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Why Is Lime Crime So Fascinating

Numerous high quality products, plenty of vibrant colors to choose from and expressing yourself to the fullest is what LimeCrime is all about. This hot brand has shaken up the industry in more ways than one. Founder Doe Deere has presented a wonderful cosmetic product line to the masses, and that cosmetic line has gained an exclusively large following. Not only does it has a following, it has fandom. You won’t find another brand that is making such huge waves. Liquid matte is the weapon of choice, and this brand does it better than most, if not all.

Deere built the brand as a reflection of her own personal style and image. The exclusive colors can’t be found with brands such as Maybelline, L’OrĂ©al or Almay. Though they’re great in their own right, Lime Crime outperforms them all. No matter the user’s sexuality, this brand doesn’t discriminate at all, which makes it so appealing. Do you want the most exclusive colors to play around with? Check out the colors below:


  • Saint
  • Utopia
  • Squash
  • Wicked
  • Beet It
  • Raisin Hell
  • Blood Moon
  • Posh
  • Dream Girl
  • Fetish
  • And many more

These colors are rich in pigment, are intensely coated and are easy to apply. This is what Velvetines are all about, and they’ll provide the benefits of being touch-proof, kiss-proof, cruelty-free and addictive. There are even others items to experiment with like lip toppers, hair dye and lip gloss. Every base seems to be covered here. The new Scandal Velvetine lipstick has become a cult favorite thanks to its intensely satisfying plum color. The color looks as if it could drip right off the lips despite being matte dry. All in all, Lime Crime has laid a solid blueprint of success as it’s raising the bar higher, it’s setting new trends, and it’s changing the current status quo.

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