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What Is Lime Crime’s Latest Scandal?

Lipsticks, makeup, foundation and lip gloss are among some of the most popular products of any genre. Cosmetology is everywhere as it seems to cross the invisible boundaries of each field of work. When you think of cosmetic brands, what are the first names that come to mind? Many of you will probably say Maybelline, MAC or L’Oréal. Yes, these are all great brands, but have you ever heard of a brand named Lime Crime? If you haven’t heard, and you just so happen to a female, the sign of the times may not be a priority for you.

Lime Crime is shaking up the industry thanks to its personality and appearance. This popular beauty brand tends to use some of the boldest color tones of any makeup brand. Colors that will definitely help you stand out while in a crowd. Lime Crime was developed by Doe Deere. Fashion has always been a prominent role in her life since she was a child. She always seem to stand out amongst her friends thanks to her eclectic sense of style. This eclectic since of style is paying huge dividends today. Lime Crime’s beauty products have many advantages such as having bold colors and durability.

Scandal is the new kid on the block, and it’s making a huge statement. Scandal is simply luxurious at its core. Its striking deep plum appearance is a thing of beauty. It has been a long time since a lipstick has made such a huge splash right out the gate, but that’s the marketing genius of Deere. If you want to make an impression and leave an impact, Scandal can help you achieve this. The liquid-matte lipstick has gained a huge following and the media is helping to solidify its place on the (GOAT) list, which means “Greatest of all Time.” Scandal is the personification of its very own name, and it has the attitude to back up all claims.