello is making airwaves in his the United States and the world at large for his contribution in helping children who are suffering from neurological diseases. Anthony Petrello has been the factor behind setting up of the largest Neurological research center in the world. The center which is based in Texas has been built through the contribution of Anthony Petrello. The neurological research center is based at Texas Children’s Hospital. It was started by Anthony Petrello and others after they saw it fit to have a facility that would address the issues that children suffering from neurological diseases undergo through. Anthony Petrello has been the biggest donor to this facility contributing $5 million single-handedly while at the same time promising to adds another 2 million dollars if the center showed signs of improvement.

Anthony Petrello started this neurological research center after an experience that he underwent through while trying to find medication for his daughter who suffers from a neurological disorder. Baby Carena was born prematurely. She would later develop a neurological disorder where his heart would not be able to pump enough blood to her brain. This created a scenario where her brain was getting less oxygen than it should. What resulted is that she developed a problem known as cerebral Palsy. This a problem which has affected her ability to do any task that requires motion. For instance, she is not able to talk, walk or chew food.

This neurological problem has sent Anthony Petrello to almost every known big hospital in the world. He searched for the best medical care for her daughter, but there was none. No hospital had the facilities or a department that dealt with neurological disorders like the one his daughter was battling with. After being around the world looking for the best medical care, he realized that there was very limited information out there on how neurological disorders should be treated. As a known problems solver, he took it upon himself to start a center that would research theism medical field. The neurological Research center found at the Texas Children hospital has been a result of his initiative to facilitate research in this medical field.

Anthony Petrello is a top business leader who works for the biggest drilling firm in the world. As a business leader, he has many connections with influential people. He had been working closely with the children’s hospital to raise funds for this initiative that he hopes will change the lives of children in the world today.

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David Mcdonald, OSI Group President

OSI Group industries are a world leaders in processing protein-rich products such as beef patties and sausage links with its main office located in Aurora, Illinois. They also produce other products such as sandwiches and pizzas. OSI Group is a private owned company with more than fifty processing facilities located in over seventeen countries around the world. The company has achieved tremendously success under the leadership of David McDonald who serves as the company’s president. Mr. David McDonald said in an interview that OSI Group global operations are successful because the local management crew have understanding and are sensitive to tastes, local and solutions.

According to David McDonald, OSI Group has been operating in China for the last twenty years. The tremendous growth in China’s economy has also made the OSI Group grow. The firm has now eight facilities in China, and two additional factories are under construction. Mr. McDonald said that OSI group is currently the largest currently the largest chicken supplier in China. Henan province will host one of the OSI group mega plant that will support the company operations in the country. Before, the company was on a joint venture in Zhoukou with DOYOO group known as DaOSI. This was one of the third biggest vertically integrated operations in poultry around China. OSI group clients in China include Burger King, Subway, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Yum and many other outlets. In order to keep OSI group products competitive in the market, Mr. McDonald has tasked equipment manufacturing with developing food safety and quality processes.

In 2008 when Beijing held the Olympic Games, ISO group supplied more than one hundred tons of different food products to Olympics fans. The most common products from the company that were provided for the games include beef, pork, eggs, dehydrated onions, and chicken.

David McDonald could not have managed OSI group without a proper educational background. He obtained his degree from Iowa stated University where he studied from 1983 to 1987 and was an active member of the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. He also serves as the chairperson of the North American Meat Institute. He also served as the director of Marfrig Global Foods. For more info about us: click here.

Under David McDonald leadership, OSI group announced acquisition and expansion of Baho foods which is a Dutch Manufacturer. The firm produces snacks, deli meats, and other convenience food products. MR David McDonald said that the deal would help OSI group to improve its operations in the European region.

Tony Petrello: A Journey from Petroleum to Philanthropy

The journey Tony Petrello took to be where he is today, as the CEO of Nabors Drilling, is an unlikely and fascinating story. A math prodigy of sorts, he got a scholarship to study it further at none other than Yale University. While studying there, he got the chance to study with some of the famous professors who taught there. Eventually, he graduated with a degree in math. However, at some point, Tony decided that math was not his calling and decided to join Harvard Law school. After graduating from Harvard he joined the well-known law firm, Baker & McKenzie. After working there for a while he was sent to work at the firms New York office where he eventually became a managing partner.

While working at the law firm he specialized in Business Law and Taxation. A client of this firm was Nabors Industries, one of the biggest players in the oil drilling business. Soon after Tony started handling their work, they noticed that his analytical skills were unparalleled. Pretty soon, they offered him a job at Nabors and that is how in a nutshell Tony Petrello went to work for Nabors Industries. By 1991 he was sitting in Chief Operating Officers chair at his new office in Texas. A year later he became the president of the company. As president, he oversaw the acquisition of two other oil related companies.

A native of Newark, New Jersey, Tony Petrello showed amazing acumen in Mathematics at a young age. In fact, during his school days, he was a celebrity of sorts, for being a math whiz kid. However, even though he had a stellar career in law practice as well as in the oil industry, his life is not only about corporate affairs. He is also active in philanthropy. His area of interest as far as philanthropy is concerned is helping children with neurological disorders. This happened after a daughter was born to him and his wife Cynthia, with Cerebral Palsy.

This is when he and Cynthia donated $7million to the Texas Children’s Hospital. The money was put to good use and the hospital was able to build a world class practice dedicated towards the treatment and study of this and other neurological conditions. The result of all this is that countless children from all over the world were able to get state-of-the-art treatment. The Institution is called the Jan and Dan Neurological Research Institute, and since its founding, Tony has been very active raising funds for it, which amounts to millions of dollars. With all of this success and accomplishments under his belt, Tony remains as a humble person crediting luck for many of his accomplishments.

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How Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Transformed Fabletics into a Marketing Success Story

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s paths crossing signaled the start of a number of great brands that blend consumer demand, fashion and technology. Adam Goldenberg ventured into the business world at the tender age of 15. He came up with a site that used to advertise on behalf of gaming companies. He later on sold the site in 1999 to Intermix Media but still remained involved with it. He dropped out of school to become the VP and COO of the company. Don Ressler on the other hand also sold a company to Intermix Media and this is where the duo met. The two became acquaintances and started a number of online-based businesses together. They mainly focused on fashion and beauty as both enjoyed a huge demand.


Setting the Foundation


Adam and Don focused on two crucial factors that guarantee success for products: pain points and trends. They realized that a huge number of customers were deeply annoyed due to the lack of a simpler way of finding what they exactly needed. This led to the duo creating a personalized online business that offered the greatest and latest fashion services. JustFab and TechStyle are some of the examples of online business that the duo started and were highly successful. Fabletics, is by far their hugest marketing successes. Almost every internet user has seen the numerous sponsored advertisements marketing athletic leggings. Adam and Don realized that plus size people were finding it hard to find athletic clothing that would fit them well and exploited this idea to the fullest.


Tremendous Strategies


Don and Adam chose the perfect word for their online business, Fabletics, which implies something fabulous. The duo uses models of different sizes to pass the message that their outfits accommodate all types of body types. Members get great discounts on their purchases, which is another awesome strategy that they employ to get more people to sign up. Fabletics membership assures a member of having the most suitable outfits picked for them depending on their tastes and a preference which makes them feel special. In order to stamp their authority, they co-founded the athletic line with popular actress Kate Hudson. Kate is passionate about healthy living and this helps women learn and yearn to embrace their own inimitable beauty.


Blending Online Shops and Brick-and-Mortar Stores


Ever since Fabletics started back in 2013, the line has attracted more than 1 million VIP members. The number is swelling hence the need for physical stores. Fabletics invested a lot on technology to offer the best customer experience.


Felipe Montero in His Fight Against Better Sanitation

It is estimated that of the world’s seven billion individuals, those with mobile phones are approximately six billion. However, the number of individuals estimated to have access to latrines or proper sanitation is four billion, meaning that two billion people do not have proper sanitation. Felipe Montoro Jens, in his article in the Terra Magazine, narrates of the governments plan on concessions measures to improve sanitation. He also added that, the government would be partnering with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES).


In an interview with the Brazilian president, Edison Carlos pointed out on some points concerning the sanitation concessions. The president said there would be improvements in administration, structural, and resource areas. Edison confirmed that BNDES would be preparing plans to adopt projects that would serve the desired locations. He also pointed out that the main cause of the flow of financial resources from companies in the water sector owned by the state was because of the problem of loss of water.


About Felipe Montoro Jens


There are several people in finance departments across the world. However, only a few have talents in investments and the know-how of running companies effectively. One of the countries in the world with most talented finance specialists is Brazil. There is one person in particular who is a spotlight in the world of finance and investments in Brazil. His name is Felipe Montoro Jens.


Felipe Montoro is a specialist in finance industry. Under his leadership, Felipe has installed exemplary skills to his employees therefore propelling his company to attaining success over the years. He has proven to his critics and employees his talents and expertise are worth his success. He has gained reputation across the world by spearheading several companies to success such as Braskem S.A and YouTube.

The Recreational Opportunities at Roberto Santiago’s Mall

While malls do tend to have some type of recreational activities available for customers, they tend to be just for kids. In many cases, the adult customers are left just watching their kids run around. Roberto Santiago has decided that one of the ways to make Manaira Shopping mall stand out is to have something for the adults too. Fortunately, there are tons of different types of adults. For instance, they have a lounge that allows people to just hang out and enjoy meals and drinks. Also, Roberto Santiago have plenty of games for the customer to take part in. This goes way beyond the usual arcade that malls have.

One of the recreational activities that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has is bowling. People could take part in bowling tournaments at Gold Strike Bowling. These alleys offer 6 electronic tracks where people can meet and show the skills that they have at this game. They can live the excitement of getting the strike that wins the game. Gold Strike Bowling on is located at the leisure area of Manaira Shopping. One could either play or just relax and enjoy the different games that are in effect.

One thing that this mall has that is very rare for an indoor shopping mall is a fitness gym. This mall fitness facility grants people access to high intensity fitness machines on All it takes to join a membership is to pay a fee of $59.90. This will give people the space needed to get themselves in much better shape.

One major recreational opportunity of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is the Space Lounge that is attached to a bowling facility. Customers can not only watch some games, but they can also enjoy some drinks that are offered to them.

Then one has to check out food offerings at the mall. For one thing, there are fast food restaurants like Burger King. However, there are fine dining restaurants that Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall offers for people that are more interested in discovering some more exotic and even healthier foods. Manaira Mall is really good about offering people options for everything they want to try out and enjoy.

Keith Mann Joins With Uncommon Schools To Provide Scholarship Opportunities

The life of children who want to go to college but cannot afford college can take very different turns depending on the outcome of that situation. Do these children eventually go to college and earn a college degree, or do these children become another number added to the list of children who could not attend college. The opportunities available for students who go on to earn a college degree are much different than students who do not earn a college degree.


It is possible to succeed in the business world without a college degree. People do it everyday. However, a college degree gives the people with a college degree a better chance overall. For children who do not go to college but want to go to college, the deciding factor many times is the lack of money to pay for college. While college is very expensive in the world today, there are ways for children who want to go to college to be able to go even though they cannot personally afford the college cost.


One of the ways that many students are able to go to college is by applying for and receiving scholarships. The ability to earn a scholarship is one of the best ways for people to obtain the money necessary to pay for college. The source of scholarships come from many different people and organizations.


A businessman who has made it a point to help students attend college who really want to attend is Keith Mann. As the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann is a shining example of what a college education can do for an individual both professionally and personally. Recently Keith Mann established a scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. The value of the scholarship is $5,000.


Dynamic Search Partners is an executive search firm that helps companies find talented people to fill executive positions within the companies. Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry. He uses this experience to help his clients find the right people to fill the open positions.