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Career Life of Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei is a renowned Russian management executive, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer at SOLVY, Chairman at Mechanicus, and the Chief Executive Officer of New Gas Technologies. He is also a Managing Partner at A-Ventures Management Company. He is based in San Francisco Bay Area.

Beltyukov grew up in Russian with a dream of becoming a medical doctor. After his high school education, he enrolled for a degree in medicine in 1988. He graduated in 1994 with a distinction. His academic success saw him land a provincial doctor position.

He worked as a doctor for three years before coming across an advertisement of MBA programs at INSEAD. He applied for a position at the French business school successfully. As a student in the business school, Beltyukov has to rely on sponsorship to fund his studies. This completely changed his heart.

Alexei Beltyukov began his management career at McKinsey & Company. His first position in the company was as an associate. His hard work saw him getting promoted to the position of Engagement Manager just a few years later. At McKinsey & Company, Beltyukov was responsible for leading projects.

In 2003, he joined Brunswick Capital as the Vice President Business Development. The position gave him a chance to sit on the company’s board with renowned directors such as Christopher Mackenzie and Gary Wendt. Brunswick is a leading Russian company in rail car leasing business. Alexei Beltyukov joined Renova Project the following year as an Executive Director. He was later promoted to the CEO position giving an opportunity to manage a portfolio valued at $300M. He recently joined SOLVY as the Chief Operating Officer. The company is involved in developing students’ math skills through administering online math assignments. The online platform can be used by both teachers and students. The platform is designed to automatically grade students and provide teachers with feedback.

Beltyukov has founded several companies and organization in the past. He founded INSEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship, Entrepreneur in Residence, New Gas Technologies, and Endemic Capital. INSEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship is aimed at helping other Russian students to get quality education. Entrepreneur in Residence helps students who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs to develop new business ideas and implement them.

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