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Doe Deere: Immigrant Entrepreneur

Doe Deere is the founder of the successful online cosmetic company, Lime Crime. But success did not come easy to her. Doe shared her success story with Entrepeneur Magazine in September 2018.

Xenia Vorotova was born in Russia and came to New York city at age 17 with her mother and younger sister. With difficulty finding a job, her mother and sister had to take refuge in homeless shelters on way too many nights.

A social worker led them to Sanctuary For Families, a non profit group that aids immigrants- mostly women and children. The group helps immigrants who are having a hard time financially and emotionally in their new chosen country, the United States. The leader of Sanctuary is a woman named Dorchen Leidholdt. Leidholdt is an attorney, feminist and devoted to helping others. Leidholdt saw the potential in the Vorotova family and helped Doe’s mother get work as an accountant, her occupation in Russia. She helped Doe and her sister enroll in school and make it on to university.

Finally, Doe and her family were settling in to America. Doe went on attend to the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her sister went on to Columbia University on a full scholarship.

Doe Deere is the moniker she gave herself when she founded her makeup company in 2008. Now in business for ten years, Doe is grateful for the help she received. She is very proud of her family and success. Her Lime Crime all natural beauty line is as remarkable as her coming to America story. Lime Crime features bright and daring colored lipsticks and eye shadows and other products for women not afraid to be bold and beautiful.

Doe is a genuine entrepreneur and her online cosmetic business thrives. Her story is as inspiring as her makeup line.

Best Friends Forever With Wengie


If you have a best friend, there are some things that you probably do together. One of the things that you can do together that many people might not understand is that you can simply hang out with each other without talking. You can be on your phone or read a book and not say anything to your best friend and still know that the person is in the room.


Friendship bracelets are a way to express the love you have for your best friend. You can make bracelets that match or use other materials so that they are unique, such as beads in different colors. When you’re talking to your best friend, you might start to come up with your own language and symbols that others don’t get. You spend so much time with each other that you simply start to understand what you say without using words.


It’s alright to show up at your best friend’s house in pajamas or clothing that isn’t the most attractive. There are code words that you can use so that other people in the room don’t really know what you’re talking about. This is an idea to use if you’re in the room with a few other friends, siblings or parents.

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