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George Soros Explains His Plan For Easing The Refugee Problems

Leaders of the European Union have recently been seeking the best options to handle the problems affecting the continent wide political group in the wake of the influx of refugees crossing its borders. In a Market Watch article George Soros revealed the steps he would take if in charge of the European Union’s response to the refugee crisis. The large majority of refugees are arriving in Europe from Syria, but other economic and political migrants are also arriving who Soros believes are being lost in the large numbers of Syrian’s fleeing conflict in the country on

George Soros believes the European Union has the ability to accept around one million refugees each year, and could do so with little impact to member states if the refugees are dispersed fairly across the continent. The Hungarian born hedge fund billionaire believes the European Union should be providing financial support to the refugees who have made their way into Europe or are stranded in countries like Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan; Soros hopes the leaders of the European Union on will use their AAA credit rating in a bid to provide support for the four million refugees already waiting to enter the EU.

The history of George Soros shows he has always had a good grasp on the political situation in various parts of the world; perhaps the best example of this is the role Soros played in the devaluation of the British Pound when he made around $1 billion from the Bank of England in 1992. George Soros has built a fortune of more than $25 billion from his hedge fund, which saw growth of around 20 percent each year throughout the latter half of the 20th century.

Now setting his sights on the leaders of the European Union George Soros believes a uniform approach to the immigration problems facing the EU will limit the future issues facing the continent. Soros believes the EU should create a continent wide immigration agency that can establish dedicated routes for refugees and move them to their chosen destination. Soros explains his belief that the EU should use its triple A rating to provide billions of dollars to spend on the refugee crisis in the future; the financial expert explains each refugee could be provided with around $17,000 per year to ease their transition to life in a new country.

Syrian Refugees May Find Solutions From George Soros


Syrian refugees are all over the news lately for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is a lot of concern about how to deal with them. The influx of refugees displaced as a result of the Syrian war is something that is of concern to people all over the globe, particularly those in Europe. George Soros believes that he has some of the answers to the problems that the world has been worried about in terms of refugees.

MarketWatch has an article about the ideas that Soros has come up with in terms of this situation. These ideas are very revealing about the kind of person that Soros is and the level of thought that he has put into this situation. He certainly spends a lot of time thinking about the world’s problems, and he has something to offer.

Naturally, Soros is a name that is respected when it comes to these types of things. He is a self made man who has amassed a fortune of nearly $25 billion dollars. Forbes says that this makes him the 16th richest person on the planet. That alone would be noteworthy, but the massive amount of research and studying that he has done on the issues also makes what he has to say worth taking a look at.

He suggests that the European Union could be a big part of the solution. He believes this because he thinks that their financial support of neighboring countries would be helpful to displaced refugees in the immediate future. There is also the fact that the European Union needs to set standards for how many refugees each country will take in according to Soros. The current system of taking in whatever each individual country feels like is simply unsustainable.

It would not be a Soros recommendation if there were not some recommendation involving the private sector as well. He believes that it makes all the sense in the world to have the private sector get involved in the situation as well. He knows that there are many private organizations just dying to help out. This untapped potential is something that needs to be used if possible.

There are many different ways that governments may choose to attack the situation, but many are considering what Soros has to say and weighing their opinions in regards to all of this. He is someone that is worth listening to when there are so many things going on with this story.

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