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Cone Marshall Maintains A Top Position Championing Tax Laws And Trust

Since 1999, Cone Marshall has been offering clients in different specialty services aligned to tax laws and trust. The company was formed by two professionals, Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall and over the years, the firm has grown to attain international status despite serving mostly within New Zealand. The firm is headquartered in Auckland and they have a direct contact system available on theirwebsite.

Before she joined the firm in 2005, Karen Marshall was serving in London, where she worked for 10 years with a law firm that handled commercial litigation. In 2006, she was appointed as a principle in the company and her input has been impressive to the enhancement of the performance of the firm. Her wide experience in advisory has allowed the firm to handle all kinds of trusts.

On the other hand, Geoffrey Cone has since 1980 offered international tax planning and trust as well as managing services. His experience is a great addition to the company since he comes in with special skills that have been necessary to the advancement of the firm. The two have combined their knowledge and prior experience to form a strong firm that is moving to take over the New Zealand market and dedicated to offering services that reflect the need to maintain the truth and dependability.

Cone Marshall has also contributed to several debates especially ones touching on the increase in foreign trusts within the country. He points out that the strong force witnessed can be attributed to the trust and international recognition that New Zealand has earned over the years. He also foresees further growth of the industry and his call has been for the reorganization of law firms so they can fully tackle the problems ahead to streamline trust and tax laws.

About Cone Marshall Ltd
For more than one decade, Cone Marshall has established a strong service that is working with international families and advisors. The firm has worked on getting an established system of trusts and partnerships within New Zealand, something that is also enhancing the provision of globally viable wealth planning.

Cone Marshall works with attorneys, private banks, family advisors and other institutions that are located beyond the borders of New Zealand by offering them assistance during the planning process for their clients. Cone Marshall has established a strong service that has been ensuring all parties are catered for as required by the law.

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US Money Reserve Is An Amazing Website

One of the most prominent, popular, and reputable distributors of precious metals is US Money Reserve. This web-based company has grown to be so large and reputable because they provide some of the cheapest precious metals in the United States that is coming from an online company. People like precious metals not only because of their value in making jewelry, but because they can be used effectively in further diversifying a portfolio by safeguarding against the effects that inflation will wreak on money that is just laying around not invested.

US Money Reserve employs more than one hundred people that are trained in investing, evaluating the quality of gold, and those who are responsible for arranging the deals with various financial institutions or gold warehouses. Having such a variety of workers that help complete this great company is important in making it grow to its fullest potential.

Gold, platinum, silver, and palldium bullion and coins alike are provided by US Money Reserve, all for the price at market value, which is cheaper than other institutions would want to sell their precious metals for because it is easy to charge money for the safe transport and certification of authenticity and quality of gold rather than trying to get it directly from the supplier.

There are many types of coins that have been printed by the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, which is the only country of origin that US Money Reserve provides. There are many more gold coins on the website than silver or platinum, and this is because the gold coins are much more valuable than any other types of coins on average than any other types of coins that the Federal Reserve Bank produces. There are different denominations of coins, some that are worth up to fifty US dollars.

It is very simple to invest in these coins and bullion of all types of precious metals that are able to be purchased on US Money Reserve. All one needs to do start an order request, because buying precious metals takes a certain process to ensure that it will end up in the right hands. Debit cards, credit cards, and direct monetary transfers from financial institutions are accepted by US Money Reserve as long as that instution or other type of sender can assure that they are sending it to the right person and the vslue of that gold is genuine.

Career Life of Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei is a renowned Russian management executive, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer at SOLVY, Chairman at Mechanicus, and the Chief Executive Officer of New Gas Technologies. He is also a Managing Partner at A-Ventures Management Company. He is based in San Francisco Bay Area.

Beltyukov grew up in Russian with a dream of becoming a medical doctor. After his high school education, he enrolled for a degree in medicine in 1988. He graduated in 1994 with a distinction. His academic success saw him land a provincial doctor position.

He worked as a doctor for three years before coming across an advertisement of MBA programs at INSEAD. He applied for a position at the French business school successfully. As a student in the business school, Beltyukov has to rely on sponsorship to fund his studies. This completely changed his heart.

Alexei Beltyukov began his management career at McKinsey & Company. His first position in the company was as an associate. His hard work saw him getting promoted to the position of Engagement Manager just a few years later. At McKinsey & Company, Beltyukov was responsible for leading projects.

In 2003, he joined Brunswick Capital as the Vice President Business Development. The position gave him a chance to sit on the company’s board with renowned directors such as Christopher Mackenzie and Gary Wendt. Brunswick is a leading Russian company in rail car leasing business. Alexei Beltyukov joined Renova Project the following year as an Executive Director. He was later promoted to the CEO position giving an opportunity to manage a portfolio valued at $300M. He recently joined SOLVY as the Chief Operating Officer. The company is involved in developing students’ math skills through administering online math assignments. The online platform can be used by both teachers and students. The platform is designed to automatically grade students and provide teachers with feedback.

Beltyukov has founded several companies and organization in the past. He founded INSEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship, Entrepreneur in Residence, New Gas Technologies, and Endemic Capital. INSEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship is aimed at helping other Russian students to get quality education. Entrepreneur in Residence helps students who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs to develop new business ideas and implement them.


QNet,“ owned by QI Group, is a multilevel marketing company operating in several countries across Asia. Started in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran, QNet has enjoyed a lot of success and brought opportunity to millions who otherwise might not have ever had a chance to partake in what is largely an entrepreneurial venture. QNet empowers employees to create a business, selling products for personal care, weight management, fashion accessories, nutrition, products for the home and even energy. This is an entrepreneurial model because their individual representatives, with a small investment, build a business and earn money through commission on those sales. The items they are selling are consumer goods and staples. This is a major departure from the genesis of QNet which, under the name “GoldQuest,” was in selling gold collectable coins. From gold coins to selling consumer staples, their business model has gained very solid footing, becoming provider of what people need and also what they want.

In business now for 17 years, QNet is constantly expanding and increasing sales. QNet, with over 4.5 million independent representatives, QNet accounts of a good percentage of the sales QI Group is claiming as it dances with the sales in the $1 billion range. They have gotten here by understanding the fundamentals of a marketplace: it is composed of buyers and sellers. QNet connects both of these fundamental constituents in a clever way. Rather than try to sell QNet products and services directly without local representation, QNet hires individual representatives in an attempt to take a stake in the development of the region and thereby investing in the people and their country. QI Group then, in turn, uses the profits from their ventures in very altruistic ways.

The funds earned through QI Group are consistently put to good use through the “RYTHM” Foundation. This acronym stands for “raise yourself to help mankind.” The Malaysian chapter, Vijayaratnam Foundation, has a school that specializes in teaching children with learning disabilities. Through the “Better Nepal Foundation,” they provide educational programs for women and orphans. This just names a few of the ways in which QI Group benefits the communities where they do business. They bring both commerce and solutions to areas of the world where both are, some might say, desperately needed. Only good can come of this type of manifestation of capitalistic and compassionate forces.

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