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Felipe Montoro Jens Talks Sanitation Industry And The New Incentives By The Brazilian Government

Felipe Montoro Jens is someone who knows how to run a large engineering company. He heads His company, a company which is known to be one of the most major engineering and construction businesses in Brazil. Jens serves on the board of directors for His company. He was put on the board in 2012. He has been working with the company since a long time and has significantly contributed to its growth and development. He is someone who is extremely dedicated to the field of and to his business and works extremely hard to ensure that it stays at the top of the industry. He has collaborated with numerous divisions within the company, gaining all the experience he can in the field of engineering and construction. He looks at every interaction that he has as a learning experience which can contribute to his personal growth.


Felipe Montoro Jens is also someone with a key eye for business and the economy and at many occasions pens down his thoughts on the current happenings in the industry. Earlier this year, Felipe Montoro Jens authored an article, talking about how the new concessions put forward by the Brazilian government can benefit the sanitation industry. To boost the Brazilian economy and to make it more inviting for businesses, the government has been proposing numerous incentives, making the climate more hospitable for growing businesses.


In the article, Felipe Montoro Jens went over the policy in detail, talking about how because of most of the sanitation industry is reliant on public funds and state-based organizations, they will benefit the most from these new subsidiaries in place. Since sanitation projects are in high demand throughout the country, the government is also offering incentives to companies who are willing to go to the most remote areas of the country and perform their operations there.

Public And Private Sectors Merge To Improve Sanitation In The Country

In association with BNDES, National Bank for Economic and Social Development, the government will now be able to make allowances. The Executive of Trata Brasil addressed the objective of the project as an attempt to improve the sanitation services in managerial, resource and structural aspects. Edison Carlos also, mentioned majority of the issues concerning service to users and sanitation was conducted by public organizations. The involvement of the private entities in the project will not replace public entities; however, both of them will work in unison to better basic sanitation for the citizens. The government has a reputation of partnering with other companies thus an in-depth knowledge of the sector.


The private organizations, on the other hand, have the financial capability of having vast resources that can be used to curb the financial challenges facing the public bodies. Felipe points out that due to loss of water the services rendered will be hindered therefore the BNDES will research and come up with strategies to meet requirements of the locations. Edison firmly believes that the needs of the people should always go hand in hand with the manner in which the utilities run. More so, to ensure concessions are useful, the contracts should be drafted as per the goals, inspections implemented, and governors should give their feedbacks on the matter.


Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert in the project infrastructure sector. Felipe graduated with a business administration degree and masters in international management from Fundao Getlio Vargas and The American Garvin School of International Management, USA, respectively. He molded his career in audit and consultancy in International Sector and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Felipe served at both Concessionary do Centro as an executive officer where he addressed the subsidized waste levels. For three years Felipe Montoro was the director at Bracken ADR Repr.



Igor Cornelsen – Man with a Plan

Igor Cornelsen – Listen to His Advice and You May Learn Much in the World of Investing

Igor Cornelsen, a top guru on all things investments and banking strategies, carefully notes that Banco Bradesco, Caixa Economica Federal, HSBC, Banco J Safra, Banrisul, Santander, BTG Pactual and Banco do Brasil stand among the top global finance and banking powerhouses. Citibank Brazil likewise stands in these ranks as an ally to the world’s largest multi-bank. Cornelsen also notes that fresh faces may offer new perspectives, and when it comes to the very sensitive issue of finances, one always needs to know who to trust.

For example, he mentions that the arrangement of Joaquim Levy as Minister of Finance brings positive change to the banks of Brazil because his perspectives on monetary change are different from President Dilma Roussef’s populist beliefs. With a University of Chicago Ph.D. and further studies completed through the IMF, he’s viewed as an astute policymaker and a companion to the private segment in a legislature that’s usually unwelcoming. On multiple occasions, Cornelsen has also stated that China is Brazil’s biggest exchanging accomplice and that the two nations’ economies are characteristically connected, mentioning that a more grounded Chinese economy implies great costs for Brazilian crude materials as well; Cornelsen has not only studied nearly each nation’s monetary infrastructure with precise detail but has likewise worked in every continent on the globe. This man is both knowledgeable and well-cultured in all fiscal respects.

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Igor Carnelsen is a top world leader in financial advice, and that alone is a massive understatement – in fact, some consider him a global guru or master of finance investing. He has been a top pioneer in investment strategies and has diversifying his portfolio many times over. Cornelsen has also provided top input regarding techniques used to properly take advantage of harmed stocks and to thus prevent damaged companies further maximizing their profits. Cornelsen is also the current proprietor of Bainbridge Investments, Incorporated.

Plus, Cornelsen has offered the most valid input on matters of numerous economies’ finances specifically regarding when the best time to act on a new investment may present itself, offering strategies and proven advice. He has never led a client in the wrong direction. Many thank him for that.